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First Corinthians Chapter 15 - February 14, 2021

The apostle Paul preached and taught foundation the Gospel to the ekklesia at Corinth, which is summarized in First Corinthians chapter 15. The entire chapter is about various aspects of ?esurrection,?including yours.
Why China Fears Christians - February 1, 2021

China must persecute Christians within its borders if it hopes to survive as a Communist regime. Pray that God protects the ekklesias and people of China from such persecution. This Commentary is an introduction to this month? expanded article, "China in Prophecy." I also add background on the history of Christianity in China.
Our Citizenship - January 15, 2021

When political events, local, national, or worldwide, do not go as we might wish, we believers as God's "little children" must learn to trust His decisions. "Our Citizenship" is in heaven. Read and remind yourself of this fact.
Not Divine, Not Yet - January 1, 2021

"When the Eons Began" is the January 2021 article. Besides showing in Scripture when the eons began, the purpose of the eons in God's plan for mankind is also discussed. God is not trying to pick up the pieces of sinful creation trying to save some, He is following His original will and purpose that He and Christ designed from "before" the beginning of creation.

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