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Your Savior - December 15, 2021

Really, who is your Savior? The answer is simple, and that answer is also an argument against the false and unbiblical teaching of the "trinity." I examine verses where the word "Savior" occurs in three epistles the apostle Paul wrote: First and Second Timothy, and Titus.
Bodies and Souls As Commodities - December 1, 2021

In Revelation chapter 18 God mocks merchants of a future rebuilt Babylon. A list of luxury goods is presented. Each item has great value. The goods listed are for sale just before Babylon is destroyed by God's wrath. The Merchants mourn the loss of their profits. No such destruction of Babylon ever happened in history.
Angels, Elohim, or Both - November 15, 2021

I give an example of Old and New Testament texts that inform each other. Hebrews chapter 2 tells of God the Father acting on behalf of His Son, calling Him "the son of man" when the Son emptied Himself (see Philippians 2:5?) to be born to Mary and became a "man", a Greek term designating a human being and not a supernatural being.
The Folly of Setting Prophetic Dates - November 1, 2021

"The Folly of Setting Prophetic Dates," a short article by Dr. Ernest Martin, was published in September 1981. His source was the Jewish historian Josephus, who was a combatant and a captive eyewitness. He was given full access to Roman and captured Jewish records. "The Wars of the Jews" by Josephus contains casualty figures from Roman records.
This and That About ASK - October 15, 2021

In this Commentary I give updated information about ASK. Also, learn about what is new and useful on the ASK website.
Satan Against Satanism - October 1, 2021

Satan through his subordinate Antichrist will teach mostly biblical truth. Otherwise no one would be fooled. The Antichrist will tell lies just as Satan told to Eve. Satan misrepresented the truth of Scripture when he tempted Jesus during His 40 days and nights of fasting. The Antichrist will lie and misrepresent the truth. This fits this month's article ?iscovering the Mark of the Beast.?(Read first the "October 2021 Newsletter.") Current events have little to do with "the Mark of the Beast" but they set the stage for his being revealed.
Satan Will Die - September 15, 2021

This is a topic spirits do not want you to know. Every intelligent creature that sins will die, whether spirits or flesh. This truth of Scripture applies also to Satan. There is more to the story of Satan's death than most people realize. Read Genesis chapter 3, and learn the obvious truth.
From God to Your Mind - September 1, 2021

The "September 2021 Newsletter" introduces this month's article, "Who Wrote What In The Bible." Our Bible is a collection of the Holy Scriptures that are the Word of God; all of it is literally, the Word of God. The good, the bad, the profane, the holy and sublime ?all are in the Scriptures. God's Word is about God's and Christ's relationship with you and every other human being.
Human Savagery Reaches a New Level - August 15, 2021

Israelites copied pagan religious practices and performed human sacrifice of their own children ("human Sacrifice in Scripture." This was done by kings, by nobility, Levites, priests (Israelite pagan and Aaronic priests), and wealthy people. In our time also extreme cults sacrifice adults and children to pagan gods in exchange for favors. Furthermore, today body parts are forcibly extracted from living and functioning people. This practice of selling bodies and body parts will continue until Christ returns.
Death of King Josiah in Josephus - August 1, 2021

I want to give an example that events in the Kingdom of Judah were not isolated from events outside its boundaries, an area involving many kingdoms and empires. The death of King Josiah of Judah is told by Josephus and he gives additional information.
The Mystery, Its Implications - July 16, 2021

In the July 1, 2021 Commentary I gave my short definition and understanding of "The Mystery," as presented by the apostle Paul and others. Paul told Timothy, "This you know, that all they which are in Asia be turned away from me" (2 Timothy 1:15). Why did they turn away from Paul? Why did even the living apostles and disciples initially reject Paul? They thought they had good reasons to do so.
The Mystery, A Definition - July 1, 2021

This month's article is "The Meaning of Biblical Words." Within this article mention is made of the Mystery of God first given to the apostle Paul and then other apostles. Here is my brief definition of "The Mystery." The Mystery is God's teaching that every human being will have the same relationship to God as Christ has at present, or ever will have.
Transhumanism in Genesis - June 14, 2021

Often in news and media the term "transhumanism" is used. It was coined in 1957 by secular biologist Julian Huxley who thought that natural evolution could be improved by social and technological means. He wanted to improve a "flawed" human race. Genesis chapter 6 tells us this was tried by beings far smarter than humans. Their attempt failed.
Biblical Wonders In The Sky - June 1, 2021

The Bible talks about many "wonders in the sky." Several are listed in this Commentary. Most biblical scholars are aware of these texts, but most do not think they happened. However, Jesus prayed for God to do something for believers in Christ: "Sanctify them through your truth: your word IS truth" (John 17:17).
Suppression of Evil by God - May 17, 2021

The suppression of worldwide criminal occult practices will occur in the coming years before Christ returns. Such crimes have become a huge growth industry. There are so many people committing so many crimes it is difficult to keep track of them among the 7.4 billion people alive today. These evils and crimes today are so heinous they rival the worst horrors reported in Scripture and in history. Such acts are rooted in hatred of God and involve spiritism at some level.
Other Cities Rome Obliterated - May 1, 2021

In 70 AD the armies of Rome under General Titus, the oldest son of Emperor Vespasian, gave the order to obliterate Jerusalem. The two great ancient cities of Carthage and Corinth were earlier obliterated by Rome in 146 BC. Their destruction was a model of the elimination of Jerusalem 215 years later.
Our Future Past Memories - April 14, 2021

God will forget our sins and our iniquities. We will forget our pains, our shame, our reproach, our tears, our sorrows, and our death. God's creation of a new heavens and a new earth will cause us to forget our old heavens and old earth. Read the passages that tell us these things will happen.
Traditions of Synagogues and Ekklesias - April 1, 2021

There are two educational traditions of Western religious teaching that come to us from the ancient world. One is the Greek practice of the academies of rhetoric and philosophy that developed into our modern university system. A second educational tradition of Western religious teaching was the synagogue system of Judaism. This system likely began during the exile of the Jews in Babylon. The biblical model for education in the Christian ekklesia emerged from the synagogue system, a learning model that included cooperative study, presentation, with extensive discussion or debate.
Was The Entire Torah Found - March 15, 2021

The information in this Commentary will be placed within the March 2021 article "Israel and Judah: 40. Josiah and Discovery of the Law" as "Appendix 1" on page 14. In 2 Kings 22:8 and 2 Chronicles 34:14-25 a scroll of the Law of Moses was discovered in the Temple. Learn what that scroll was.
The Right Hand or the Left - March 1, 2021

This month's March 2021 article is about the early reign of King Josiah, Judah's last good king. Read "Israel and Judah: 40. Josiah and Discovery of the Law." Josiah tried hard to restore the exclusive worship of YHWH in Judah. He walked with YHWH and did not deviate to "the right hand or to the left.
First Corinthians Chapter 15 - February 14, 2021

The apostle Paul preached and taught foundation the Gospel to the ekklesia at Corinth, which is summarized in First Corinthians chapter 15. The entire chapter is about various aspects of "resurrection," including yours.
Why China Fears Christians - February 1, 2021

China must persecute Christians within its borders if it hopes to survive as a Communist regime. Pray that God protects the ekklesias and people of China from such persecution. This Commentary is an introduction to this month's expanded article, "China in Prophecy." I also add background on the history of Christianity in China.
Our Citizenship - January 15, 2021

When political events, local, national, or worldwide, do not go as we might wish, we believers as God's "little children" must learn to trust His decisions. "Our Citizenship" is in heaven. Read and remind yourself of this fact.
Not Divine, Not Yet - January 1, 2021

"When the Eons Began" is the January 2021 article. Besides showing in Scripture when the eons began, the purpose of the eons in God's plan for mankind is also discussed. God is not trying to pick up the pieces of sinful creation trying to save some, He is following His original will and purpose that He and Christ designed from "before" the beginning of creation.

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