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Cherubim on Wheels - December 31, 2003

The Bible mentions wheels and chariots. What are these? How to they relate to God, His throne and the Ark of the Covenant?
Saddam Hussein Captured - December 21, 2003

What happens now that Saddam has been captured. Where is the power of Babylon? Is Saddam the personification of Nebuchadnezzar?
Further Support for Dr. Martin's Temple Evidence - December 7, 2003

What do some critics of the temple mount location propounded by Dr. Martin say?
ASK Bookstore Is Online - December 2, 2003

Need study materials or other Biblical related items. Visit our ASK Bookstore.
December Newsletter and Article Now Online - December 1, 2003

While we have the entire New Testament to look through as we examine the prophecies of the Old Testament in their fulfillment in Christ, the apostles did not have that help.
Into the Holes of the Rocks and Caves - November 11, 2003

What do the prophecies state about the leaders of the world in the end time. Will they be hiding? Where and how.
November 2003 Newsletter and Articles Are Up - November 1, 2003

What is special about the Corinthians?
Is the Universe Flat? - October 29, 2003

What do the latest cosmological theories and the Bible have in common? Is science finally catching up with the Bible?
A General Speaks His Mind - October 22, 2003

Lieutenant General William "Jerry" Boykin, United States Army, made some statements regarding Islam and God that have raised questions about his fitness to serve in his current position. One of the statements that he made is that God chooses rulers of countries and that God oversees the fate of nations.
Changes of World Leaders - October 15, 2003

What is ahead on the world leader scene? Who is who, and what will they do?
Is America Babylon? No! - October 4, 2003

A person queries and the ASK reply shows what America is and is not.
Reconcilliation and Forgiveness - September 30, 2003

God has chosen to reveal Himself throughout history only to a small group of people. The rest of humanity only have a vague idea that God is real. That is God's plan. Things will change soon when God reveals His reality to the world. What do you know about reconciliation and forgiveness?
Solomon's Empire - September 21, 2003

The Bible is precise as to the nature of Solomon's empire. It was not an empire of direct rule over foreign nations as is done today. The situation was more like what the Germans did with Vichy France during World War II between 1940 and the summer of 1944. Vichy France ruled a portion of southern France. It was semi-independent. It had its own small army and foreign policy, including its own administration of overseas French colonies. The Germans were the overlords who left administration and governance to the French. Solomon's rule over foreign rulers was even less autocratic, although he was still powerfully in charge. He made alliances with foreign nations for mutual benefit. However, these alliances had conditions, requirements and punishments.
Star of Bethlehem Now Online - September 10, 2003

The chapters of the Star That Astonished the World are now online on the ASK web site. Visit each week for the latest chapters to read.
September Newsletter and Articles Are on the Web - September 1, 2003

The greatest factor in controlling you and your actions in your spiritual life is that of religion. Religion, through unbiblical ritualistic practices and misplaced guilt, is a powerful means of control and rule over your spiritual lives. It is interesting that this control and rule is done primarily by your friends, neighbors, family and your own false conscience, which tell you what to do, when to do and how to do the various rituals and observances in life.
Paul's First Message to the Corinthians - August 22, 2003

The most important information that the apostle Paul first taught to the Corinthians was about Jesus Christ; that He was the Messiah and that He died and was resurrected from the dead. After correcting the Corinthians about various subjects where they were in error as immature Christians, "babes" in fact (1 Corinthians 3:1), Paul returns to the basics of the message he first taught to them.
August Newsletter and Articles Are on the Web - August 1, 2003

You will gain much of what God desires you to know about the message of Romans and Galatians if you read the books themselves either in conjunction with reading the articles or shortly after. Rereading Scripture is always useful and productive.
Paul's Faithful Sayings - July 28, 2003

All of the epistles or letters of Paul to Timothy and Titus, and even the epistle of Philemon, have to do with service and responsibility toward other people, but particularly to other believers. Within these epistles Paul highlighted some points for particular attention.
Callousness of the Heart - July 19, 2003

Two expressions in the King James Version mean virtually the same thing in Greek. This is because the same Greek words are used, one a noun and the other an adjective. The first is "hardness of heart" and the other is "blindness of eyes."
July Newsletter and Article Are Online - July 1, 2003

I am writing this from Israel. I am participating in an archeological dig at Tel Rehov in northern Israel near the Jordanian border, south of the Sea of Galilee for three weeks ending for me on the 4th of July. I will have worked the first 3 weeks of the 6-week dig for the summer of 2003. It will be a sort of personal Independence Day for me. An archeological dig is hard and difficult work, somewhat of a mix between boot camp and summer camp. There is physical labor involved which, though I am capable of doing it, is not easy for me to do at my tender age.
Restitution of All Things, What to Expect - June 21, 2003

Israel was (and is) the example to the world of how mankind reacts to God, both in history and in the near future when God will make known His existence and active presence in world affairs through the restitution of all things (Acts 3:17). This will occur just prior to the punishment of the nations at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
Free Men Into Slaves - June 10, 2003

In today's world "freedom" is very important. Freedom of nations, peoples, families, and in the western world, the freedom of individuals to live their lives as they see fit is one of our cherished ideals. Freedom is such a central principal that it is surprising to learn that God creates circumstances whereby men would be made servants or enslaved by other men.
Hell and Lazarus - June 2, 2003

An eternal hell does not exist. Never did, never will, except in the misunderstanding minds of theologians. These misunderstandings and mistranslations have led to millions living in fear of a fantasy hellfire that was heaped on top of their personal guilt. While guilt for evils and sins committed is often justified ? indeed demanded in many situations ? fear of an eternal hell should not be used or taught to scare people into obedience. The doctrine is not true.
The Roadmap for Peace in the Middle East - May 29, 2003

A proposed solution to the Israeli and Palestinian conflict has been formulated and worked on for many months by various governmental and non-governmental agencies around the world. This document made its public appearance in a release by the United States State Department on April 30, 2003.
Some Present Indicators in Prophecy - May 21, 2003

For some reason I have been asked often in recent weeks the "when" question. "When" would this event happen? "When" would that event happen? "When" would God do this? "When" would God do that? Of course I did not then, and do not now, know specific answers to that question.
New to ASK Website - May 13, 2003

Dr. Ernest L. Martin died in January 2002. The work that he did since 1974 with FBR (Foundation for Biblical Research) and later with ASK is continuing with the publishing many of the older works that are still up-to-date and useful to so many to make plain the Word of God. We are also compiling many of his works into books to be published in the future.
May Newsletter and Article Are Up - May 2, 2003

The Newsletter introducing Dr. Martin's article for May, 2003 discusses from a biblical perspective one way in which God communicates directly to us through the natural realm. This mode of communication has existed since the Flood survived by Noah and his family. It is a way that God speaks to the world and you personally every time you see this message in the skies. God does speak to His creation.
New Video on ASK Website!!! - April 29, 2003

A video produced by ASK in 1987 has been put up on the ASK Website. It is titled, "What You Will Be Like In the Resurrection." It was intended to be the first in a series, but only this and one other were produced. The other tape will be put on the ASK Website next month.
Temple Lecture Success in Dundee, Scotland - April 25, 2003

I had the great honor to give a presentation of Dr. Ernest L. Martin's evidence about the location of the Jerusalem Temples above and west of the Gihon Spring to the "5th International Academic Conference on Islamic Jerusalem 2003" sponsored by the Al-Maktoum Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies in Dundee, Scotland, on April 21st, 2003. My lecture was titled "The Jewish Temples above the Gihon Spring: 1700 Years of Eyewitness Evidence."
Wars and Rumors of Wars, Part 4 - April 9, 2003

Part 4 of this series.
Fenton English Bible - April 8, 2003

This question and answer commentary discusses the Fenton Translation.
Iraq in Prophecy, As War Rages - April 1, 2003

What does the war in Iraq mean?
Satan and the King of Tyre - March 28, 2003

This question and answer commentary discusses the King of Tyre.
Wars and Rumors of Wars, Part 3 - March 24, 2003

David Sielaff comments on the Iraq war explaining the current situation, a new king for Iraq, Monarchs in the world and does God love Saddam?
Partial Quote Questioned - February 18, 2003

Question: "It bothers me to read a partial quote of Romans 8:28, e.g. on page 16 of ?Where is God?' [toward the bottom of the article in the Internet Edition]. Doesn't the rest of the verse have everything to do with the meaning?"
Wars and Rumors of Wars - February 12, 2003

It appears that the world will soon see a time of war, however brief. The sovereign nation of Iraq is about to be invaded from most every direction, primarily by the most powerful nation the world has ever seen, the United States. The United States (with the sanction and tacit agreement of the United Nations) has declared that the rights of sovereignty of Iraq will no longer be observed, that Iraq must disarm all weapons of mass destruction, and barring that disarmament, the present rulers and government of Iraq must change.
Welcome to the Updated ASK Home Page - February 2, 2003

Welcome to the new look for the ASK Homepage. We are so pleased with the new appearance and more efficient presentation. Nothing has been removed!!! It will be easier to navigate so you can get to the information you want and need more quickly and as efficiently as possible. Let me give you some tips on how to navigate this new webpage.
February Newsletter and Article - February 1, 2003

The article "The Secret of Ancient Religion Revealed! (Part 1)" discusses the development of religion for those peoples of ancient times to whom God did not reveal Himself. God was absent from their experience (as far as they knew) and He did not communicate with them in any way. This is the experience of almost every person throughout the world, throughout history. It is so easy to forget that important point because most of you reading this are "chosen" by God to understand your place in the divine schema of history and within God's divine plan. You know you are children of God.
The Power of the United States - January 23, 2003

The United States is the most powerful country in the world. It is the most powerful country that has ever existed. In fact, it has the greatest ratio of power vis-?-vis other countries than ever existed in world history.
The Geneva Bible - January 15, 2003

Question: What do you think of the Geneva Bible? Is it better than the King James Bible? I hear that it had margin notes that King James did not like; hence he banned them from his namesake Bible.
January Newsletter and Article - January 1, 2003

The first article discusses how we should deal with the issues of death and dying ? our own and the deaths of other people. A second short article, also up and running, is "The Death of Death" also from 1979. It puts a cap on how death will cease, what the scope of that cessation will be and what that cessation of death means for mankind.

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