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An Important August 2 B.C.E. Conjunction - December 11, 2005

I have a very interesting idea about the Jupiter-Venus conjunction on August 12, 2 B.C.E. This conjunction would have been all the more dramatic in that it would have occurred at the very peak of the biggest meteor shower of the year, the Perseids, which peak every year about August 11?12. No doubt those magi would have noticed that too, and assigned an even greater significance to the conjunction.
ASK Bible Study Resources - December 7, 2005

Where do you start in studying the scriptures? Does ASK have any Bible Study Materials, for private and "small group" study?
The Cradle of the Ekklesia - November 30, 2005

Synagogues were the place where the early ekklesia was born and nurtured. From out of that beginning the ekklesia developed in houses around the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. The Mosaic laws represented the constitution of the Jewish people and every synagogue had an accurate copy of those laws.
Plagues and Prophecy - November 2, 2005

There shall be several threats from many disease vectors, most caused by man, and some, at the end of the age, will be directly caused by God. (A disease vector is the infection pathway by which a disease is transmitted through a population.) Whatever the case, all pestilences are allowed by God to happen.
Recommended Church Groups - October 18, 2005

Is there a church that you know of in this region that would hold similar views? I am currently out of church because of all the rubbish that is mixed in with the vital truth.
The Upper Room - October 12, 2005

I was wondering if you have run across any historical indications as to where in Jerusalem was the upper room where Jesus kept His last Passover? City of David? Tryophean valley (where the poor resided)? or the Upper City (SW hill)?
Jesus Is the Messiah - October 1, 2005

The fact that Jesus is the Messiah of God is generally known and acknowledged by every new believer ? and then is quickly forgotten by most.
Was the Creation ex nihilo - September 24, 2005

"Do you believe that God created all things from nothing? In other words, do you believe in any form of the creatio ex nihilo teaching?
Hurricane Katrina and Other Great Disasters - September 13, 2005

It has been my practice not to comment immediately on various news events. I prefer to allow some time to pass to gain some perspective on initial and follow-up events. Hurricane Katrina was one such major event. I am writing this Commentary 2 weeks after the event so I can have some perspective of time to the hurricane disaster.
Seek God's Grace for Atonement - September 1, 2005

The "September 2005 ASK Newsletter" and article by Dr. Ernest Martin for this September 2005 clarify the nature of Christ's Atonement, and how it does not have (and cannot have) any relation to healing in your present life or anyone's life prior to the resurrection.
The Temple Is Key to Peace - August 29, 2005

A respected and influential Israeli think tank dealing with, as they say, "matters related to Israel's national security as well as Middle East regional and international security affairs," has published a major article in their journal about the importance of Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple Mount in any future settlement or peace in the city or the region.
Civil Wars - August 12, 2005

Recent events have made it clear that serious internal religious conflicts in several Middle Eastern countries could lead to civil wars within those countries. In Palestinian controlled areas there may be a civil war between the elected government and non-aligned, radical, and violent Palestinian groups who refuse to accept the elected governmental authority. At the same time a civil war could break out in Israel over the issue of moving Jewish settlers from the area of Gaza and the West Bank. The reasons for the settlers' resolute hold to their settled lands are largely religious.
August 2005 Newsletter and Article are Online - August 1, 2005

As Dr. Ernest L. Martin relates in this article, thoughts of illness, healing, and death occur to every person with the slightest sign of a sniffle or a pain. Those who live with chronic pain or illness are constantly reminded of their physical limitations as they rightly and properly groan along with God's creation for the revealing of the sons of God.
Shekinah Glory in the Next Temple - July 15, 2005

When the witnesses restore all things in the Temple, will the Shekinah Glory enter into the Holy of Holies for those 3? years? Since the Bible speaks in duality of events, we wondered if the Glory would go back into the Holy of Holies, then depart once again when the witnesses are killed, perhaps with accompanying miracles, like what happened in 70 C.E.?
July 2005 Newsletter and Article - July 1, 2005

Israel was a nomadic family and society that evolved to a pastoral society and later transitioned to an agricultural society. In each stage of its history close observation of the weather was necessary.
Our Greatest Weapon - June 23, 2005

Several years ago I saw an interview of Clancy on C-SPAN cable television network. The moderator asked Mr. Clancy what was the most powerful weapon on the modern battlefield. Clancy answered simply, "the radio." The moderator asked him to clarify, how is it the most powerful weapon? Tom Clancy replied (I'm paraphrasing), "Because you can call down a whole lot of hurt on the enemy if you can radio for help and support."
French and Dutch Rejection of the EU Constitution - June 7, 2005

The rejections to ratify the European Union (hereafter EU) constitution by French voters on May 29th and by Dutch voters on June 1st, 2005 were a severe blow to those prophetic interpreters who mistakenly believe that a united Europe is the beast power spoken of in Daniel and Revelation. In no way is this possible. As Dr. Martin has written, those 10 nations are clearly delineated in Psalm 83 and are nations that surround Israel.
June 2005 Newsletter and Article Are Online - June 1, 2005

Pope John Paul II recently died, and he is presently in hell. However, he is there like all others who have died: your loved ones, my loved ones, the righteous and the unrighteous dead. God remembers them. Of this we can be certain from Scripture.
May 2005 Newsletter and Article on Pentecost - May 1, 2005

The Article this month is titled "The Teachings of Pentecost." While there are significant (and several) teachings associated with Pentecost, it is always important to bear in mind the relative importance and nature of the teaching.
What Does 'Soulish' Mean? - April 27, 2005

I have used this adjective before and I will use it again. I use "soulish" because it is a sound biblical word (2 Timothy 1:13), which when properly used can be easily appreciated..
About Passover - March 31, 2005

The Passover is the first God-ordained festival of the New Year according to the Jewish calendar. While these festivals do provide excellent teaching about God's intent and plan for mankind, they have been fulfilled in Christ. This means that these festivals no longer need to be celebrated. In fact, these festivals cannot be celebrated according to biblical precepts unless there is a Temple. And, that celebration must take place in the environs of Jerusalem.
About Melchizedek - March 14, 2005

Is Melchizidec an order of priests or is Melchizidec one spirit being? Is there more than one Melchizidec? Is Jesus the only Melchizidec or is there (or are there) another (others)? Was the powerful angel that gave the Law to Israel, Melchizidec? When there was a change in the law, was that change given by another Melchizidec, Christ?
Out of the Graves after Christ's Resurrection - March 6, 2005

These people who arose out of the graves were resurrected to physical life (and not with spiritual bodies) ? just like Lazarus. This was another of the spectacular events that the people of Jerusalem witnessed and would have talked about for years. It would have marked this moment in history in the minds of those who live in Jerusalem.
New Prophetic Discoveries - March 1, 2005

It is important that you read the March 2005 Newsletter before proceeding to the Article, "New Prophetic Discoveries Concerning the End-Time." This is because in footnote #1 there is a list of Dr. Martin's articles relating to chronology and prophecy placed in order of their original composition. This will provide you with insight into Dr. Martin's development of thought on prophecy and chronology, and you will learn along with him as he goes deeper and deeper to extract the precise meaning from the biblical text ? and then makes it clear to you.
Fellowship Question - February 23, 2005

ASK does not recommend a Bible study or a church. We are totally nondenominational and nonsectarian. You are completely free to do as you wish in that regard.
Abortion and Miracles - February 1, 2005

Abortion was not practiced much in ancient times, although there were herbal techniques available, to be sure. Mostly, however, unwanted children were simply abandoned to exposure to the elements. Believe it or not miracles can be divisive. They can divide groups of people and they can divide individuals from one another. Seeking after miracles was one of the problems that caused division in the Corinthian church.
Freedom as God's Gift - January 28, 2005

In the past President Bush had been criticized for not having a vision of history and not having a sense of his place in history. No one can read this Second Inaugural Speech and continue to hold that criticism.
Running Water in the Temple of Zion - January 17, 2005

Professor Buchanan's evidence expands on his own excellent research and also gives credit to Dr. Martin's research from The Temples That Jerusalem Forgot. It shows the relationship of running water (living, flowing water) to the Temple, and the major extra-biblical historical sources of that relationship.

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