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Increased Knowledge at the Time of the End - December 26, 2002

The apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians chapter 10 that all of the events mentioned in the Holy Scriptures before the time of the Exodus on down through the period of David and Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and through the post-Babylonian period, these things were written under the divine influence of God to help us at the end of the age understand what the truth of prophecy and of doctrine is suppose to be.
The Tithing Dilemma - Chapter 1 - December 8, 2002

Chapter 1 of the book The Tithing Dilemma (we've sold over 100,000 of these small volumes) is now available FREE on the ASK Website.
Griffith Planetarium and Dr. Martin's Star Book - December 3, 2002

The Griffith Observatory and Planetarium in Los Angeles features Dr. Martin's book, The Star that Astonished the World at their reference webpage at: If you have interest in this topic beyond what Dr. Martin has written, or simply enjoy reading other material on the subject, then by all means view this short bibliographic website by this world-famous scientific institution.
December Newsletter and Article - December 1, 2002

This article explains a NEW element in the prophetic/chronological framework that adds a significant dimension to our understanding, and explains why prophetic fulfillments sometime appear to be "delayed.
The Bone Box Ossuary - November 28, 2002

An "Ossuary" is a burial box in which the bones of a dead person are placed for reburial in a location different from the original tomb after one year. It was a common practice in the 1st century C.E. There are no bones in the James Ossuary.
World Bank Ready to Rebuild Iraq - October 26, 2002

Even Before the War Powerful non-governmental organizations are already gathering resources and making plans to "rebuild Iraq" even before the worst fighting has begun. Hopefully a war will be avoided, but it is remarkable that such interest is being shown regarding Iraq. One such organization is the World Bank.
A Name for the Temple of God - September 21, 2002

The Temple of God was called by several names by the Israel after the time of Samuel. One of those names was "The House of the Name" or Beth Shem in Hebrew. This is abundantly shown in many verses of the bible, especially in the books of Kings, Chronicles and Jeremiah.
Video of July 13, ASK Meeting is Up and Running - September 11, 2002

The video of the July 13th Portland meeting of ASK is now available for your viewing. It can be found under the "ASK Videos" section at the center bottom of the ASK Home Page.
September 11 in America: A Perspective - September 9, 2002

Everyone in America and many people around the world will long remember where they were on September 11, 2001 when many of us watched the two World Trade Center buildings being struck by huge fuel-laden jet airliners and later collapse killing more than 2,800 people. Another airliner crashed into the Pentagon, and a fourth airliner crashed during an attempt to recapture the plane from hijackers. All these events remind us that even in America horrific events can occur that catch innocent people, caught up in evil, who die.
New Review of the Temples That Jerusalem Forgot - August 26, 2002

This review of The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot from the August 2002 issue of the MetroLutheran Review was written by the newspaper's editor Michael L. Sherer.
The Recognition of Universal Reconciliation Part 3 - August 20, 2002

Belief in Universal Reconciliation was widespread in the early centuries of the Christian church. While it is impossible to provide statistics as to the extent of the belief, interesting information can be obtained from those writers who discussed the topic in various ways.
The Recognition of Universal Reconciliation Part 2 - August 12, 2002

The truth that a salvation in Christ awaits all was the prime message of Christianity as revealed in the New Testament. But what about the people who followed on after the deaths of the apostles? Did they maintain this fundamental doctrinal belief? The answer is a decided YES. Among several important Christian scholars and theologians over the following four hundred years, universal salvation was publicly advocated and taught.
The Recognition of Universal Reconciliation Part 1 - August 6, 2002

There is a legitimate question that many people ask concerning the reliability of any biblical doctrine?and this especially applies to that concerning a salvation of all humanity to Christ. It is this: If the doctrine is clear in the Bible, did later Christians believe it?particularly those in the first few centuries after Christ?
August Newsletter Online - August 1, 2002

This months August Newsletter and two (2) Articles concern one current news story and one ancient news story.
Seven Churches of Revelation - July 28, 2002

Much confusion exists concerning the seven churches of Revelation. Some say they are typical of the church during the entire Church Age, another that they are seven consecutive stages or eras of God's Church. It is the purpose of this article to examine the Scriptures concerning these seven churches of Revelation and to come to some important conclusions based on the revealed word of God.
Dr. Ernest Martin's Unsolved Wonder - July 23, 2002

Revelation 12 and the Mystery of the "Another Wonder" in the Heavens The key verses to the time of Christ's birth are Revelation 12:1?2.
A.S.K. Holds Meeting - July 17, 2002

A good crowd of 28 amiable and gracious people attended the meeting for ASK on Saturday, July 13, 2002. The crowd was animated and filled the rented room.
The Dangers of External Religious Actions - July 6, 2002

Many people today look for outward signs to identify the true Church and the real people of God. This is one of the most dangerous ways to try to determine who real Christians are. Such a procedure can be a clever way to deceive people into believing that an organization or individuals are righteous.
July Newsletter Ready For You - July 1, 2002

This months July Newsletter and Article show where written history begins ? with the Axial Period that historians have "discovered."
Where Does Satan Live? - June 27, 2002

Satan lives on earth, and the Bible almost gives his precise address. You think I'm kidding? Consider ? Satan has a home on earth just as God does.
Why Practice The Old Covenant in the Millenium? - June 20, 2002

At the beginning of the Millennium a number of things will be brought back into existence ? and required by God. The Holy Days will be brought back in for those in Jerusalem. They will also affect Gentiles living there. The Sabbath will also be brought back in. Animal sacrifices will be performed again at the beginning of the Millennium.
Why Does God Need an Army? - June 13, 2002

A good friend recently asked me this question. Why does God need an army of angels? I thought the question was silly at first, then I began to consider?it was a good question, why does God need an army? Does God need protection? Does Christ? Do they need defenses to protect their life, limb and the heavenly Temple? The answer is simple.
The Decline of the Churches - May 22, 2002

The Roman Catholic Church has undergone exposure in the world's press because of blunders by the heads of the denomination in handling what appears to be a large-scale sexual scandal involving children and male clergy. The scandal is widespread in the United States and appears to be worldwide in scope. Due to the nature of such practices, worse revelations may yet come in the near future.
Recent Events in the Middle East - April 22, 2002

Several events in the Middle East, Israel, Palestine and particularly Jerusalem warrant comment at this time. While making no moral judgments or taking sides, a description of the current situation in the Middle East is in order.
Jeff Rense Interview - April 8, 2002

In the "Audio" section of our ASK Homepage is the recording of three-hour interview that Ernest Martin did on the Jeff Rense Show, originally broadcast live?nationwide?on November 21, 2000.
Husband and Wife Found Guilty - March 22, 2002

A jury found a husband and wife guilty of 2nd degree murder and manslaughter yesterday in a case that has direct antecedents in Old Testament Law. The case involved two 120-pound dogs who attacked and killed a 31 year-old San Francisco woman on January 26, 2001 in the hallway of her apartment building.
A.S.K. Video Presentation - March 21, 2002

I encourage you to go to the "ASK Videos" section below to view the short presentation on the Star of Bethlehem.
Dr. Ernest Martin Dies! - January 16, 2002

Dr. Martin died on January 16, 2002.
Dr. Martin Recovering - January 10, 2002

Dr. Martin has returned home to recuperate. He is to do NO WORK (such as composing at the computer or carting around books for research) for at least ONE WEEK.
Dr. Martin Suffers Heart Attack - January 6, 2002

Dr. Ernest Martin suffered a heart attack in his home.
What is Ahead for 2002? - January 3, 2002

On New Year's day a major change in societal affairs has taken place in the world and you are living to see it. It figures into End-Time affairs. It is really a preparation for the great uniting of nations that is prophesied to occur just before the Second Advent of Christ back to this earth.

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