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June 13, 2001 

Welcome to the New Website

Dear Viewers,

A.S.K. has taken the step to update our Web Site to make it more organized, feature-rich and easier to use. We have added new sections such as our Audio and Video Web pages. We have also provided new and improved indexes for old favorites such as "Prophecy" and "Doctrine." We have an abundance of information and commentary available for your edification. We have a new "Search Box" for you to place a word or phrase to bring up the article in which it is found. Then press both the "Ctrl" and "F" keys together and re-enter the word or phrase. The item will appear in highlighted form within the body of the text.

Please take the time to visit all the pages in our Web site - old and new. You will see many familiar articles with new faces and brand new material. Enjoy listening to audio sound tracks and our new video content. Look frequently at our "News" section. We give pertinent up-dated "News Flashes" as they occur on the international scene.

You will find our on-line "Order Form" easy to use - and you can use your Visa or Master Card to order literature. You do not have to print out our "Order Form" any more and then use the slower mail service to get your literature order filled. Orders are now received at the A.S.K. office within moments of sending your order, and then they are expedited. 

We thank you for visiting our brand new A.S.K. Web Site and hope you visit often. Share our web address with a friend who might be interested. Our philosophy is governed by a non-denominational and a non-hierarchical stance. It is not our purpose to evangelize in order to secure more associates for A.S.K. or to get people to attend a church or any organization (though we gladly welcome your participation with A.S.K. in its overall goals). Our activities are educational and academic, and we do not offer any pastoral or ritualistic services. We are an ekklesia (community of believers) who value the freedom of all people to worship God as they wish without interference from any person or organizations of men. A.S.K. is independent of all religious groups, though we respect all.

Let us know how you like our new Web Site - use our handy Comments form found in the A.S.K. resources pages. 

Visit our Web Site daily for the latest information from A.S.K. It is only fair to let you know that this Web Site is sponsored by dedicated associates of A.S.K. who genuinely wish to see that the research information provided is dispensed to the world as their gesture of good will to humanity. We sincerely appreciate any support that you send to A.S.K. We are a not-for-profit ekklesia and your contributions are tax deductible in the USA. If you feel you benefit from the biblical and historical research you receive from this Web Site, we expect that you will cheerfully help us financially to allow this Site (which is expensive to maintain) to continue existence as a FREE service to all in the world who cannot afford it. Thank you sincerely for your consideration in this important matter.

Ernest L. Martin, Ph.D.

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