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In 1996 Dr. Ernest L. Martin published the second edition of his book, Secrets of Golgotha: the Lost History of Jesus' Crucifixion presented here free in PDF format.

In 1997 Dr. Martin began publishing his research on the true location of the Jerusalem Temples.

In 2000 he published his book The Temples That Jerusalem Forgot. It presents powerful evidence that all the Israelite Temples were located south of the traditional temple mount site at the Haram esh-Sharif.

After Temples was published, Dr. Martin and other researchers produced articles giving additional evidence supporting his work. That research is found on the "Temple Update Articles Index" page of this website.

Due to his Temple research, the understanding in Secret of Golgotha about the site of the crucifixion and Jesus' tomb should be shifted further south on the Mount of Olives, directly east of the Gihon Spring across the Kidron Valley. The Temple was located above the Gihon at the top of the hill in the City of David.

Dr. Martin's research on the correct site of Golgotha and the Temple have profound implications for biblical understanding of doctrine, history, symbolism, and prophecy.

David Sielaff, Director, Associates for Scriptural Knowledge

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Table of Contents and Foreward

Chapter 1: The Geographical Key to Jesus' Crucifixion

Chapter 2: The Camp of Israel

Chapter 3:The Importance of the Red Heifer Sacrifice

Chapter 4: The Astronomical Importance of the Camp

Chapter 5: The Jewish Place of Execution in Jerusalem

Chapter 6: The Place of Roman Execution

Chapter 7: Tearing of the Temple Curtain

Chapter 8: A Significant Geographical Indication

Chapter 9: Where and What was Golgotha

Chapter 10: Historical Records and the Mount of Olives

Chapter 11: Where Was the Sanhedrin Located?

Chapter 12: The Sanhedrin and the Mount of Olives

Chapter 13: Abraham, Isaac and the Mount of Olives

Chapter 14: Christian Beliefs and the Mount of Olives

Chapter 15: The New Mount Zion for Christians

Chapter 16: Visions, Dreams and Signs

Chapter 17: The Counterfeit Golgotha

Chapter 18: Accepting the Site of the Temple of Venus

Chapter 19: Why the Temple of Venus?

Chapter 20: Burial Grounds in Jerusalem

Chapter 21: The Manner of Jesus' Crucifixion

Chapter 22: The Surprising Cause of Jesus' Death

Chapter 23: The Real Jesus of the Bible

Chapter 24: The New Jesus of the Fourth Century

Chapter 25: The Year of Jesus' Crucifixion

Chapter 26: Temple Rituals and the Crucifixion

Chapter 27: The Spiritual Significance of Golgotha

Chapter 28: What Difference Does it Make?

Chapter 29: Epilogue

Addendum 1: The Year of Jesus' Death

Addendum 2: Jesus and Modern Judaism

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