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Expanded Internet Edition - December 21, 1999 

The Greatest Revolution
in Human History

by Ernest L. Martin, Ph.D.

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Organized religion, whether based on Christian principles and/or Jewish concepts, has been a dismal failure in making the world a peaceful and prosperous place over the past 1600 years (and since Islam started 1300 years ago, we can include organized Islam in the same category, along with organized Buddhism and organized Hinduism, and organized "whatever religions are left"). In fact, as history abundantly attests, religious beliefs in the hands of human beings and the wish to sustain them or to enhance them, have been the cause of some of the most disastrous wars imaginable. All people know this. Something is wrong somewhere. It seems that "religion" (no matter in what form it is found) has been a very dangerous thing when mankind gets his hands on it, and this is especially so if religion becomes organized.

There are moments when the ideal that we all expect and desire for a happy religious scene is actually accomplished. All of us have experienced seeing a small country church nestled in the valley with a cute steeple on top and pasture lands surrounding it. We usually conceive of such a sight as being one of the most tranquil of views. Observing things like this seems to give religion a necessary place in our hearts and it makes the sustaining of our religious customs seem appropriate. In such circumstances, religion can become meaningful to mankind. But if that small church is then reckoned by us to be a part of a greater organization with its headquarters in the big city or in the capital of a nation, its theme of tranquility is jaundiced by the reality of the actual world in which we live. If we group that "church in the dale" with organized religion, its supposed innocence does not resemble or represent the real world at all. In fact, that pastoral scene is usually recognized by us as only a pleasant illusion that most of us desire to observe for the momentary peace and security that the landscape promotes. We then leave the scene and get back to normal living, which is very different than the impressions we wish to experience in our times of nostalgia.

Let’s face it. The simple fact is, organized religion has not produced the "Kingdom of God" on earth that some preachers and priests have promised. This is because that government is prophesied to occur in the Holy Scriptures when Christ Jesus comes back in his messianic role to rule the earth in peace and prosperity. The main reason for its failure in our period of governance is because of the reluctance of organized religion to put into practice the essential ingredients that will produce appropriate results. Often we hear being taught from the pulpits wonderful platitudes and aesthetic teachings of love, joy and peace among peoples, but in practice the world still continues with its same philosophy of life that our forefathers taught us. We often say one thing, but mean another. This, however, is the very attitude prophesied to change in the generation before the Second Advent of Christ Jesus back to this earth.

Let us now look at the topic at hand: "Coming – The Greatest Revolution in Human History." To be blunt, even mankind will soon get tired of the premises that have governed our philosophical and religious concepts over the past centuries. Mankind will soon begin to say that something is wrong somewhere. What can be done to bring our societies into even better civilizations that have substance to them in regard to proper religious beliefs? – beliefs that can be used to profit and to prosper mankind with spiritual as well as material and economic advantages? The answers to that question will soon become evident. This is when God begins to fulfill a prophecy that He gave the world in the final words of the Prophet Malachi. This prophet of the Old Testament is the latest of the prophets before the coming of John the Baptist in the time of Jesus. His book is the last book of the Prophets’ Division (Division Two – see my book "Restoring the Original Bible for information to show this). In the King James Version (and in most Bibles that have the erroneous Egyptian order of the Old and New Testament books perpetuated by Jerome) the Book of Malachi appears last of all the Old Testament books. The former order (that will be given in the new Original Bible Project Bible soon to be made available to the world) is vastly superior in order to obtain the correct nuances of teachings that are afforded by the contexts of the biblical books. But whatever way one reads the prophecy (that I will soon relate), the message has a "closing theme" to it. It is like God telling all the readers of the Prophets’ Division that of all the various teachings found in the Prophets, make sure you pay attention to these final words. They are:

"Remember ye the law of Moses my servant which I commanded to him in Horeb [Mount Sinai] for all Israel, with the statues and judgments. Behold, I send you Elijah the Prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful Day of the Lord:

And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, Lest I come and smite the earth with a curse."

There are three main points in this "closing theme" prophecy that are essential for us to know today. The first factor concerns only the people of Israel. It says that they will return to believing, teaching and observing the Law of Moses. Believe it or not, Judaism today is NOT based upon the teachings of Moses (except in the external dressings of Sabbath-keeping, kosher laws, and traditional laws of separation from the Gentiles). I will show in my new book on the proper location of the Temples in Jerusalem that one of the main and essential reasons why the Jewish people lost the knowledge of where their Temples once were located is because they accepted what is called "The 13 Principles of Judaism" as advocated by the twelfth century Jewish teacher named Maimonides. His philosophical beliefs and what he taught clandestinely were the very opposite of what Moses and the Prophets believed. Indeed, Maimonides even abandoned some of the essential teachings of the Talmudic Sages that were based solidly on scriptural teachings (doctrines that had governed the Jewish people over the centuries). Maimonides switched those Jewish beliefs for Greek philosophical doctrines that mainly came from Aristotle. Top Jewish scholars know this to be true and there are abundant Jewish scholarly reports that attest to this fact. Maimonides deliberately tried to mislead people in what he taught them, and he readily admitted the virtue of his method in teaching what he called the "common folk" among the Jewish populace. He sought to deceive them.

Maimonides by his own admission and practice was a thorough-going and "card-carrying" (as we would say today) Hellenist who insisted that the Jewish nation give up the simple and plain teachings of Moses on several important Old Testament doctrines and to adopt in their place the "Greek philosophical way" (notably the concepts of Aristotle). The word "Hellenist" came to mean anyone who adopted the pagan teachings of the Greeks and Romans. Maimonides dogmatically put Aristotle before the plain teachings of Moses and the Scriptures. Many in Judaism at that time objected at Maimonides’ concepts, but within 200 years that followed, many of the Jewish Rabbis began to heed the teachings of Maimonides. They left the simple doctrines of Moses almost wholesale in order to accept and perpetuate a philosophic and inward religious motif based on Greek philosophy. Again, this change did not involve the externals of the Mosaic religion that made the society to appear Jewish. Maimonides still expected all Jews to keep the external and ritualistic laws of Moses.

Let me give an example of what I mean. In all places of the Holy Scriptures (and also among the Jewish Sages of the Talmudic period) God is defined in anthropomorphic terms. That is, He is consistently described as being like humans in appearance. In the first chapter of Genesis, we find that human beings are made in the likeness and image of God. And this teaching dominates in all pages of the Holy Scriptures. The New Testament advocates the same thing. God is reckoned to look just like Jesus Christ (expressly so – Hebrews 1:3) and Christ Jesus is even described in his glorified condition at the present to be an anthropos (a man) (see I Timothy 2:4-6). When this image of Deity is observed by man, the Scriptures show that God looks like all humans. This is the scriptural teaching. Indeed, the design of the Holy Temple at Jerusalem showed the anthropomorphic appearance of God.

Maimonides, however, found this belief to be very distasteful and unsatisfactory to him. It was not the manner in which many of the philosophers of his time (twelfth century) viewed the Creator. In order to alter this long held belief by early Jewish teachers (including all the writers of the Holy Scriptures), Maimonides dogmatically stated in his "Third Principle of the Jewish Faith" the statement that "God has no body." There was an uproar among Jewish scholars at the time over his assertion (among other doctrines that Maimonides taught), but within 200 years most within the Judaism accepted this teaching of Maimonides. What Maimonides did was to allegorize every statement in the Scriptures or written by the Talmudic Sages that suggested that God had body parts like a human. The symbolism of the Temple, however, gave Maimonides some major criticisms of his personal belief that God did not have a body like humans (or, that God any body at all).

In my book on the Temple, I will show that it was the actions of Maimonides over his dislike of the Temple features (because it promoted anthropomorphic descriptions of God) that helped in making the Jewish people forget even where their former Temples were located in Jerusalem. The Mosaic and biblical Temple design and rules and regulations were totally anthropomorphic in their outward appearance and this was anathema to Maimonides in his heart of hearts. As a matter of fact, in his own ideal Temple that he recorded in his book "Guide of the Perplexed," Maimonides had Aristotle and his teachings positioned solidly within the Holy of Holies (along with Moses, whom he taught believed like Aristotle), while the ordinary Jewish people with their Rabbis still teaching Moses and the Holy Scriptures in the biblical sense were left out of his Holy of Holies.

To Maimonides, those Jews who continued to teach the externals of keeping the Law of Moses and stating that those teachings were the actual ones meant by Moses were those who would be groping on the outside of his inner Temple (Book III, chapters 45 and especially 51). That’s right, Maimonides would not let even ordinary Jews who believed Moses and the Prophets literally into the interior part (inner sanctum) of his new Temple. That part was reserved only for "philosophers" among whom he considered to be Moses and the Prophets and any other "philosopher" no matter of what race. But Maimonides was particular in his designation of who was a "philosopher," Maimonides even had his own criterion of who was a "human" and who was not "human." As for certain Gentile peoples, Maimonides taught explicitly that the extreme northern Turks and the extreme southern peoples near the equator were to him non-humans and they could never find a place in his "Temple" (Guide of the Perplexed, Book III, chapter 51, paragraph 3). Such people (whom he considered just above the apes in mentality) could not even come into the city of Maimonides, let alone into his "holy house for the king." This was a prime belief of Maimonides. We can call it "medieval" and "backward" if we wish (and, of course, the evaluation is true), but that does not absolve Maimonides and the philosophical principles that governed him from teaching and believing his highly erroneous doctrines and anti-biblical concepts.

What a contrast this racial concept of Maimonides is to God’s own word in the Book of Isaiah. Isaiah stated that even the ones prohibited from entering the Mosaic Tabernacle or the Solomonic Temple (such as eunuchs and all foreigners of any people) will have a part within the very Temple of the Barren Women that will be a Temple erected in the time of the Kingdom of God (see all of Isaiah 53, 54, 55 and particularly 56:4-7). And in the New Testament, the very first Gentile to be offered the message of salvation (even before the "noble Romans") was the "Ethiopian Eunuch" (Acts 8:26-39). The position of the story about the Ethiopian Eunuch within the New Testament canon is of high significance in the account of God’s redemption for the human race. Indeed, God has the ability to place the so-called "last" to be "first." In the teaching of the apostle Paul (called "the Mystery") which represents the final teaching of the New Testament writers, there is no such thing as a "superior human race" or an "inferior human race." God has a divine purpose for the welfare of everyone on earth – and that includes not only all races, but each individual has a special and particular purpose. See my book "The Essentials of New Testament Doctrine" for the full account of what God has designed for all of us as explained in the real teachings of the Holy Scriptures. It is glorious indeed! But Maimonides rejected these truths of God outright. Indeed, the only reason that Maimonides even placed Moses in "his Holy of Holies" is because he believed that Moses actually believed like Aristotle did.

The truth is Maimonides’ book "Guide of the Perplexed" is pure heresy to all the principles of the early Jewish faith of those who lived during Temple times and in the period of the Talmuds as well as those who wrote the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. Quite a number of Jewish scholars who have studied it admit this is a true appraisal. The "Guide" is an attempt to make Hellenism (in its philosophic sense) the official doctrine of Judaism. But the teaching is heathen to the core. What Antiochus Epiphanes and the emperor Hadrian tried to do with their armed forces to coerce the Jewish people to accept the normal teachings of Hellenism (that is, force them to accept Hellenism alongside their Judaism as the proper ecumenical philosophical and religious standard), Maimonides who retained his status as a Jew accomplished in his time (and for 200 years afterward) what Antiochus and Hadrian set out to do. Maimonides did his work of destroying the true teachings of the Tanak (the Holy Scriptures) as a Jew who openly taught "orthodoxy" to the Jewish masses and without firing a shot of antagonism against his people.

Maimonides did his work of destruction by staying within the fold of Judaism. He did it by teaching "double doctrine" to get his Hellenism accepted. And just as Antiochus Epiphanes and Hadrian with their armies tried to get rid of the Temples, Maimonides also did in fact get rid of the Temple (and he hid it from Jewish view until modern times) by his "double doctrine" form of teaching. He did not want any building in the midst of Jewish society that demanded (as the Temple does) the anthropomorphic concept that God has a literal body. Maimonides went to extremes to get rid of that Scriptural doctrine. As a theologian, it took me only one reading of "Guide of the Perplexed" to see clearly that it was a "Guide" that Maimonides deliberately intended to lead the Jewish nation into abject paganism in their philosophical beliefs. Any of you who are students of the Holy Scriptures (and who believe the Bible) would easily observe its utter heretical teaching in the plainest of ways. But that is not all.

Maimonides also admitted that what he told the common people of the Jews and the Gentiles was only external teaching to the ignorant masses of the Jews, but that he actually believed quite a different way that those who were expert in philosophy would understand. He taught what is called "double doctrine" (or, "double truth"). I will have more to say on this type of teaching in next month’s Prophetic Report. It is an abominable doctrine, but most people who called themselves "philosophers" in the past and in the time of Maimonides practiced it in a widespread manner. At least to his credit, Maimonides openly wrote that he was consistently using the "double doctrine" (or, "double truth") scheme of teaching the common Jewish folk. This type of teaching justified Maimonides to teach an outward form of doctrine that resembled the biblical teachings of Moses and Prophets, but inwardly this "double doctrine" principle allowed him to teach the beliefs of the Greek Philosophers, mainly Aristotle.

What did Maimonides believe about God? He firmly believed that God had "no body." Maimonides made the statement that the only thing that anyone could learned about God was "what He was not." To Maimonides it was not possible to say anything positive about God. He believed that no one could ever show "what God was." He believed that man could only demonstrate "what God was not." This was Maimonides’ fundamental belief. In simple terms that anyone versed in the Holy Scriptures can see is that Maimonides in emphasizing "what God was not," was taking the approach that the word "not" should always prevail in teaching things about God. And when the word "not" is associated with "God" you obtain "not-God" (or, plainly, "a" = "not" + "theos" = "God" or (the final teaching is there is "no god"). In simple terms, all philosophers in the view of Maimonides had to be atheists or they could not be considered proper philosophers. That is precisely what Maimonides believed as his own words demonstrate. He believed that God was nothing, or that "nothing was God," or, simply and plainly, "there was no God." By the way, this was not ordinary Jewish belief, but it was the firm belief of Maimonides and I will show this more in my book. I will also show that Maimonides had a direct hand in hiding the Temple from the Jewish people and the world.

This departure of Maimonides from the truths of the Holy Scriptures was exacerbated in the sixteenth century when the nation itself went over to a belief in the philosophies of a man named Isaac Luria. He was the person who established what is called Lurianic Kabbala (a form of Gnosticism) that led people into doctrines that were as foreign to Moses as anyone could get. He even went further astray in the simple truths of the Torah and the Prophets than Maimonides (at least, Maimonides honestly admitted he was teaching "double doctrine," but Luria did not). Luria taught the doctrine of the Transmigration of Souls (very similar as the Hindus do today) and that it was normal for the people who lived in one generation to appear after their deaths as other persons in the next generation. In other words, Luria believed and taught Reincarnation (Metempsychosis). He was born in Jerusalem in A.D. 1534. Through much meditation (that he learned in Egypt), he finally moved to Safed in Galilee and won over most of the Jewish Kabbalists who lived there. Luria established his own unique version of the Kabbala. Through his teaching of Transmigration of Souls, he inherited the "soul" of Adam, along with some others (who came into Luria’s body to inhabit it through reincarnation while Luria lived on earth). Several "souls" came into Luria’s body: Abraham, Moses, David, Elijah and Luria even had the "soul" of the Messiah.

Luria won over most of the influential Rabbis at the time, and for the next 200 years (until the Jewish enlightenment of the 1700’s), Lurianic Kabbala reigned supreme in most Jewish circles. The Encyclopaedia Judaica stated that it wasn’t so much that Judaism of the time was influenced by Lurianic Kabbala, the fact is: Judaism WAS Kabbala for the 200 years after the time of Luria (see article "Judaism"). Of course, such is not the case today because Jewish scholars and intellectuals have learned to place such beliefs into a category of "dark age mentality" that most religious groups have gone through at one time or another, and many stay clear of such overt teachings today. Yes, but the philosophy behind the concepts of Maimonides and Luria are often resident in Jewish people as the "dark age mentality" of many Christian and Muslim religious beliefs still are resident in Christians and Muslims today. Look at some of the teachings of Rabbi Isaac Luria.

Since the Christians had adopted a belief in the Trinity that God could be expressed as a singular "God in three forms," Luria went even further. He used the same principle of interpretation of the early Christians, but he devised "ten different manifestations of God" (that he called Sefirot) that were supposed to represent "one" God. Luria’s top and foremost manifestation of his "Godhead" was a "Non-being" never known by Moses or the Prophets, or those Sages of the Talmuds. But, in this regard, Luria followed in the footsteps of Maimonides even further in his acceptance of the principles of Aristotle. He called his final manifestation of the Deity as Ein Sof which means in Hebrew "No End" (or, simply, "the End is Nothing" or "Nothing is the End") which is another way of saying in a philosophical sense "there is NO definable God" (or, all that there is in the Universe is NOTHING – or a "God" in exile and in hiding). This was another way of teaching atheism.

The ordinary Jewish people at the time, however, had no idea that this was the outcome of Luria’s teachings. By the way, Luria was the first person in Jewish history (450 years ago) who pointed out the present "Western Wall" (the "Wailing Wall") as the place to assemble for the Jewish people and where they ought to worship God. No Jewish person had ever gone to the "Wailing Wall" (as we call it today) until Luria told one man (whom he said was Jeremiah the Prophet returned to earth reincarnated into the person’s body) should go to the then new Muslim site (that the Muslims had just inherited from the Christians) and to pray. I have evidence from top Jewish scholars who know this to be true, and they have documented the evidence that no Jewish person before this time went to this "Wailing Wall." That spot where Luria told the Rabbi to go was the modern "Wailing Wall." Luria told the man that if he would see the Shekinah there, he would live 22 more years. Lo and behold, the Rabbi (whom I will identify in my new book on the Temple) claimed he saw the Shekinah dressed in dark clothing. As a result, the Rabbi lived exactly 22 more years. From that time forward, Jews in Jerusalem began to flock to that Muslim place of worship, and they soon turned it into what is now called the "Wailing Wall."

The fact is, the geography of the "Wailing Wall" fits the teachings of Luria to a tee. Beyond that wall (eastward) was "nothing" (no buildings or shrines) and it provided support to his Kabbalistic teaching of the Ein Sof as being in Exile and in a state of "Nothingness," and that God’s "end" would terminate in "nothing." In other words, Luria’s God for the Jewish people was a "Nothingness" (a truly exiled and unknowable "God"). It is no wonder that Luria's "God" could not be seen. To Luria and those who followed him for the next 200 years, there was "NO discernable God" in the final degree of his non-thesitic understanding of the divine epiphany. Plainly, if a person reasoned the Lurianic philosophical beliefs to a proper conclusion, the person encounters "NO God." He finds only "empty space." The "empty space" east of the Western Wall was ideal in Luria’s mind to emphasize the "Ein Sof" (Nothingness) of the Deity. What is interesting is the fact that before the time of Luria, no Jewish person ever went to the present "Wailing Wall" to pray. Luria was the first person to lead the Jewish people to that Western Wall. He was as wrong as he could be in what he chose in his day. But the Jewish people at the time were so impressed with Luria, that they gave him a status that equaled that of Moses (or even greater). The Jewish authorities at his time took to his beliefs almost hook, line and sinker.

As a result, they lost the former locations of their holy Temples. Even the Jewish people who became a part of the modern enlightenment failed to recognize the errors of Luria in pointing out the "Wailing Wall" as the western wall of Herod’s Temple. The truth is, Luria was historically and geographically daft (even though he supposedly had the "souls" of numerous righteous saints of old inhabiting him who were quite knowledgeable in their lifetimes where the Temples were in Jerusalem). As an example, Luria pointed out the wrong western wall for the Jews to pray. He called it the "Western Wall" of early Jewish tradition. But Luria was wrong. He selected the western wall of Fort Antonia (the most despised building by the Jews in the time of the Second Temple). I also show in my book two other areas in Jerusalem that Luria selected by his supernatural knowledge that were also wrong as he could get (and modern scholars recognize it). I have the personal feeling that God let him select the wrong spot for a reason. The Jewish people who are now a part of the enlightenment, will be shocked when they discover what the "Wailing Wall" selected by Luria actually signifies. I will have the full information of this matter in my new book.

Simply put, the Jewish people have been misled by their elders – notably Maimonides and Luria. True, in both the twelfth and sixteenth centuries the Jewish people kept the outward teachings of Moses regarding what to eat and what not to eat, and the keeping of holy days, etc., but in the inward or spiritual teachings of Moses in a philosophical and religious sense, they abandoned Moses. They also gave up in a fundamental and philosophical sense what the early Jewish Sages from the time of the destruction of the Temple and through the period of the Talmuds taught. And though there are some groups today within Judaism that are endeavoring to return to the purity of the Mosaic teachings (and wanting to abandon Maimonides and Luria), the full return is still on the horizon. This is what Malachi is talking about.

Malachi prophesied that in the last generation before the Day of the Lord arrives, the people of Israel will return to the pristine teachings of Moses. They will see the error of their ways that led them astray under Maimonides and the anti-Mosaic teachings found within the Lurianic Kabbala taught by Rabbi Isaac Luria. By accepting such foreign and non-biblical teachings, the Jewish people lost the knowledge of where their former Temples were located in Jerusalem. I will explain these important and interesting matters in my new book ("The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot") that is now finished and is in the hands of a professional editor for its soon publication. You will be amazed at just how far from Moses their philosophical and Gnostic teachings became beginning with the twelfth and sixteenth centuries until a type of enlightenment began to re-emerge about two centuries ago. The prophesied "enlightenment," though, is yet to occur. It is just around the corner. That brings us to the second point.

The second main point of the prophecy of Malachi I have already mentioned briefly, but now it needs to be emphasized. This return to the pristine teachings of Moses by the Jewish people (and further recorded in Zechariah 12:10 through 13:6) will occur just before the Day of the Lord. That is, in the generation before the Day of the Lord and its traumatic events mentioned in the Book of Revelation and in Isaiah 34, a person will come among the Jewish people who will have the spirit of Elijah upon him to turn the people back to YHVH (instead of them relying on the wrong Gentile philosophies perpetuated by Maimonides and the pagan and anti-Mosaic Gnostic teachings of Luria). Since Elijah had all the outward credentials of being a priest (that is, he was able to build proper altars and to attend to sacrifices, etc.), and we know that John the Baptist (who also came in the spirit of Elijah) was a priest, then the Elijah to come that Malachi is speaking about must be a priest from the family of Aaron. That qualification alone limits dramatically the number of persons who could fulfill this role.

For example, ninety per cent of all persons who have claimed the role of the Elijah who is to come (or of other people have said some person must have been the "Elijah") have not been Aaronic priests and that disqualified them instantly. Take for example, myself, Ernest L. Martin. I am a pure Gentile of about half Irish and the other half German/French (and after six o’clock I may have a little "Scotch" in me), but there is one thing I do not have from a racial point of view. I am not in any way from Aaron. Even most Jewish people are not from Aaron. However, I know some who are. Some of my best friends are from Aaron (but I am not sure they would want the role of being the Elijah to come).

So, the second point is that a person of priestly ancestry will soon arrive before the Second Advent of Christ who will lead the Jewish people back to the pristine teachings of Moses (plus the teachings of Christ Jesus whom Moses said was prophesied was to come). The Jewish authorities will abandon Maimonides and Luria. But there is prophesied to arise a False Prophet (a False Elijah) and the Beast (the AntiChrist) spoken of in Revelation 13. The two "Elijahs" (the good and the bad) will be contemporaneous to one another. These events are destined to occur in the not too distant future. We should now begin to watch for the beginning signs for them to emerge.

The third main point that this Elijah will teach the Jewish people is most significant, but it is a point that has not been clear to many people in understanding its interpretation. Yet the meaning is quite plain. The third point relates that the true "Elijah" will "turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers." Note the first action. It is that of turning the heart of the children. They will at first turn their hearts and desires (in the context of accepting once again the original teachings of Moses being promoted by this modern Elijah). Their hearts will return to their ancient fathers. Since their present "fathers" need themselves to be changed, the prophecy could not refer to them. It means to the earlier "fathers" who once accepted Moses in the first place (before the erroneous Maimonidean and Lurianic philosophic and Gnostic teachings took over control of medieval Judaism in the twelfth and sixteen centuries). And when the modern children begin to teach these ancient truths of the true Holy Scriptures, the modern "fathers" will also begin to embrace once again the ancient truths of Moses (and the prophecy in Zechariah 12 says they will accept the teachings of their Messiah, Christ Jesus). It means that the Jewish people will begin to mistrust (and even turn against) what they have been taught for the past 400 to 800 years by those who followed Maimonides and Isaac Luria. The Jewish people will begin to read again the secular and biblical documents of the past. They will discover that they, and the whole of the world, have gone astray in a large way from what the Holy Scriptures actually teach. This is the very thing that I have been teaching for the past twenty-five years. Anyone can see this by reading Zechariah 12:10 onward.

Jeremiah the prophet also warned Israel of walking in the ways of their evil fathers and not in the written words of God that were given to Moses and the Prophets. We read:

"Because your fathers have forsaken me, saith the Lord, and have walked after other gods, and have served them, and have worshipped them, and have forsaken me, and have not kept my law; and ye have done worse than your fathers; for, behold, ye walk every one after the imagination [stubbornness] of his evil heart, that they may not hearken unto me."

But then Jeremiah prophesied three verses later (verse 15) that God would finally bring Israel back into their own land:

"I will bring them again into their own land that I gave to their fathers."

And after a time of affliction upon them from God, Jeremiah then says:

"Behold, I will this once [on one occasion] cause them to know [cause them to understand], I will cause them to know [recognize and accept] mine hand and my might [God’s great power], and they shall know that my name is, ‘The Lord.’"

And, in the same context, Jeremiah said that even the Gentile nations will then observe how God reacts with His people Israel at that time. Jeremiah stated:

"The Gentiles [the nations of the world] shall come unto thee [unto Israel] from the ends of the earth, and shall say, surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit"

So, not only will the Jewish people soon begin to refuse to sustain the false teachings of their philosophical fathers [Maimonides and Luria] and return to the teachings of their ancient fathers [Moses, the Prophets and also to the Jewish authorities who gave the New Testament]. Along with this, the Gentiles from all over the earth will also begin to look at their fathers and they will also recognize that "our [Gentile] fathers have inherited lies" (Jeremiah 16:19).

This means that all peoples of the world (starting with the Jews, and then reaching out to embrace all the Gentiles peoples on earth – and that includes everyone in the United States, Britain, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, Africa, South America and all islands of the oceans) will be caught up in this final Elijah message that God gives specifically to the Jewish people. The chief teaching from this man called Elijah (who will arrive on the scene just before the Day of the Lord) will be to "turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to the fathers" (Malachi 4:4-6). He will be successful. Even the Gentiles will see it, and also turn from the erroneous ways of their fathers.

This is the one prophetic event that ushers in the preliminary period of reconciliation and ushers in a time of abundance and prosperity for all people on earth just before the Lord’s Day (mentioned in the Book of Revelation and elsewhere in the Holy Scriptures). This "changing" of attitudes by the Jewish people as well as other nationalities around the world (embracing those to the ends of the earth) will result in a reformation of the minds of people throughout the entirety of the earth. This is not a local or Jewish event alone. It will be the "The Greatest Revolution in Human History" up to the present. Get ready for it, because the teachings of the Holy Scriptures show us that the beginning of that Revolution is just over the horizon. The minor events of Y2K (that are causing some well-meaning but untrained Christians and others to fear and tremble) are nothing compared to the great awakening of biblical and spiritual truths that are soon destined to sweep this earth. It is time to forget the nonsense we have inherited from our forefathers (and modern prophetic interpreters who have their heads in the sand) and get ready for what will really happen according to the Word of God. You and I will be a part of it. Get ready for some exciting times.

Next month in my Prophetic Report titled: "The Seven Hills of Jerusalem," I will show brand new information about the early philosophies and religious teachings that have governed our societies up to now. They will be drastically changed. Thankfully, the changes will come in a non-violent way. I will be concentrating on the false teachings called "double doctrines" or "double truths" that were used extensively in ancient times to teach the masses, and which some religions today are still using to teach the general public. Thank you for your free-will contributions that help us in teaching the Gospel of Christ Jesus on the Internet. Without your generous support, I would have to cease getting out to the general public these vital teachings that are found within the Holy Word of God.

With every good wish, 

Ernest L. Martin

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