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The Stupidity of Christmas - December 7, 2007

Christmas is stupid because it violates God's clear command not to learn the way of the heathen (Jeremiah 10:2), meaning the religious practices, traditions, and rituals of the nations.
Egypt ... Past, Present, and Future - December 1, 2007

Egypt played a significant part in biblical history. It shall do so again in the future, fulfilling prophecies in the Bible.
Congratulations ... You're a Fool! - November 19, 2007

The world considers you a fool, but those in the world are in reality the foolish ones. This Commentary may help you when times get bad because of your belief that Jesus WAS resurrected from the Dead.
November 2007 Speaking Engagements - November 4, 2007

This is a short Commentary to let everyone know about the four (4) speaking engagements in Southern California during the month of November 2007. Two I have mentioned before and two are new.
Proof of the Resurrection - November 1, 2007

This month's "November 2007 Newsletter" and Dr. Ernest Martin's transcribed taped lecture "Proof of the Resurrection" give the evidence as to why Jesus was the Messiah. Jesus' resurrection from the dead proved He was the Messiah, the Christ. It is from this that He is called Jesus Christ, Jesus the Messiah.
News, and One God Conference Q & A - October 18, 2007

Various upcoming lecture opportunities are mentioned, and then the transcript of the Questions and Answers portion from the One God Conference is presented
The School of Tyrannus - October 11, 2007

Free and open expression of ideas and discussion of those ideas is an important part of true biblical research. ASK is dedicated to that freedom.
Presentation at the One God Conference - October 1, 2007

My contrarian presentation at the June 2007 One God Conference is the subject of this October 2007 Newsletter and Article. Errors need to be corrected.
Changes, Additions, and Information - September 21, 2007

The ASK webpage has changed. We explain why along with other useful information to advance your study of the Bible. Additions to the Byte Show presentations are announced.
Epicurus on Death - September 16, 2007

Sometimes even the pagans get things right, as the apostle Paul says in Romans chapter 1. The Greek philosopher Epicurus some 300 years before Christ understood that the dead are dead and not alive in another state.
Revelation's Seven Churches - September 1, 2007

The seven churches in chapters 2 and 3 of the Book of Revelation are introduced by this month's September 2007 Newsletter and are analyzed as the topic of Dr. Martin's presentation "The Seven Churches of Revelation Today." You have a part in that understanding about the 7 churches.
A Contest of Lies - August 13, 2007

Who is a bigger liar? You or Satan? This article discusses your heart and the being Jesus called "the father of lies." You will be surprised
The Song of Solomon and Modern Preaching - August 1, 2007

The articles for August 2007 are "The Song of Solomon" and "The Folly of Modern Preaching. The first article provides background and Dr. Martin's analysis of the Song. The second short article identifies a crucial lack in modern preaching in the world's churches today.
Papal Superiority Revived - July 13, 2007

Pope Benedict XVII revives the concept of papal superiority within Christianity. This false concept attempts to rescue a failing doctrinal and financial Roman Catholic structure.
John and His Gospel - July 1, 2007

This month's article is titled "The Apostle John, the Lamb, and the Spirit." It presents excellent information about the message of the Gospel of John that most of you have not considered before, or have not thought about for years. The article shows John's purpose for writing the Gospel and provides additional information that John emphasizes throughout.
Did Jesus Have a Beard? - June 21, 2007

Dr. Martin's statement that Jesus did not have a beard has been challenged. This article gives a response and analyzes the evidence about whether Jesus had a beard.
The New Apostle John - June 1, 2007

The "June 2007 Newsletter" is online. It introduces the article for this month and it is titled "The New Apostle John." The Newsletter read in conjunction with the article gives additional information to the subject matter as a whole. The Gospel of John relates specifically to you as a believer in Christ today, as you live your life largely isolated from other believers who are scattered all around the world.
Goliath's Head - May 30, 2007

One surprising Scripture notes that David took particular care regarding the head of Goliath that he cut off after God gave David victory over the giant, and victory for Israel over the Philistines. Read the rest of the story.
Speaking Opportunities - May 14, 2007

I have scheduled a speaking presentation in the Portland area for May 26, 2007. Other speaking events are listed for the future in Albany, NY, in June, Bellingham, WA, in August, and for Southern California in November, all in 2007.
The Herodium and Oil in Israel - May 9, 2007

The Jewish historian Josephus writes that Herod was buried in the Herodium. The Herodium (named after the Jewish King Herod who died in 2 B.C.E.) is about 3 miles south of Bethlehem. It is claimed that the exact location of the burial sepulcher on the mound has been discovered. More information about oil exploration in Israel is also discussed.
The Travail of Everyday Life - May 1, 2007

Everyday life as a Christian at times seems to be without purpose, with a goal, with little accomplishment in life. In fact God is accomplishing HIS purpose through you and your life. He is training all of us to be humble and to be like Christ, who is a perfect servant.
More on Lucifer and Satan - April 15, 2007

Questions as to whether Lucifer was a Son or an archangel. The answer is simple if the BIBLICAL categories and terms are separated.
Satan, Without Illusions - April 1, 2007

This commentary introduces the ASK "April 2007 Newsletter" and the article "Assumptions About Satan." The article transcribed from a taped lecture by Dr. Ernest Martin discusses aspects about Satan's origin and shows instances of misapplied biblical passages that many people ascribe to Satan, but in fact they refer to beings other than Satan. You will learn a great deal about assumptions about the Bible, about Satan, and the spirit realm.
Dinosaur Fossil Discoveries - March 22, 2007

New dinosaur discoveries are discussed, as well as a Byte Show Q&A, and announcements about another radio show, Ghostly Talk, where Dr. Martin's Temple information is presented to a totally new audience.
God's Judgments Against His Sons - March 1, 2007

God executes severe judgment against His Sons in Psalm 82. These are the same Sons of God who appear in Genesis 6:1-4, Job chapters 1 and 2, and in Psalm 89. The March 2007 Newsletter and Article give fascinating information about the workings of God and His Divine Assembly in heaven and how His judgments are put forth.
News of the So-called Temple Mount - February 13, 2007

Jerusalem and the so-called Temple Mount have recently and increasingly been in the news. I review some of the events and circumstances relating to that news.
The Sons of God in Genesis 6 - February 1, 2007

Who were the Sons of God in Genesis chapter 6? This article examines the biblical answer to this question and expands to discuss the nature of God and the relationship of the Sons of God to idolatry.
God's Ongoing Creation - January 13, 2007

God creates continually. He did not just create in the past, with the first heavens and earth; He will not just create in the future, with the new heavens and earth, but He is creating at this very moment. This Commentary reintroduces an edited article by Dr. Martin, "
Idolatry - January 1, 2007

Idolatry is a great curse which some people wink at. God does not ignore idolatry, whether from gentiles, nations, Israel, or when it is done by His children.

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