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Synagogues and Ekklesias - April 2021   ** UPDATED **

The emergence of the ekklesia in the the world is an important subject for all people who love the Bible and Christianity. I am talking about the origin of the ekklesia as a place of assembly, not the ekklesia which represents Christ's body, which is one phase of the ekklesia as you all know. I am not talking about a "church" building. I am talking about the ekklesia as a place of assembly.

When The Eons Began - January 2021

Time began when the eons were "made" by the Son of God. What are eons? Eons are periods of time of varying lengths, but usually an eon is a long period of time. The instant the eons began, were made, or were created, the "clock" began ticking for God's plan regarding mankind. You WERE included in God's plan of the eons before Adam was created. You ARE living within that plan at this moment. You WILL be present at the end of the eons when God's plan is complete.

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