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New Finds in Jerusalem - December 19, 2011

Recent archaeological discoveries give indications of validating research published by Dr. Ernest L. Martin in November 2001, some two months before he died. The discovery involves one of the foundation stones of the Haram esh-Sharif near the southwest corner. This was above the spot where the excavation supervised by Professor Benjamin Mazar began in 1969, with Dr. Martin supervising students from Ambassador College in that summer and for four summers after.
My Word Shall Accomplish - December 1, 2011

In the Book of Isaiah God speaks through His prophet about the effectiveness of His Word in creation. Read the "December 2011 Newsletter" where I briefly discuss literary forms in Isaiah, which Dr. Ernest L. Martin writes about in this month's article "Isaiah, Part 4." God's Word is used to communicate to the world when God wants that communication to be received, and not before. Note how God supports His Word and those who speak His Words.
Spirits and Degrees of Evil - November 21, 2011

I was recently reminded that evil spirits (demons) and other spirit beings vary in the amount or degree of evil they perform toward human beings. This Commentary discusses this issue.
Isaiah and Ahaz - November 1, 2011

Read the "November 2011 Newsletter." There I discuss that the Antichrist, by declaring that he is Christ and God, shall fraudulently arrange events (with the help of Satan and his minions, spirit and human) so it will appear that the prophecies of the Old Testament about Christ are being fulfilled. Some important prophecies of Isaiah are discussed in this month's presentation by Dr. Ernest Martin, "Isaiah, Part 3," especially the Immanuel prophecy. King Ahaz of Judah plays an important part in the section of Isaiah that Dr. Martin discusses. What kind of person was King Ahaz of Judah? He was evil in the extreme. He became king at age 20 and reigned for 16 years (2 Kings 16:2). He set up idols and images of foreign gods, and committed abominations by worshipping these gods (2 Chronicles 28:2-3).
Origin Beliefs - October 18, 2011

In Portland, Oregon where the Associates for Scriptural Knowledge is located there is a flourishing, energetic, and sophisticated group of educators that promote biblical creationism, primarily teaching what is called "young earth creationism." On pages 2 and 3 is a comparison of the five most popular beliefs regarding the origins of the hevens and the earth. This useful compilation of origin beliefs was compiled by J.D . Mitchell, P.E., BSME, MBS, a local creationist author, speaker, and researcher. I have been granted permission from Mr. Mitchell to re-present his information in a different format than he presents in his webpage "A Comparison of the Most Popular Origin Beliefs."
The Prophecies of Isaiah - October 1, 2011

The Book of Isaiah is the first of the major prophetical books in the Old Testament. It is again the subject of Dr. Martin's article this month "Isaiah, Part 2." Read the "October 2011 Newsletter" before you read the article.
Near Death Experiences - September 17, 2011

I received a question about near death experiences. I usually do not respond to a second question, but I found it necessary to do so in this case.
Pain and Tears - September 1, 2011

In this month's article "How to Be Happy" I show how we who are resurrected at Christ's return have only happiness to look forward to after death. I go into more of this information in the "September 2011 Newsletter." All of us, as children of the first Adam lead lives of varying degrees of misery leading to death. This is because of sin from Adam and the progressive corruption of our fleshly bodies. This will end in the resurrection when corruption shall put on incorruption (1 Corinthians 15:35?58), thanks to God, the savior of all men (1 Timothy 4:10; Titus 2:10?13).
What Is Man? - August 15, 2011

The important question "What is man?" is asked by three biblical writers: the Arabian patriarch Job, King David, and the apostle Paul. Each of them asked the same question in a slightly different way. They were asking why were the children of Adam even thought of or noticed by God. Why was man created? Why was he given mortality? How can such an impure creation be pleasing to God? How and why is any person important to God?
You and Free Will - August 1, 2011

This month's presentation asks the question, "Does Man Have a Free Will?"" It is a 1983 presentation by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. Some scholars and theologians bring up the instance of Israel's acceptance or rejection of the Covenant at Mount Sinai (Exodus 24:3?8). Were the people of Israel truly "free" to make an informed choice? Look at the circumstances in relation to man's free will.
United States in Prophecy - July 18, 2011

Is the United States mentioned in Prophecy? This Commentary answers this question. Neither Dr. Ernest Martin (before he died in January 2002) nor I have found the United States (or America) specifically mentioned in Bible prophecy. God does NOT name the United States as a people or a nation in the Bible.
Truth and Love - July 1, 2011

The truth of God is what this month's article is all about. Read first the "July 2011 Newsletter" and then read the article that asks and answers the question "What is Truth?" In his epistle to the Philippians the apostle Paul lists many things that we should rightly think about in life. One of them is truth.
Two Worldwide Trends - June 17, 2011

Identifying significant worldwide trends is difficult. One worldwide trend is the move toward individual liberty. Another trend that will affect everyone is the increasing ability to learn knowledge quickly. God will use this trend to further the purpose of His will (Ephesians 1:11).
Syria in Prophecy - June 1, 2011

I reissued the article "The Damascus Phase of End-Time Prophecy" by Dr. Ernest L. Martin for June 2011 because Syria and its capital of Damascus have suddenly come into the news in a major way. Prophetic events will occur in Syria before end-time events. Some of these events will begin the sequence of prophecy beginning in Zechariah 9:1 through the end of Zechariah chapter 14. First read the "June 2011 Newsletter," then read or reread the article.
Events to Come - May 20, 2011

Many events prophesied in the Bible must occur before Christ returns. Each prophetic subject has its own time sequence associated with it. For example, there are many preparatory events that must occur before the prophecies involving the rebuilt Jerusalem Temple can happen. These events have a necessary sequence associated with them. Another example is that of the prophetic future actions of the antichrist and his activities. He must take over from a prior King of the North. He must gain power before he attacks the King of the South. Then he must have a world-wide influence and control before he enters the Temple and declares himself to be God. This Commentary discusses these and similar issues.
Responsibility - May 1, 2011

The presentation by Dr. Martin for May 2011 is "How to Give to God," with additional information in the "May 2011 Newsletter" which I encourage you to read before you study Dr. Martin's article.
The Arab Risings, Israel and Hamas - April 15, 2011

Protests against Israel have been noticeably lacking in the recent popular uprisings in Arab countries. While Arab religious hatred of Israel continues, the "Arab street" seems to no longer accept rulers who limit political, educational, and primarily economic opportunity to only a few. While the issues in each country are unique, these uprisings have been led by young educated people who do not seem to have common ideologies. Nor are these risings driven by military forces that usually support regimes in power. Those rising up against their leaders desire freedom from economic deprivation as well as an end to political coercion and detention. This article is titled "The Arab Risings, Israel and Hamas."
Monotheism and Western Civilization - April 1, 2011

One major point that Dr. Ernest Martin makes in this month's article "The Origin and Goal of West?ern Civilization, Part 2" is that a general trend of a belief in monotheism began in Babylon with King Nebuchadnezzar. This monotheistic belief was initiated by God and it continues to our day as part of the general theology of Western Civilization. This may seem strange but it is true nonetheless. For introductory information read the April 2011 Newsletter.
Be Prepared - March 17, 2011

The earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear emergency in Japan, and the effects on the Pacific basin lands bring home the need to prepare for disaster -- wherever you may live. God wants us to be responsible for ourselves, our families, and for those around us. It is a mature and loving way to act.
Nebuchadnezzar and Antichrist - March 1, 2011

This month's article is titled "Origin and Goal of Western Civilization" by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. Read my observations in the "March 2011 Newsletter" because they bear directly on the subject. King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon was the ruler of the entire world in his day (not figuratively but literally), the leading Gentile figure involved in the origin of Western civilization. That civilization is the Babylonian system, which has never functioned as well as it does today, both for expanding trade and controlling people. Therefore it is useful for us to compare the first world ruler with the last world ruler, the antichrist.
Treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge - February 20, 2011

Colossians 2:1?4 has some very interesting information about a spiritual treasure that we should be seeking. It is ours for the getting, available NOW. Go get it.
Egypt Changing - February 1, 2011

In the past two weeks the people of Egypt have risen in protest and demonstration. The result of this will likely be a change in leadership for the government of Egypt. As of this writing the outcome as to how things will turn out is unknown. Will there be widespread violence? There has been surprising little up to now. Will President Hosni Mubarak leave his position after 30 years of rule? Or will there be a complete change of government down to the lowest levels? Will Islamic radicals take over the government? Would a new Egyptian government reject its peace treaty with Israel?
Nature as God? - January 18, 2011

In the Oregon publication is called Alternatives Magazine. The lead article for the Winter '10-'11 issue was by Hank Wesselman, Ph.D., edited from his website. The original article is titled "The New Mysteries: An Indigenous Prophesy." At the beginning Wesselman writes that "the primordial spirituality would re-emerge and re-establish itself." This spirituality involves "direct revelation," meaning that spirituality is given to an individual through expanded states of awareness or through states of consciousness from a spiritual source or entity or force, and not through the writings of a scripture, and not from the Bible. This Commentary analyzes such thinking.
Melchizedek and Benedict the 16th - January 1, 2011

Melchizedek is the topic of my article this month that is titled "Who Was Melchizedek?" Read the "January 2011 Newsletter" before you dig into the article. The scriptural evidence allows us to come to a conclusion as to the identity of this mysterious individual first mentioned in Genesis chapter 14. Pope Benedict the 16th is NOW teaching universal salvation through Christ. This is a revolutionary change of doctrine for the Roman Catholic Church.

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