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The Second Thousand Years - December 16, 2019

Biblical texts indicate the great White Throne Judgment will last 1,000 years for the great mass of people born from Adam. This will be 1,000 years beyond the 1,000 year reign after Christ returns. Learn the details.
Who Shall Separate Us? - December 1, 2019

The December 2019 Commentary is "Who Shall Separate Us?" The four words in the title of this Commentary are from Romans 8:35, a passage vital to understand this month's article "Losing Your Salvation."
Faith and Prayer - November 15, 2019

The one Christian virtue that outweighs all others (with the exception of love) is faith. So important is the subject that salvation itself is founded on it (Ephesians 2:8). But strange as it may seem, the matter of faith is one of the most illusory and misunderstood teachings of the Bible, even by Christians. Prayer is a powerful expression of faith.
A Question about Isaiah 9:6 - November 1, 2019

I was asked to "do an article about Isaiah 9.6 where Jesus is the everlasting Father. Which shows he is God." Well, yes and no. Read my answer.
A Root of Evils - October 16, 2019

I comment on 1 Timothy 6:10, giving the context of verses 9 and 11 from the King James and Concordant Literal Versions. Love of money is NOT the root of all evils.
Learning about Universal Salvation - October 1, 2019

This month's article is "Your Role in the Creation of God." It will help you learn about your personal future with God, Christ, and all the fellow children of Adam who will become believers in Christ's life, death, resurrection, and glorification. All that was done on our behalf for our eventual becoming Children of God.
Two Future Events - September 16, 2019

I have two speaking events listed on the "Events".otifications page. I would be pleased to meet with any ASK readers at a mutual time and place in Denver or in San Diego. Then there is a reminder about phoning ASK at the end of this Commentary.
Universal Salvation in Luke - September 1, 2019

Does Luke teach Universal Salvation in his Gospel? Luke quotes John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness making many powerful statements. Luke quotes John as saying: "And all flesh shall see the salvation of God"(Luke 3:6). This commentary examines similar quotes in Luke that point to universal salvation.
Psalm 82:8, a Question - August 16, 2019

I previously showeddiscussed why the Son of God received the inheritance or allotment of Psalm 82:8. In this Commentary, I show who gave the nations to the Son as His inheritance, and why He did so. The last verse of Psalm 82 says, Ӂrise, O God [Elohim], judge the earth: for you shall inherit all nations.Ԡ
Chronology of Isaiah's Prophecies - August 1, 2019

No one can determine when Isaiah's prophecies were presented to him or exactly what specific circumstances they were addressing. To have that information would be helpful in understanding future fulfillments of Isaiah's prophecies. Isaiah's prophecies are especially relevant because with this month's article "Israel and Judah: 35. Reforms of King Hezekiah," we examine the events of the reign of one of the few "good" kings of Judah. Read the "August 2019 Newsletter" that introduces the article.
God's Problem Children - July 15, 2019

The children of Israel were a problem for YHWH. As a people they were (and are) stiff necked and hardhearted (or uncircumcised of heart). This means that many if not most of them were problem children. God created His chosen people of Israel through Abraham and they still are strong-willed children.
Changing Words of Scripture - July 1, 2019

I give an example of former and latter texts that inform each other. Psalm 8 is short with only nine verses. In this psalm, God's majesty is presented and a question is asked, why does God care about man? This Commentary helps introduce this month's article, "Bible Pairs."
Jerusalem and Israel May 2019 - June 17, 2019

It's been years since I was last in Israel and Jerusalem. In May my wife Robin and I traveled to Israel and met up with a tour group Bob Cornuke was assisting as a speaker. Bob and I spoke to the group and I was filmed for a video documentary. In this Commentary I give my impressions of some of the monumental structures in Israel.
Prayers and Supplications - June 1, 2019

This month's article by Dr. Ernest Martin is titled "The Essentials of Prayer" and it is introduced by the "June 2019 Newsletter" which gives background information about prayer. In Scripture, the term "prayer" is often linked with the term "supplication." The two terms are used together 16 times in the Old Testament and 6 times in the New Testament. Nearing the end of his life, the apostle Paul wrote a personal letter to his fellow-laborer Timothy. Paul gives four reasons to approach God. They are discussed in this Commentary.
Paul's Baptism - May 15, 2019

The apostle Paul was baptized after his encounter with the risen Christ on the road to Damascus. Was he an apostle in the same way as other apostles, especially the original 12 apostles? Read "Paul's Baptism."
God's Revelation of Himself - May 1, 2019

A great increase in knowledge, particularly in Israel, will occur before the end times, followed by Christ's return. This increase in knowledge will be worldwide. YHWH, the Creator, will reveal himself in the details of His creation. It will compel the "wise" of the world to acknowledge that YHWH exists, and that He should be obeyed. The world will learn, for a short time, to obey their God and His Messiah. Hopefully, this will happen sooner rather than later.
In Israel May 2019 - April 16, 2019

This Commentary requests your prayers (as always), encouragements (thank you), of all who support Dr. Martin's research of the Gihon location for the Temples in Jerusalem, and the location of the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ directly east of that location on the Mount of Olives in and above the village of Silwan.
Forced Exile - April 1, 2019

Events surrounding the forced exile of the kingdom of Israel by the Assyrian army are the subject of this month's article, "Israel and Judah: 34. Death of the Kingdom of Israel." I encourage you to read the "April 2019 Newsletter" before you read the article.
Will the Next Temple Be Legitimate - March 17, 2019

To both questions the answer is: (1) Yes, the next Temple will be legitimate and (2) yes, it will be the Temple of the antichrist. The Herodian Temple was legitimate. So too, the next Temple will be legitimate also even though the antichrist will seize control and defile it.
Where My Story Began - March 1, 2019

I recently came across an advertisement for a sweatshirt on the internet that had a saying on it: "WAUWATOSA, WISCONSIN × ITÒ“ WHERE MY STORY BEGAN." Wauwatosa is a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I grew up. The shirt is not important, but I was struck by that phrase "itÒ³ where my story began." Each of us has a story. It began when you took your first breath at birth.
The Most Devastating Doctrine - February 13, 2019

"The Most Devastating Doctrine" tells about a central belief among multitudes of Christians that represents the most unbiblical belief in existence. Many believers are persuaded it is the supreme witness (to them and the world) that Christianity is true, yet it is one of the greatest tools of deception.
A Small Golden Bell - February 1, 2019

This month's article, "Response to Gihon Temple Objections," may disturb you. Critics are beginning to question the motives of those who believe different than they do about the Jerusalem Temples being located above the Gihon Spring. Their outraged opinions of you are not flattering. If you disagree with them, you are not just wrong; you may be evil and should beware of disparaging God. Read the "February 2019 Newsletter" first. Also, archaeological finds in Jerusalem are often hyped up. In 2011, a small golden bell was discovered in a drainage tunnel just west of the City of David under the eastern slope of the Tyropoeon Valley. I discuss its significance
Speaking to Oneself - January 15, 2019

Whenever we talk to others, we are speaking to ourselves first. Whenever we write to others, we are writing to ourselves first. When an author writes a novel such as Leo Tolstoy in his massive War and Peace, the words he wrote were written to himself first. The same was true for Jane Austin when she wrote Pride and Prejudice. We speak to ourselves all the time.
What Is the Gospel? - January 1, 2019

The "January 2019 Newsletter" introduces two articles this month. The first is "Memory in Luke" and the second is "Further Decline in the Churches." Both relate to the gospel. Luke is compiled from collected oral and written testimony by eyewitnesses from before Jesus' birth through His resurrection. Churches continue to decline because fullness of the gospel is not being preached and taught in churches, even though everyone thinks it is being done.

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