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ASK Audios and Internet Radio - December 23, 2006

ASK has been given an opportunity to go on internet radio. David Sielaff has done several programs for The Byte Show that has had significant beginnings of success. Read about the details.
Christ, Satan, and Michael - December 6, 2006

Questions were asked about the relationship of Satan and the cherub of Ezekiel chapter 28 and about the relationship between Christ and the angel Michael. The answers require some study and close scriptural analysis.
Understanding Prophecy and Housekeeping - December 1, 2006

Every event prophesied in the Bible raises questions as to who is the major actor in the event, what happens in the event, and where does the event occur. Every historical event raises the same questions as do prophesied events. This Commentary introduces the December 2006 Newsletter and Article. Also discussed are new developments on the ASK Website.
God's Orders to Kill - November 13, 2006

A Comment/Question is put forth that we should obey God's commands, even when He orders us to kill. Dr. Martin refuted that idea in a recent article, and for very good reasons. Also, some other issues about the nature of the peoples of Canaan are discussed.
Judging God and Man? - November 1, 2006

Many of us have felt that friends, parents, loved ones, as well as those in authority over us such as teachers, employers, or government officials have done evil to us during our lives. Most people also think that God has been unfair to them. This is indeed the case in many instances. God has been unfair to you and to others. God Himself says this is so, either through circumstances that He could have prevented or warned you about, or through direct actions against you or your loved ones.
Misuse of Tomb Artifacts? - October 23, 2006

This Commentary answers a question of whether artifacts within the David's Tomb would be misused. I answer this question and give additional information about the Ark of the Covenant.
Josephus' Chronology and Other Things - October 14, 2006

We have had a very positive response to my article "The Location and Future Discovery of King David's Tomb." This Commentary discusses one aspect of Josephus' narrative about that Tomb. Also, more information has come forth about a possible civil war between factions of the divided Palestinian territories.
King David's Tomb - October 1, 2006

The discovery of the Tomb of King David of Israel has always fascinated biblical scholars and archaeologists. No Old Testament character has such a well-developed personality through his own writings, with a true greatness of character and achievement in his life (2 Samuel 7:9).
Jesus and September 11 - September 11, 2006

September 11, 2001 was a very important event in world affairs. It marked a change in American attitude toward danger of terrorism for residents of the United States and particularly in its largest metropolitan area, New York City, and the entire east coast. Memorials are being conducted across the United States to commemorate the 5-year anniversary since that horrible event in which over 3,000 people from around the world lost their lives in the attack and destruction of the World Trade Center in New York, the attack on the Pentagon, and the crash of an airliner in Pennsylvania.
A Preacher I Admire - September 1, 2006

I do not have much use for preachers. All too often they get in the way of the truth of Scripture, although sometimes they stumble on to it. There is one preacher from the Old Testament, however, that I always appreciate and admire. It is Qoheleth. That is a title given to the expositor of the Book of Ecclesiastes. Qoheleth is the Hebrew title.
The Bible and War in Lebanon - August 17, 2006

The current warfare waged in the nation of Lebanon between the armed organization called Hezbollah (viewed by many as a proxy army for Iran and to a lesser extent Syria) and the nation of Israel (which many say is acting as a proxy for the United States) has raised the question: is there any biblical significance to these events?
Free Will And Salvation - August 1, 2006

If God left salvation up to you, truly, would you louse it up? Of course you would. After all, your heart (like everyone else's) is deceitful above all things, which is just how God created you to be.
The English Translation of the Talmud - July 16, 2006

While several English translations of the Talmud are available in print, they are multi-volume editions costing several hundred dollars and not very available or practical to use. However, they would be available at most any seminary library, Jewish school or synagogue library, mega-church library, or most university libraries. I await a useful computer edition of the Talmud. A searchable internet edition would also be excellent.
A Tale of Two Brothers - July 1, 2006

Isaac loved Rebecca and they married when Isaac was 40 years old (Genesis 24:67, 25:21). Isaac's father Abraham had received a great blessing involving his descendants, a blessing which later expanded to include the whole world. That blessing was given directly from YHWH to Abraham (Genesis chapter 15). Isaac in turn received that blessing through Abraham.
Faith Comes By Hearing - June 18, 2006

The Bible states that faith comes by hearing ... no problem with that, but, how do we then justify all the millions of copies of printed material that is circulated world-wide by so many? It does not say "Faith comes by reading ..."
Is Jesus the Messiah? - June 1, 2006

Many people claim to be Christians. Still others put forth a facade of being spiritual by not quite making it clear what they believe. Simply because someone is involved with biblical or religious matters in their work does not mean they have a spiritual understanding.
Speaking in California & Memory in Luke - May 19, 2006

I have been invited to speak at the Biblical Archaeology Society of Los Angeles (a non-religious organization) in Monrovia, California on Friday, June 2, 2006. This organization holds casual and informal meetings, not academic presentations. Memory is very important to God. It is the means by which we are accountable to Him and how he brings His Word to our mind. One way that Scripture refers to memory is when a person is said to keep something in their heart.
Christ, Messiah and the Gospel - May 1, 2006

The resurrection of Jesus is the proof of His being the Messiah (the Christ) of Jews and Gentiles. This is the Gospel. This is the core message of Christianity.
God's Unconditional Guarantee - April 7, 2006

God has indeed given a guarantee to save every human being unconditionally. That guarantee is so unconditional that there is nothing that you can do ? or possibly could do ? to ever contribute in any way to your own salvation or the salvation of anyone else.
Iran in Focus - April 1, 2006

The nation and people of Iran will have a very "interesting" future ahead of them. Until 1935 the nation was known to English speakers as "Persia," which is the biblical name for the land and people. That land and people will play a major part in God's increasingly visible and direct participation in world affairs.
Temple Evidence on the Radio - March 12, 2006

Several days ago I was interviewed by hostess GeorgeAnn Hughes on the internet radio program The Byte Show (also known as Wee Hours Radio) to speak about Dr. Martin's powerful evidence that the Temples at Jerusalem were above and west of the Gihon Springs and not on the Haram esh-Sharif (where the Dome of the Rock is located). The show went well and I hope all of you will listen to it. Permission has been granted by Ms. Hughes for us to put the 1-hour show on the ASK website. It is located in a new Byte Show section on the "Audio Tapes Index" page.
Changes and the Knowledge Revolution - March 1, 2006

We will participate in changes that are coming to the world. They may occur more slowly than any of us wish, but they are coming ? incessantly and inexorably. In God's view the changes will be good, because they will inform the world about the truth of God, the nature of man, and the nature of reality in God's creation. All this will occur from God's own actions to inform humanity about Himself through His Son Jesus Christ, the Messiah of the Jews and Savior of the world.
Question About Money - February 27, 2006

An inquiry arose about my February 21, 2006 Commentary "More on Rebuilding Babylon," about the description I used to describe the effect of the love of money on people. The question shows a recognition that God uses words in Scripture with great precision.
More on Rebuilding Babylon - February 21, 2006

The future greatness (future to us today) of a rebuilt Babylon is attested often in Scripture. In prophecies that have not yet taken place in history the Bible indicates that Babylon will be rebuilt to a new glory and greatness. This Commentary will discuss some aspects of Babylon's future greatness.
The Hamas Victory and the Elijah to Come - January 31, 2006

The astonishing electoral victory of the radical Palestinian group called Hamas over the rival political party called Fatah was a surprise to everyone around the world, including the two major Palestinian groups themselves. As God continues to move events toward His end-time scenario Israel and the Middle East is increasingly the center of world attention.
Ariel Sharon's Political Death and Other Events - January 16, 2006

The incapacitation of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon continues the change of long-term world leaders that have an impact on events in the Middle East. While individuals are not as important on the world stage as the world press seems to believe, several major players in Middle East international politics have died in the past 15 months.
Man's Lies, God's Wisdom - January 2, 2006

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