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April 3, 2001 

Major Academic Journal Publishes Temple Research

The research on the true location of the Temples in Jerusalem is now (as of April 2, 2001) published in a scholarly publication that deals with professional and technical matters involving the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. It is intended to go to academic circles throughout the world who wish to keep up with the latest developments in biblical  studies. I am very thankful to the editor, Professor John Carter of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, for wishing to include my research on the Temples as the first article in the current edition of the "American Journal of Biblical Theology" (AJBT).

The Journal is a new concept in the dissemination of professional knowledge to the scholarly world to all those educators whose disciplines are those involving the Holy Scriptures. All of you can read the article in the Journal by clicking on to AJBT's Web Page. Click on to: and the Web Page will appear which has the title of my article in first position. There are three other interesting research studies in this current edition of the Journal and you can easily read them by scrolling down each article. You can also place the above URL in your favorite spots to refer to from time to time as you have need.

There are also a number of excellent literary sources pertaining to Scripture teaching that Professor Carter has with other links on the Journal's Web Site that you can study and refer to. One of them is the complete works of Josephus (and what is good about the link is a search feature that you can find out what Josephus wrote for each word that appears in his English translation that is used). In short, the Journal's Web Site is very interesting and an asset to use in any study of the Holy Scriptures. The philosophy of the Journal is first class and one that all of us would rejoice in seeing.

Keep your eyes on the Middle East. My present article explaining about the Coming State of Palestine (as shown in Prophecy) is a very important one to read. It will put into proper focus where the Ten Nations mentioned in the Books of Daniel and Revelation will arise and what influence they will make in the world. The Ten Nations WILL NOT arise in Europe as so many people erroneously state today. I have been saying for over 27 years that the prophesied Ten Nations of the End-Time are to develop in the Middle East as Psalm 83 and other scriptures show. The map that is provided with the text will help you find the approximate areas where those Ten Nations will be situated. Though we do not know the exact time schedule that God has in mind for the fulfillment of His prophecies, we can know that they are not too far in the future. See Daniel 12:4 and 9 for further information. The next thing to watch for is a TSUNAMI (or large ocean wave) striking the coastal areas of the eastern Mediterranean Sea. This is described in Zechariah 9:2-8. Get ready for some exciting times that are just around the corner.

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