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Regarding the Year Ahead - 2002 - December 26, 2001

"What major event is prophesied for the New Year of 2002? Will the September 11th tragedy bring in a new aspect in thinking in how we treat other people who are not of our faiths or ethnic groups? Just what is prophesied in the Holy Scriptures?"
The Errors of Christmas - December 24, 2001

"Since your book "The Star that Astonished the World" makes it clear that the real birthday of Christ was on September 11th in 3 B.C., why not start a movement to get the celebration of Christmas changed to this true date? Since it already has a reason to be celebrated in the future by people of the United States and Britain (because of the tragedy of September 11th concerning the destruction of the World Trade Center towers), why not simply change it from a celebration of sorrow (that the tragedy that happened on September 11th would invoke each year as an anniversary) into a joyous one? The anniversary of Christ's nativity as the Son of God into the world would certainly promote joy would it not? If this were done, we could correct the world into celebrating the birth date of Christ on the right day of the solar year and change a sorrowful anniversary into a joyous one?"
The Nativity - December 21, 2001

"Dr. Martin, you make a great deal of fuss in your writings that Jesus was born just after sundown (at the beginning of the Hebrew day) on Rosh Ha-Shanah which was the Jewish New Year's date in 3 B.C. You seem to hit hard against the guess that December 25th could have anything to do with His actual birth (though you point out in your book that the Magi, who were pagan priests, did in fact present their gifts to Christ some 15 months after His birth near that period). You also show that there were some early records that indicate that he was not an infant, but a toddler (and able to walk), when those Magi arrived at the Winter Solstice period. If this is the case, what difference does it make if the Christian today accepts the true September 11th date (on which Rosh Ha-Shanah occurred in 3 B.C.) or delays his celebration until the 25th of December? In a word, what difference does any day make?"
About Christmas Time - December 20, 2001

It is understandable that jolly 'Santa' would wear winter garments for his December 25th escapade because the time is usually cold in the northern hemisphere, but why was the North Pole selected for his home and where he made his gifts for humans by those who originated him?
Water Management in Herod's Temple: An Introduction - September 7, 2001

We are informed from eyewitness accounts that there was within the precincts of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem an inexhaustible spring of water (this was stated by Aristeas in the third century B.C.E. and also by Tacitus in the late first century C.E.). The only spring of water issuing from the ground within a five mile radius of Jerusalem both in ancient and modern times is the Gihon Spring. It is located on the west side of the Kedron Valley underneath the former Ophel ridge. This is where David pitched his special tent to house the Ark of the Covenant, and where the Ark remained until Solomon transported it up the slope to place it in his Temple. It follows that the Temples (that were all located on one site at Jerusalem) were built over and around that Gihon Spring.
President Bush and the Environment - July 25, 2001

Any sensible person wants a clean and healthful place to live within a perfect type of atmospheric and topographical environment here on earth. Just like we want our own homes to be pleasant and fully supportive for our human existence, so we should want (indeed, we should demand) that our earthly abode be in a perfect balance with the natural ambiance that God has given for us to be productive and to be fit human beings.
Word From Europe - July 4, 2001

This is a brief notice to let you viewers know that I am in Europe. I will be meeting with academic officials and doing research at various libraries (of which I have been a member over the years). This is because of some new developments that impinge upon understanding the history and prophecy of Jerusalem and the Middle East.
Welcome to the New Web Site - June 13, 2001

Visit the all new A.S.K. Web site.
Judicial Execution and the Bible - June 11, 2001

The Oklahoma City bomber has paid for his crime against humanity by giving up his own life at the hands of the United States government. Is it allowable in a biblical sense for human governments to exercise capital punishment on those who commit seriously heinous crimes who are charged with killing other people, especially innocent people like those who worked in the Federal Building in Oklahoma City?
Article From - May 27, 2001

Read this interesting article.
A Critique by Dr. Lee Ritmeyer and a Rebuttal by Dr. Ernest Martin - May 13, 2001

No one is better qualified from a professional sense to critique Dr. Martin's research on the location of the Temples in Jerusalem than Dr. Leen Ritmeyer. Not only did he work closely with Professor Benjamin Mazar and was the official architect of the archaeological excavation at Jerusalem from 1973 until its closure, but he is now considered by most scholars in the world as the chief authority on the location of the Temple Mount. He teaches in the archaeology department of the University of Leeds in England and is a highly respected lecturer on Temple Mount studies in some of the most prestigious academic institutions and organizations.
The Case For a Thursday Crucifixion - May 1, 2001

Was Christ crucified on a Wednesday? Thursday? or Friday? Read this article for some practical arguments...
Should Christians Celebrate Easter? - April 12, 2001

Where do all the various Easter traditions come from? Would Jesus observe Easter as practiced today by millions of Christians...
Major Academic Journal Publishes Temple Research - April 3, 2001

The research on the true location of the Temples in Jerusalem is now (as of April 2, 2001) published in a scholarly publication that deals with professional and technical matters involving the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. It is intended to go to academic circles throughout the world who wish to keep up with the latest developments in biblical studies.
Earthquake - March 3, 2001

During the last week of February I was in San Diego, California with David Sielaff (my compositional editor) who has been typesetting the final edits that I have made to the new Second Edition of my book "The Essentials of New Testament Doctrine." I plan to publish this edition with a new page style and with different fonts in late Spring. I took the train back from Los Angeles.
Dr. Martin Returns from Jerusalem - February 13, 2001

Dr. Martin just returned from a very successful trip to Jerusalem. He was in contact with Dr. Naim Ateek, who is director of 'Sabeel' (the Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem). Dr. Ateek is very busy at this time arranging for many people from around the world who will be assembling in Jerusalem from February 21 to the 24th for a meeting that will enhance the well-being of Christians in Palestine, Israel and in the City of Jerusalem.

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