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Growing Respect for Gihon Temples - December 17, 2015

Since Dr. Martin published his book, The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot in the spring of the year 2000, the pace of acceptance of the evidence has rapidly increased. For a concise presentation of material in Dr. Martin's book, see "New Evidence for the Site of the Temple in Jerusalem" (December 2000, scroll past the two positive reviews). Articles by Dr. Martin and other authors published after Dr. Martin's book release can be found at "Temple Update Index." You can hear Dr. Martin explain his evidence on an October 2001 Jeff Rense radio show. See the "Jeff Rense Interview"; scroll half way down the page. This Commentary is about those supporting Dr. Martin's mass of data of the true location of the Jerusalem Temples.
David Names a Successor - December 1, 2015

David chooses a successor to his throne, and Solomon was his choice. It was also God's choice, as we find in this month's article "Israel and Judah: 14. David's Life Nears its End." This month's "December 2015 Newsletter" has additional introductory information, so read that before reading the article.
Tyranny of the Bible - November 14, 2015

Others and I have been accused of trying to impose a "tyranny of the Bible" upon others, because we insist that the Bible should be far and away the greatest influence on your spiritual life. Nothing is further from the truth. Rather than a tyranny, the Bible is a blessing that should be understood and used in several ways.
More to Our Salvation? - November 1, 2015

The article for November 2015 is "The Asteroid Destruction: Its Timing and Purpose." As always, the "November 2015 Newsletter" has useful introductory information to Dr. Martin's important material. The asteroid destruction will not be "the end of the world." In fact, the world will not end, but it will be damaged and much destruction and death will occur. Thank God we have salvation ahead of us individually. Thank God also that Adam and Eve and every one of their children have salvation ahead of them.
More Oil Found in Israel - October 15, 2015

I suppose several of you have heard about massive crude oil finds in the Golan Heights currently controlled by Israel. Israel gained control of the Golan Heights by right of conquest. This elevated area of land was long disputed between Israel and Syria when Israel seized the Golan in the June 1967 "Six-Day War." This Commentary gives a history and background about this oil find and its implications.
David and God - October 1, 2015

This month's article is "Israel and Judah: 13. Mighty Men and the Census." The "October 1, 2015 Newsletter" should be read first. It sets the stage for the article. The census commissioned by David was a sin against God that caused thousands of his subjects to die. Scripture tells us many things about David's relationship with God, as well as what God thought about His relationship with David. Several Psalms relate how David loved YHWH and His law. Yet King David did some surprisingly sinful and horrid acts. Besides his sins, God said David was "a man of wars" and who shed "bloods" (plurals in Hebrew), and as a result YHWH did not allow David his desire to build the Temple (1 Chronicles 28:3).
Eschew Obfuscation - September 15, 2015

"Eschew Obfuscation, Espouse Elucidation" What is meant by "eschew obfuscation"? This phrase is used ironically to show that obscure words can cause confusion, the opposite of what is desired. The best synonym for "eschew" is "avoid." "Obfuscation" has synonyms such as "complication" and "confusion." Its antonym is "clarification." So, "eschew obfuscation" is a plea to avoid confusion and be clear whenever we write or speak words. We should try to use words with plain meaning. Scripture encour?ages the use of plain words.
YHWH Shall Fight for You - September 1, 2015

"Israel and Judah: 12. David's Special Song" is the September 2015 article. Read first the "September 2015 Newsletter." The majority of the article has to do with a long song of David in 2 Samuel chapter 22 and Psalm 18. One important aspect of this song/psalm is King David's continual trust in God to repeatedly give him and Israel victory in battle. Time after time YHWH actively fought on their behalf, and David was continually grateful. This commentary shows David trusted YHWH as He wanted Israel to do in the time of Moses and Joshua.
Site of the Next Temple - August 16, 2015

Recently I have received questions about the site of the next Temple. This Commentary is about my response to one set of questions. One question led to others.
Some Cultures Should Die - August 1, 2015

This month's article is "God and Demographics," introduced by the "August 2015 Newsletter." Demographics is the study of population data over time. God controls all factors of demographics such as where people go, live, their increase or decrease of populations, the boundaries of their political space (borders), for how long (Deuteronomy 32:8; Acts 17:26), who the leaders are and how long they rule (Daniel 2:21).
Thoughts about Babel - July 16, 2015

Have you ever asked yourself, was there writing before the flood? I am no longer sure there was. Consider Adam and Eve, and the generations of their descendants for the first 1,600+ years of human history until the flood. They had the capability to live lives that lasted several hundred years. The longest-lived person recorded in the Bible was Methuselah, who lived for 969 years (Genesis 5:27).
Philistines in North Africa - July 1, 2015

Joab's Great Chase. The Philistines appear again at the end of the narrative of this month's article, "Israel and Judah: 11. David's Restoration as King." Read the "July 2015 Newsletter" which gives useful information to introduce the article. In my November 1, 2008 Commentary, "Old Testament History, the Basics" I quoted a long passage by Dr. Ernest L. Martin from 1986. He tells of traditions and inscriptions in North Africa that left records of ancient monuments from King David's time.
World Update - June 16, 2015

This Commentary is a reprint article by Dr. George Friedman, founder of It presents recent history of the world to the present. Dr. Friedman's analysis dovetails nicely with Dr. Ernest Martin's prophetic understanding. The underlines and bold text are mine and are for emphasis and clarity.
Prophet, Priest, and King - June 1, 2015

"Israel and Judah: 10. The End of Absalom" is the title of this month's article. This should be read after the "June 2015 Newsletter" which has further information on the subject of the article, and how this relates to you. Also in this article are two excellent maps by Henry Dye to help you better understand the flow of the story. Now read about David and Jesus: Prophet, Priest, and King. Then there is a short announcement about The Byte Show beginning again.
Byte Show Update - May 16, 2015

There is new information about The Byte Show created by the late GeorgeAnn Hughes, who died on April 22, 2015. I spoke with GeorgeAnn's son, John Evans, on Thursday, May 14. He is putting GeorgeAnn's affairs in order and learning her computer system so he can begin producing programs again, continuing his mother's legacy. Also, a new event is listed on the "Events" page.
GeorgeAnn Hughes - May 1, 2015

First, I need to tell about this month's article, "Israel and Judah: 9. Rape and Murder." It is introduced by the "May 2015 Newsletter," which gives background about the article. It begins the story of David's son Absalom and his terrible acts against God, David, against Israel, and against his brethren. Also, I received news on April 24th that my friend and friend of ASK, GeorgeAnn Hughes, died on Wednesday, April 22. GeorgeAnn will be remembered for her wide-ranging curiosity, her love of country, her caring nature for people and animals, and for her unique voice.
Antichrist and Salvation - April 17, 2015

The antichrist will teach universal salvation. This may surprise most of you but there is good evidence to demonstrate this statement. The antichrist, along with his companion the false prophet, will teach much truth to the world. The vast majority of their teachings will be biblical truth. It is necessary for them to do so.
David, Bathsheba, and Conference - April 1, 2015

The article for April 2015 is titled "Israel and Judah: 8. Bathsheba and Rabbah," introduced by the "April 2015 Newsletter." The article examines the relationship of King David of Israel, loyal soldier Uriah the Hittite, his wife Bathsheba, David's murder by proxy of Uriah, and the aftermath of the entire sordid affair. Then I discuss the three presentations I will give at the Richmond Bible Conference on April 10-12.
Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom - March 16, 2015

Proverbs 1:7 and 9:10 seem to say contradictory things. They do not. Decide for yourself and gain a better understanding of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.
Subtlety, Conspiracy, and War - March 1, 2015

Eric Hoffer once said, "It is always safe to assume that people are more subtle and less sensitive than they seem" (The Passionate State of Mind, 1954). I have presented this quote before. The "March 2015 Newsletter" introduces this month's article "Israel and Judah: 7. Conspiracy and War." Hoffer's observation fits two situations in the article. The first segment of the article tells how King David dealt with a potential rival to his throne. The second tells of an insult to King David's power and royal dignity that led to war.
Trinity Revisited - February 16, 2015

I was recently involved in an internet discussion about the trinity. While I rarely indulge in such debates because of their limited usefulness, this discussion helped me to be concise in my presentation. The topic was, "Do You Believe in Holy Trinity?" Here is what I wrote, after much back and forth within a group of people, all believers in universal salvation.
Reconsidered and Unknown Bible Facts - February 1, 2015

Taking a break this month from the historical-prophetic articles about Israel and Judah, I am publishing two Doctrinal articles by Dr. Ernest Martin. Read the "February 2015 Newsletter." The first article is titled "Mankind's Most Useful Invention" and the second is "Unknown Parts of the Bible."
News about King David - January 17, 2015

As I covered in the January 1, 2015 article, "Israel and Judah: 6. David's Foreign Wars," King David defeated Hadadezer, King of Zobah. A ruler of a neighboring realm in Syria named Toi (also spelled Tou in the King James Version), King of Hamath, had been at war with Hadadezer. A December 15, 2014 press release reported on recent research published by Professor Gershon Galil, Professor of Biblical Studies and Ancient History at the University of Haifa. Prof. Galil says new research mentions King Toi of Hamath.
Changing Borders, Changing Relations - January 1, 2015

God is constantly changing borders of peoples and nations (Acts 17:26). He does so in our present day. Changing borders destabilize everything within a region. Such destabilization occurred in the 11th century BC when the power and influence of King David's Israel was expanding. Chaos reigned and kingdoms formed new alliances to resist Israel's growing dominance. This Commentary provides background for the article for January 2015, "Israel and Judah: 6. David's Foreign Wars," introduced by the "January 2015 Newsletter."

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