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The Haaj and Christmas - December 18, 2008

Earlier this month in Mecca, the holy city of Islam in Saudi Arabia the Haaj (sometimes spelled Hajj) was conducted. The Haaj is the name of the sacred Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. The Haaj is one of the five requirements that an Islamic believer should perform in his lifetime. The pilgrims should travel to Mecca and perform certain simple rituals as commanded and as a tribute to their beliefs. The Haaj is unbiblical. So is Christmas.
Personal Bible Reading ... - December 1, 2008

The "December 2008 Newsletter" and Article "Why Churches Fall Apart" are now available on the ASK website. The Newsletter is longer this month and gives some of my observations of how churches have inevitably declined and are indeed falling apart as Dr. Martin notes in his article presentation.
Post-Election Realities - November 15, 2008

The election for President of the United States took place on November 4, 2008. Now that the election is over and Barak Obama is the President Elect, it is useful to remember some important points.
Old Testament History, the Basics - November 1, 2008

The article this month by Dr. Ernest Martin is titled "The Basics of Old Testament History." It was put together from audio and written materials from 1986. Dr. Martin explains why there are so few written records to corroborate historical information in the Bible, when there should be many thousands of such records. This makes it difficult to "link" the biblical records with the writings of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, and the other ancient nations. The reason is the destruction of literature and the records of those civilizations during the time of the "axial period" of Jeremiah. The perishable written records were destroyed at that time
Voting and God's Leaders - October 14, 2008

Man Proposes, God Disposes. This accurately describes what takes place on earth regarding the selection and placement of leaders of nations at the highest levels. God actually chooses national leaders Himself, and He removes them as He desires. There is no doubt about this fact (Daniel 5:21). Nevertheless citizens have a part to play in fulfilling civic responsibilities. Contrary to what some denominations believe, voting is not bad or evil.
Old Testament History - October 1, 2008

The "October 2008 Newsletter" is now online and it introduces this month's article titled "The Key to Old Testament History." This article provides crucial information you need to compre-hend the scope and significance of Old Testament record relative to conditions in the world today.
Future Reunions - September 28, 2008

I enjoy reunions. Not everyone does, and that is fine, but I like getting together with friends and family when possible. God willing, I look forward to attending my 40th high school reunion in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. While I am in the Milwaukee area I will present a Temple/Tomb lecture like as I did in May 2008. This Commentary also discusses your future reunions after our resurrection from the dead.
More on Fellowship - September 9, 2008

Below is a short article by Dr. Ernest L. Martin from May 1976. In 1997 Dr. Martin wrote "What Is True Fellowship?" which you should also read or re-read. That article comes to the same conclusion as this short presentation.1 Read and learn from this brief article about fellowship.
Your Relationship with God - September 1, 2008

The "September 2008 Newsletter" and Article "God: Contradictions and Harmony" are now on the ASK website. The article will give you fascinating biblical information about God, your creator, which you need to know to more fully understand Him, His nature, and why He does some of the things that He does (or doesn't do). It discusses the good and bad about God, and knowing such things about God as part of your relationship with Him.
Phoenix, Arizona Events - August 10, 2008

Early on two evenings, August 12 and August 14, I will give combined Temple/Tomb presentations at two suburban area libraries in the Phoenix, Arizona vicinity. At each venue I will present a 2-part combined presentation of both the Temple and Tomb information.
Redistribution of Wealth, Part 2 - Brain Power - August 7, 2008

Genius and Brain Wealth Are Being Redistributed. Not only is the physical wealth of the world being redistributed, but also the brainpower of the world will increase. As we near the time of mankind's greatest achievements, the period when 666 (the number of a man and mankind) will prevail throughout all of humanity is approaching. This will entail a redistribution of an important wealth factor in the world, the wealth of God-given human creativity.
Benjamin as Wolf and Light - August 1, 2008

Benjamin (the man and the tribe) is the subject of the "August 2008 Newsletter" and the article presentation by Dr. Martin: "The Tribe of Benjamin," from a 1974 taped lecture. There is a surprising amount of detail about the man and the tribe. It is a story of depravity and yet later a story of redemption. It is a story of the wolf and the light. Two metaphors describe Benjamin, a wolf and a light.
Redistribution of Wealth, Part 1 - Financial Wealth - July 20, 2008

This commentary will focus on the massive transfer of financial wealth from one group of countries in the world to another group of countries. More quickly than anyone (on earth, anyway) would have thought, the wealth of the world is being redistributed to oil producing nations with an increasing amount, degree, and speed. This transfer of money is flowing to oil exporting countries from purchases of their crude oil.
Geopolitics and Place - July 1, 2008

All of history deals with time and place. This of course includes biblical events in history. Those events (past and future) are shaped by where they occur. This month's July 2008 ASK article, "The Geopolitics of Israel, Ancient and Modern" has to do with the relationship of "place" through history. It deals with "geopolitics," which is the study of the influence of geography on the national and international politics of Israel throughout history.
More Events in Portland - June 12, 2008

Two speaking engagements have been arranged in the Portland, Oregon area for June. The two speaking dates are Saturday, June 21, and Sunday, June 29, 2008. Both speaking opportunities will be open to the public.
God's Body - June 1, 2008

Does God have a body or is He simply a gelatinous mass of energy whose energy is pulsating throughout the universe, or so it is expressed in some religious fantasies? Is the universe itself God (pantheism) or is God found in everything yet is separate from His creation (panentheism)? Is God a trinity? The questions above are simple to answer.
Cremation and the Bible - May 22, 2008

Many Christians have asked advice on whether cremation is biblically proper. Some have considered the possibility of cremation because of the exorbitant price of an ordinary burial. The question we must ask ourselves is: Is cremation biblically in order?
Upcoming Speaking Opportunities - May 10, 2008

Events in Wauwatosa, WI and Portland, OR. A public lecture on the location of the Jerusalem Temples and the location of King David's Tomb will take place at the Wauwatosa Public Library on Tuesday evening, May 13, 2008 at 6:45 p.m. Two and maybe more presentations are happening soon.
It Figures - May 1, 2008

This Commentary introduces the article for May 2008 titled "Figures of Speech and the Holy Scripture" from an audiotape lecture by Dr. Martin from 1977. Dr. Martin's presentation will help you understand some of the issues involved in figures of speech in the Bible. The purpose of figures of speech is to add force to the truth.
Who Would Jesus Bomb? - April 17, 2008

I recently came across a local Unitarian Church sermon title, "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" The implication is that Jesus loves everyone, and that Jesus would never hurt, harm, or kill anyone. After all, God is love (1 John 4:8, 16). Unfortunately for those who say and believe such things, they have a shock coming to them in the future, a shock from God Himself.
An Analysis of Psalms - April 1, 2008

The Book of Psalms is the subject of this month's article compiled from four lectures by Dr. Ernest Martin from 1997 and 1998. The information presented adds to his excellent and concise "Appendix 1: Preliminary Suggestions for the Structure of Psalms" from his book Restoring the Original Bible. Read the Appendix before you study this month's article.
Struggling with Universal Reconciliation - March 22, 2008

"I just listened to your interview with George Ann Hughes on the "Forgiving God" tape. ... My purpose in writing to you is to tell you that I hope with all my heart that this position [Universal Reconciliation] is true, and that it helped me to hear someone like yourself speak so thoughtfully to George Ann during the interview, because I know your struggle with these questions is an ongoing and earnest one. I address "Universal Reconciliation" in my response.
More Speaking Opportunities - March 14, 2008

More speaking opportunities. I have been invited to speak on March 29, 2008, 7 p.m. at the Church of God, 7th Day in Portland, Oregon, and I arranged to speak in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area on May 13, 2008. I hope many of you can attend.
Jeremiah and Zechariah - March 1, 2008

The "March 2008 Newsletter" introducing the article for this month "Gentile Nations and Israel" is now on the ASK website. This presentation by Dr. Martin was compiled from an August 1994 audiotape. It provides important information on the interplay of Jeremiah's chronological prophecy in the Book of Zechariah with his other writings in the Old Testament.
About ASK - February 13, 2008

This Commentary discusses ASK operations and misconceptions about ASK.
King David's Near Death Experience - February 1, 2008

King David experienced a terrible fright by being condemned to death by God Himself. This took place when David, beloved of God, was at the high point of his life, the kingdom, and prosperity. He thought he was doomed.
Speaking in Dallas, Texas - January 18, 2008

I am scheduled to speak at a Symposium in Dallas, Texas over a 4-day period of January 30 through February 2, 2008. The Symposium is free. I am slotted to speak several times and will be available to meet with several of you during that period.
Be Strong and of Good Courage - January 12, 2008

God wants His children to have courage in their lives. This 1976 article by Dr. Martin is still applicable today.
Ten Commandments for Today - January 1, 2008

The "January 2008 Newsletter" which introduces this month's article "The Ten Commandments" is now available. This article by Dr. Martin, compiled from an audiotape and an article, show the difficulty in fulfilling these seemingly simple commands of God that were given to Israel by the agency of angels. Nevertheless, they are still relevant and important today.

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