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Iran's Smoking Gun - December 16, 2009

A December 14, 2009 Times OnLine article titled "Secret document exposes Iran's nuclear trigger" reported that internal Iranian military documents have surfaced that indicate that tests were being conducted to perfect a "nuclear trigger" mechanism to detonate nuclear material for a fissionable bomb.
Scientific Mysteries, Part 2 - December 1, 2009

This month's presentation of Dr. Ernest L. Martin titled "The Bible and Scientific Mysteries, Part 2," deals with the flood of Noah. Read first the "December 2009 Newsletter" for introductory and background information about this article.
Bible Advertisements - November 13, 2009

ASK has received numerous inquiries by phone, email, and letter from people confused about recent solicitations and advertisements about a Bible in the original manuscript order. Quite a lot of "buzz" has been generated on this and I hope to clarify matters with this Commentary. People are wondering if this is Dr. James Tabor's "Original Bible Project," now known as the "Transparent English Bible."
The Temple Mount Still key - November 1, 2009

On October 26, 2009 an Associated Press article appeared that was titled "Police on high alert at disputed Jerusalem shrine." This article contains straightforward analysis, without editorializing. Note the statement of the root cause of the strife: "Conflicting claims to the plateau, known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary, LIE AT THE HEART OF THE ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT."
Iran and Nuclear Weapons - October 16, 2009

The current state of Iranian nuclear development is a concern to most all observers in the Near East. Publicly Iran denies it is developing nuclear weapons, yet their actions say otherwise. Iran has purchased and is using equipment to produce nuclear material to make both nuclear fuel for energy and for nuclear weapons.
Science and Unique Words - October 1, 2009

In this month's article "The Bible and Scientific Mysteries," Dr. Martin notes that there are "science" portions of Holy Scripture that can shed light on several of today's scientific mysteries. These are mysteries about basic things such as the sequence of creation events, what is light, what is gravity, and how do they operate? Dr. Martin asks intriguing questions and gives some possible answers from Scripture.
The Reality of the Non-Observable - September 15, 2009

Many things that we cannot see in God's creation, things that are non-observable, are nonetheless very real. Paul's reference to things "visible and invisible" certainly refers to physical (visible) and spiritual (invisible) things. But it can also mean things that are invisible because they are beyond the normal range of senses of sight, hearing, smell, or touch.
Antichrist Part Two - September 1, 2009

The booklet "The Life and Times of the Antichrist" was put out by Dr. Martin in 1992. It was time to revisit that information for the August and September 2009 Newsletters and Articles. Dr. Martin over the years has produced information about the Antichrist, but never in such a concentrated presentation as he did in that booklet, now updated.
Events and Additions - August 17, 2009

Several events are scheduled for the remainder of the year. Also, several changes have occurred to the ASK website, and new products are offered.
Millenniums - August 1, 2009

In the opening paragraphs of this month's article "The Life and Times of the Antichrist," Dr. Ernest L. Martin discusses two millenniums. There is a third millennium to come that he does not discuss in the article. Read first the "August 2009 Newsletter" for some basics about "antichrist" as defined by the apostle John. Then read Dr. Martin's highly informative 1992 article.
Blessings Arrive in Unexpected Packages - July 18, 2009

Like Dr. Ernest L. Martin, Tony Snow was a remarkable man. I wish I had known him. Snow announced he had colon cancer in 2005. Following surgery and chemotherapy, Snow joined the Bush Administration in April 2006 as Press Secretary. The cancer recurred and Snow had more surgery and chemo. Snow returned to the White House on May 30, but resigned August 31, 2007. What follows is his moving testimony published in Christianity Today, July 20, 2007. Tony Snow, a Catholic, died July 12, 2008. His understanding needed a bit of guidance, but his faith in God and Christ was clear and deep.
Idol in the Temple - July 1, 2009

The ASK article this month by Dr. Ernest L. Martin is titled "The Importance of First Century History." It tells the story of a major crisis in the 1st century AD that directly involved the Temple in Jerusalem, the state of Judea, and all Jewish people. This month's article is longer than usual because for Dr. Martin to relate all the details and clearly demonstrate its impact on the thinking of the early Christian ekklesia, extra space was needed. Begin your reading with the "July 2009 Newsletter." It has additional information for you to consider.
A Question about the Transfiguration - June 14, 2009

A question was asked regarding the state of the dead relative to Moses and Elijah appearing with Jesus on the mount of transfiguration. Of course, Moses and Elijah each had been dead for many centuries.
Arrogance and God - June 1, 2009

The article this month is titled "The Arrogance of Man." (Read the June 2009 Newsletter for additional information regarding this subject.) It involves and discusses man's overbearing pride in self, as an individual and that pride and arrogance as it is extended to one's family, tribe, people, community, and to all who are descended from Adam.
Jerusalem IS Key - May 15, 2009

people have been fighting over Jerusalem since the time of King David, and they are fighting over it today. Jerusalem even has the distinction in military history of likely being the city most fought over in history. The King of Jordan in a May 11, 2009 interview titled "King Abdullah: ?This is not a two-state solution, it is a 57-state solution'" stated that Jerusalem is the key to peace with Israel and to peace in the Middle East.
Learning Is Hard - May 1, 2009

The article this month is "Development of New Doctrine" from a 1975 tape by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. First read the "May 2009 Newsletter" for information that introduces the article. As Dr. Martin points out, teaching and learning continued and greatly expanded after the gift of God's Holy Spirit was first given at Pentecost in 30 AD. It took almost two decades for the ekklesia, particularly in Jerusalem, to learn some important lessons that were given to them by Christ through the Holy Spirit.
Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan - April 17, 2009

The nature of the modern nations of Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan can be understood somewhat better by noting some comparisons between the countries of this important area. The areas comprising Syria and Iraq decrease in size going from Iran west. Afghanistan to the east is 1/2 the size of Iran.
Problems with Prophecy - April 1, 2009

"Prediction is very difficult, especially of the future." This statement was said by Nobel Prize Physicist Niels Bohr. This statement is true for physicists, forecasters, financial market analysts ? and Bible students. It is a statement that may seem trite and obvious but this is how God has the situation at the present time. We cannot know the future unless God reveals it to us.
Unintended Consequences - March 20, 2009

Have you ever experienced "unintended consequences" for actions you took in life? Of course you have, we all have. We intend one thing and do another. We act and unexpected good or bad results. This article will discuss this situation.
Haggai and the Temple - March 1, 2009

The focus of this month's article by Dr. Ernest L. Martin is on the short book of the Minor Prophets called Haggai. This month's article, titled "The Rebuilding of the Temple," deals with problems in the reconstruction of the Temple after the Jews returned from Babylon. It gives us useful information that we can use in the future to take note of problems the Jews encountered in the time of Haggai. While the article deals with the past, some of the issues deal with the next Temple to be built in Jerusalem.
The Division of the Earth - February 19, 2009

QUESTION: In Gen. 10:25 it mentions that, "One was named Peleg, because in his time the earth was divided." Are you aware of any research done on this subject of what I assume to be reference to the continental drift (which is still going on at about three inches per year)? ANSWER: Something radical did occur after the flood during the time of Peleg. This article will address that incident.
Changing When Necessary - February 1, 2009

This month's "February 2009 Newsletter" and the article presentation titled: "Christ as High Priest" deal with information regarding the priest-king Melchizedek, King David of Israel, and "the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus; Who was faithful to him that appointed him [God]" (Hebrews 3:1?2). My research in this matter was sparked from a "problem" verse that indicated that King David's sons were priests (2 Samuel 8:18). That led to other research regarding Christ as High Priest.
Israel, Gas, Gaza, and Weapons - January 19, 2009

Two items of interest came across the news wires today. One is good news for Israel. The other news item shows the ingenious nature of Israel's enemies.
Sad News, Good News - January 1, 2009

ASK lost a good friend on December 25, 2008 with the death of Daniel Keith Julien. The good news is that the first English Bible in the original manuscript order has been published. Information about that Bible and my review of it is the subject of the "January 2009 Newsletter" and the Article "Review of The Holy Bible in the Original Order."

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