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February 13, 2001 

Dr. Martin Returns from Jerusalem

Dr. Martin just returned from a very successful trip to Jerusalem. He was in contact with Dr. Naim Ateek, who is director of 'Sabeel' (the Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem). Dr. Ateek is very busy at this time arranging for many people from around the world who will be assembling in Jerusalem from February 21 to the 24th for a meeting that will  enhance the well-being of Christians in Palestine, Israel and in the City of Jerusalem. Dr. Ateek arranged many important meetings for Dr. Martin to  meet with distinguished people in the academic, religious and political fields in Jerusalem. The meetings and lectures that Dr. Martin gave were received very well indeed. He will be reporting on these matters in the Newsletter for next month and in other News Breaking items in the near future. Dr. Martin's book on locating the true site of the Temples in Jerusalem was received with great enthusiasm by many of the Christian and Islamic authorities and the academic institutions in Jerusalem were very cordial to him with the new research. The book is now in the hands of some very top people, including Chairman Arafat who is President of Palestine. As you know, the book shows that the Wailing Wall where our Jewish friends now worship is NOT the western wall of the Temple, but it is the western wall of Fort Antonia. The true Western Wall that the Jewish authorities ought to be directing their people to is located over the Gihon Spring about 1000 feet south of the present Dome of the Rock. Dr. Martin will have more information on his highly successful trip on our Web Page. Note the picture below which shows Dr. Martin with Dr. Ateek of Sabeel. You can click into the Sabeel Web Page at

We also want to thank you for your patience while the Web Page of ASK was not on the Internet because of internal problems involving our Internet Server. We were associated with Transport Logic (who for six years had given us reasonable service). But when they sold out to First World, something happened to bring the service downward to the extent that Transport Logic in some manner went out of business. As a result, this caused the ASK Web Page (and our entire site) to be shut down for about two weeks. However, we are now back on line, and as far as we can tell ALL is now back to normal. Please keep in contact with us. Dr. Martin will be giving you up-to-date information about prophetic and biblical information in the next few days. Again, thank you for your patience during the period when we were off the Internet (which was no fault of our own). It is interesting to us that Ramona received over 400 telephone calls asking why ASK was OFF the Internet and 300 of them were people not even on our mailing list. This means that MANY people are reading our material on the Internet and they are getting the teaching of the Gospel of Christ in a way that is useful to them and in the privacy of their own homes or offices. This service costs them NOTHING. It is our means of providing a FREE service to them to receive the Gospel WITHOUT COST to them. However, I hope you understand that this service does cost money to provide. That funding comes from each of you who have your hearts in the work of ASK. We need you to supply us with the needed contributions that are essential to keep the messages of the Gospel of Christ and the teachings of the prophecies of the Bible going out to all you need them in the world. I want to encourage you all to continue helping us with your contributions so that we can continue to serve ALL in the world with the Gospel of Christ through our Internet Web Pages. Dr. Martin appreciates your help and he is truly grateful to you personally. Thank you so much and God bless you all.

The picture of Dr. Martin and Dr. Ateek was taken last week in Jerusalem. Dr. Martin will be showing you more pictures on the Web Page shortly. Keep your attention on the ASK Web Page. We will be giving you "breaking news" on events that pertain to prophecy and biblical teachings. By being associated with ASK, you are at the forefront of biblical research studies in all matters dealing with the biblical revelation. We are only beginning to know what the whole of the truth of the Bible has to say. Get ready for some more exciting and informative information that we will soon be providing on the ASK Web Page. With every good wish.

Ernest L. Martin

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