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September 9, 2000 

The Real Problem Behind Peace Talks

The wire services are presently reporting that President Clinton has expressed complete exasperation over the so-called Peace Talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians. He was quoted as saying the negotiating situation was "a maddening thing." To him, there seems to be no rhyme or reason for the stalemate that keeps emerging, especially that over the status of Jerusalem. However, President Clinton does not realize that the participants are basing their arguments upon false historical and erroneous geographical beliefs that completely jaundice the true comprehension of the history of Jerusalem. Until these false premises are jettisoned from the discussions, any attempts to bring common sense and mature thinking into the negotiations are bound to fail. Remember, the problem is really the "Middle East" thinking or temperament processes that are essentially based on religious and emotional concepts, NOT on pragmatic and sensible historical facts. President Clinton needs to read my comments below. They show what the problem is.

By Ernest L. Martin, Ph.D.

The history of Jerusalem as recorded in our modern textbooks and encyclopedias is thoroughly corrupt and fallacious and it needs to be completely rewritten. Our contemporary understanding as related in our academic institutions is utterly in error in recognizing the truth of Jerusalemís history from the time of King David until the period of the Crusades. If the various inhabitants of ancient Jerusalem (within its several time periods) could come back to life and read what the scholarly opinions of our modern age have to say about the history of the Holy City, they would laugh themselves giddy at the stupid and asinine conclusions that our modern scholars and religious leaders of the three Abrahamic faiths have devised and what they perpetuate as ideas that are chiseled in stone. The past history of Jerusalem needs to be rewritten (to accord with the historical and geographical documents) so that the textbooks and encyclopedias can be brought up to date on these vital and essential matters. At the present, the mentality that is governing the Peace Talks is medieval and they are perpetuating a "dark age" approach to the subject. The negotiators are laboring over false religious and historical concepts that are as backward in content and are in the same class as those who believe the earth is flat. When the true history of Jerusalem is known, the only conclusion that can reasonably be reached is that our present negotiators are in total incompetence regarding the true and accurate history of Jerusalem. The time has come to overthrow this nonsensical stance.

The truth is, and I can prove it abundantly, our modern historians have carved up the early geographical settings of ancient Jerusalem through its various historical periods and repositioned them haphazardly among a pile of modern rubble and destruction. No one who lived before the Arab Conquest in 638 C.E. would be able to identify many of the most prominent of buildings (or their sites) that existed when they lived in Jerusalem on earth. They have even placed the true site of the Temple that was located over the Gihon Spring into being a dilapidated and forlorn area on the southeast ridge (now in ruin with various junk piles) and substituted a Roman fort (called Fort Antonia with its Temple to Jupiter Capitolinus and to Caesar) as being the site of their false Temple they are arguing about.

Indeed, the whole situation is really a pathetic mess and it is time that the scholars and religious leaders return to the actual documents from early times and truly read what they say. They would be shocked beyond belief if they would seriously take up the challenge. The confusion with the negotiators is so bad that it is analogous to arguing about the dimensions of a football field with rules governing football when they should be speaking of a basketball court with rules governing basketball. The two sports are entirely different from one another, and so is the present understanding of the geography of Jerusalem that the Israelis and Palestinians are squabbling over from the real facts of history. In another way of putting it, the participants in the negotiations are playing checkers on a checker board when they ought to be playing chess.

It is no wonder that President Clinton has said the matter of Jerusalem is "a maddening thing" that is totally incomprehensible to the rules of common sense and mature adult thinking. The confusion will continue until all parties realize that the difficulties involve the erroneous religious beliefs of the Christians, Muslims and Jews that cause them to invent a type of Jerusalem that has NEVER existed in the history of the world. Now is the time for all people to read my book "The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot." When the evidence in that book is read, the truth that it provides will be self-evident and the various parties can then get around a table to make some excellent headway in solving the problem of Jerusalem in our contemporary times.

When the true history of Jerusalem is restored, instead of the matter of Jerusalem being "a maddening thing," as President Clinton rightly views it, it will be "a gladdening thing" when all parties finally realize the true roles that each has played (and will play) in a new and restored Jerusalem. The future is bright, but the world must first give up the false historical and geographical beliefs that have embraced the mental processes of our modern religious and political leaders. When this is done, the seeds will be planted for the Peace Talks to bear good fruit for the future of Jerusalem and for the rest of the world. This is why my book "The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot" should be read by all.

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Ernest L. Martin, Ph.D.

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