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Abortion and the Bible - February 2005

This article deals with a number of significant questions about abortion that arise in most people's minds. It must be stressed that what we are giving in this report are the legal aspects of the question of abortion as the subject relates to the Bible. Each situation involving abortion or the prospect of abortion must be appraised from a biblical point of view on the special merits attached to each situation.
The Anatomy of a Church Part 1 - September 1998

Language is the most important tool for conveying knowledge and understanding to people. It is a marvelous invention. The written word is capable of preserving earlier teachings that provide (among other things) a basis for the retention of religious knowledge and usage that are the benchmarks for our societies in which we live and function.
The Anatomy of a Church Part 2 - September 1998

Let us now concentrate on the female symbolism that we find in church architecture. Much of our themes which we presently use to design sacred edifices are based on what we have learned from our "Gothic" progenitors
Angels - the Facts and the Fictions - October 2000

The first thing that the mature Christian should know about angels (and this includes ALL angels - both those who are considered "good" and those reckoned to be "bad") is the scriptural teaching that God often charges His angels with folly and wrongdoing (Job 4:18). There is not an angel in existence within the totality of the universe who is perfect in his or her character and that does not do at times things that represent folly and wrongdoing.
The Antichristian Doctrine of the Trinity - January 2012

The doctrine of the Trinity, as devised from the council of Nicaea held in 325 AD and concluded by the council of Chalcedon held in 451 AD, is simply the attempt to explain the Hebrew Godhead through Greek philosophy. It took 126 years for Christian scholars to try to figure out what the Godhead of the New Testament was all about. It was determined by these Christian scholars of the 4th and 5th centuries that the basis of understanding all natural and spiritual matters that govern the universe could best be explained by the use of Greek philosophical thought, and not Hebrew philosophical thought. They were gravely mistaken.
The Antinomy of the Bible - July 2012

The antinomy of the Bible. It almost sounds like a disease. It is not. There are antinomies in the Bible and here is what the word means when you break it down: Anti- means "against," as in being against something. The -nomy portion of the term derives from the Greek word "nomos" which means "law." Antinomy then is a figure of speech that grammarians use to talk about literature that is against itself.
The Apostle John, The Lamb, and the Spirit - July 2007

There are some fundamental differences between the Gospel of John and the first three Synoptic Gospels. What they attempt to do is to give an historical treatment, a doctrinal treatment to the teachings of Christ while He was here on earth. John does the same thing, but the Gospel of John is fundamentally different. It is composed differently than the other three Gospels. Anybody who looks at John even superficially is able to see that without any doubt.
Archaeology and the Bible - November 2009

The study of archaeology is important in understanding historical and prophetical events of the Scripture. This is because all the teachings of the Bible, even matters involving doctrine, are found within an historical context and require application of principles of historical investigation to understand them. People who say that one does not have to know history to comprehend Scripture cannot hope to grasp the fundamental concepts of the biblical revelation. This is where archaeology becomes important. The study of archaeology is a branch of historical investigation but it must be placed into its proper perspective or else it will not only be useless in its application, but even downright dangerous if employed in an incorrect manner.
Are You A Misfit? - August 2023  ** UPDATED **

Are you a misfit? Probably. The fact that you are reading this article makes it likely you are a spiritual misfit. If you are like me, you sometimes feel that you do not "fit" into the world, your culture, even your village or town.
The Arrogance of Man - June 2009

The arrogance of man refers to the haughtiness of mankind, the human species. When we look at ourselves we have to recognize that we have a great deal of this particular virtue or vice, however you want to look at it. There is a reason why all of us humans feel so important. When each of us looks around us in the world we see no living creatures higher on the biological scale of development than ourselves.
Assumptions About Satan - August 2022  ** UPDATED **

People assume things about Satan that are not in the Bible . Common beliefs about Satan are based on un-biblical assumptions. This article corrects these common errors of biblical understanding.
The Bible and Scientific Mysteries Part 1 - October 2009

The Holy Bible claims to be the Word of God and I have not the slightest doubt that it is. It is the message of God to mankind, to give us the essential nuggets of truth so we can comprehend what salvation is all about. It is also the message about the spiritual principles by which God wants us to know about Him and ourselves. There are other teachings in Scripture found throughout its pages that deal with scientific physical matters which mankind would want to know about as well. If you look carefully at what Scripture says, you will find there is a considerable amount about physical matters in the Holy Scriptures.
The Bible and Scientific Mysteries Part 2 - December 2009

The scriptures were written by Almighty God. Because they were, I feel there are secrets therein that only God knows at present, and that includes scientific mysteries. I think that the teachings of the factors that will disclose these scientific mysteries will be found in the text of the Holy Scripture. That is right, in the Bible are many, many things to be discovered, and the scientists of this world, as well as the historians and others, will come to realize that the Bible has clues to solving the mysteries of the universe. That includes physical and scientific mysteries that people have wanted to find out for generations.
Biblical Pairs - July 2019

"Bible pairs" are two or more books of Scripture with interlocking relationships that inform each other. Some books of the Bible are obviously paired together, other pairs need explanation. Usually these pairings are dual. Sometimes they involve more than two, such as the Synoptic Gospels. Other kinds of biblical pairs refer to people, who across time and space inform and intensify each other? words. All Bible pairs are designed to reinforce the messages God wants His people to know and understand.
Biblical Vows and their Present Significance - August 2002

The biblical teaching concerning vows should be taken seriously by any person wanting to observe scriptural principles. The question is as significant today as it ever was. The principle is clear, but how does this pertain to the New Testament believer? In some religious circles, and with certain devout persons, it is of very great concern! This is because vows to God are still being made either as a religious duty to perform certain activities or to refrain from others. This results in disastrous and devastating consequences for some people.
The Bodily Composition of God - June 2008

No subject is more intriguing to human curiosity than that which embraces our understanding of the nature of God. This is particularly important in matters dealing with psychology and emotional issues. After all, we humans are governed by psychological and emotional characteristics, and it is only rational that we would extend our quest for a knowledge of God to involve these principles of life that all of us experience.
The Book of Ecclesiastes - September 2006

The Book of Ecclesiastes is reputed to have been written by Solomon. I believe it was written by him about 1,000 years before Christ. It is in the Old Testament, but it is a book which most people know little about. Some people do not even like Ecclesiastes. They do not like it because of what it says. I feel there is a reason why God said what He did through Solomon in this Book of Ecclesiastes.
The Book of Galatians - August 2003

This epistle has been called the Christian's "Declaration of Independence" and so it is! Its teaching was a first step in securing a religious emancipation for God's people from the domination of man. The message is as valid today as it was when Paul wrote it
The Book of Hebrews - September 2004

The Book of Hebrews has a relation to what I call "the fullness of the Gospel," the disclosure of God's final doctrinal revelation to man which Paul called "the Mystery." This discussion may be technical, but it is important.
The Book of Lamentations - May 2012

The title of the Book of Lamentations in the Hebrew text is designated by its first word. It is "How" or "Alas," a Hebrew word of lament giving the meaning, "How did this happen?" When I consider this book and its subject matter I think of the graphic painting by Expressionist artist Edvard Munch called "The Scream" showing a person, seemingly in agony, his eyes crazed, his hands to his face in hopelessness, having experienced some horror, all against a background of red sky. This is the uncomfortable feeling one gets when reading the Book of Lamentations.
The Bridge to the Future - The Saga of Christmas - November 1996

The Holy Scriptures were written between 3500 and 1900 years ago. That is a long time in the past. Because of this, some people in the world consider such teachings as antiquated and irrelevant. Such a belief, however, is a mistake of the first magnitude. The Scriptures, in fact, represent the blueprint of God's plan for all mankind, especially for events associated with the end of the age.
By Grace are Ye Saved - May 1996

There is nothing more confusing to the majority of people who love and heed the biblical revelation than the subject of grace. There have been more heated arguments over this subject than any other within the Bible. The reason for this is because people have not been applying certain literary principles that govern the understanding of any subject.
Christ and Messiah - May 2023  ** UPDATED **

How did the apostles know Jesus was the Messiah, the Christ? How do WE know that Jesus is our Savior and Messiah? What evidence did the apostles have to prove to themselves and others that Jesus was the Messiah, Lord, and Savior? The answers are in the Bible. All who accept the New Testament as a true record of events should know the evidence for believers in the 1st century AD and for us today, we who accept on faith those scriptural accounts.
Christ as High Priest - February 2009

Most Christian teaching acknowledges that Jesus was (and is!) a Prophet, Priest, and King. However, few seem to understand the implications of what those titles mean. This article focuses on the role of Jesus Christ as high priest. Christ was not from the tribe of Levi, the tribe designated by God to serve. From Levi the family of Aaron was chosen to serve as priests at the Tabernacle.
Christian in Name Only - July 2010

Are you a Christian in name only? Do you profess to be a Christian but your heart and soul and being are not really involved? Is your belief in God and Christ merely a convenient emotional crutch to help you get through life? If you were suddenly seized by the authorities and accused of being a Christian under dire threat of punishment, could you even be convicted? Would there be sufficient evidence of you being a Christian? Would there be any evidence? Or are you a Christian in name only?
Christians and War - July 2001

The matter of war seems so repugnant to the teachings of Christ and his apostles. In the New Testament we readily witness how Christ focuses his attention in a primary sense on the principle of love and respect as the philosophy to govern the actions of men - even expressing love toward one's enemies.
The Christmas Tree Debate - November 1991

The first question that should be asked in regard to this subject is the following: Is there a command anywhere in the Holy Scriptures that a human should cut a tree out of the forest, set it up in one's home at the time of the Winter Solstice, deck it with trinkets and various decorations, and then place a star on its topmost part to show an association of the tree with the signs of the heavens? There is, of course, no such command nor suggestion that such a thing should be done.
Conscience and Responsibility - March 2010

Why is it that we humans often know what is right, yet we do not perform it? Regarding another matter, why are people prone to stay within the portals of various religious organizations even when they know the institutions are basically wrong, even when the organizations are in error with their principal philosophies? There are reasons why such weaknesses are dominant in the mental makeup of humans, and this article will explain why these things are so.
Conspiracy in Scripture - November 2016

Conspiracy is a word that evokes emotions. Conspiracies and plots began soon after Adam and Eve began populating the world. There were conspiracies before the flood, soon after it, and conspiracies exist today. Conspiracies today involve every human endeavor - politics, government, trade, industry, science, medicine, communications, education, food, water, clothing, and housing. Some conspiracies are significant and they will continue until Christ subjects all creation to Himself.
The Corinthian Experience - November 2003

All Christians want the evidences of the Holy Spirit actively working in their lives. There is much debate among many people concerning the manner in which this is accomplished. Some say there must be physical responses in the human body to show that one has the Holy Spirit, while others say that only spiritual attributes are essential. This article is designed to show where the biblical emphasis concerning the matter is placed.
Cremation and the Bible - May 2008

Many Christians have asked advice on whether cremation is biblically proper. Some have considered the possibility of cremation because of the exorbitant price of an ordinary burial. The question we must ask ourselves is: Is cremation biblically in order?.
The Curse of Church Authority - November 1995

There is a big difference between the words "Scriptural Authority" and what people today call "Church Authority." The first phrase refers to the authority that pertains to humans which is written within the Word of God. The second phrase is that authority invested by members of church organizations in a man or a group of men to rule over Christians on earth.
The Dangers of External Religious Actions - July 2002

Many people today look for outward signs to identify the true Church and the real people of God. This is one of the most dangerous ways to try to determine who real Christians are. Such a procedure can be a clever way to deceive people into believing that an organization or individuals are righteous.
The Death of Death - January 2003

The mission of Jesus Christ has been grossly misunderstood by the majority of people in this world. They believe he came to offer a chance for salvation - a chance to escape an eternal torment or an eternal death. The truth is, he offered no such chances at all! If chances were offered which depended upon our works, then none of us would be saved. But Christ offered no chances. What he did was to secure a total and certain victory over all torment and death. This is what the Gospel of Christ is all about.
Development of New Doctrine - May 2009

The development of doctrine in the apostolic ekklesia is an important subject in the Bible. In John 16:12-13 Christ Jesus, while He was here on earth for His 2+ year ministry, did not give the fullness of the teaching of the Gospel. He gave quite a bit of it, but He had a special mission to go primarily to the Jewish people in Palestine, the House of Israel. He never went out of the orbit of that area except on two occasions, and even there just peripherally. He stayed within the environment of Judaism for His years of preaching. He preached to unconverted people. He told the apostle Peter not long before His death, when you are converted strengthen the brethren. The apostle Peter and the rest of them had God's Holy Spirit working with them but they did not have the Holy Spirit in them in a personal, intimate way.
The Diamond Rule - April 1999

We have all heard of the "Golden Rule." It is one of most noble yet simple philosophical concepts that could be invented. It shows a proper attitude towards others within the societies in which we live. First, the phrase "Golden Rule" does not mean "those who own the gold do the ruling" (though there are some who believe that is the resultant explanation).
Did Abraham Observe the Sabbath? - January 2010

Some denominations insist that Abraham, and all the patriarchs, kept the 7th day Sabbath. Their main reasoning centers on two sections of Scripture. For one, we are told that God rested on the 7th day of the week of creation and sanctified that day (Genesis 2:1-3). Coupled with this is a verse which says that Abraham "obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws" (Genesis 26:5). The combining of these two sections of Scripture has given confidence to some that Abraham must have kept the 7th day Sabbath because he was an obedient man who kept all of God's commandments.
Did Jephthah Sacrifice His Daughter? - July 2023

Would God inspire a man to sacrifice his only daughter as a burnt offering? Would an apostle recommend such an act as an example of faith for others to follow? It is true, Abraham was on the verge of killing his only son to please God, but God stepped in at the last moment to provide a substitute. This should show that God's attitude is against such barbaric practices. Indeed, there is explicit information that God abhors such heathen practices.
The Dietary Laws of the Bible - April 2004

The Bible teaches that all people are sinners - even Christians who have a relationship with Christ. Anyone who studies the Scriptures even superficially should under stand this point. Among the many verses which illustrate it is one from the apostle John: "If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us" (1 John 1:8). This simply means that no Christian is a "keeper of biblical law." And true enough, most denominations are aware of this fact. But this well-understood principle is not what we wish to discuss in this article.
The Divine Names and the New Testament - May 1991

The earliest texts of the New Testament were canonized in the Greek language. It is evident that this was the tongue in which the divine documents were first placed in the Bible. In Acts 11:26 Luke wrote that the disciples were first called Christianous in Antioch and that this purely Greek name (in English it is "Christians") was divinely given (chrematisai) by God himself.
Do You Have a Guardian Angel? - January 1998

Whether on television or in bookstores, it seems like the general public is being saturated with a slew of new themes that involve the subject of angels. In my review of these sitcoms and written treatises that have come to my attention, there is one central evaluation that invariably emerges in my thinking. The reaction I get is (regrettably, I must say): "How dumb can people get regarding the matter of angels"?
The Doctrine of the Ages in the Bible - January 2005

One doctrine that gives problems to Christians today it is that which concerns the Ages. The truth is the majority of Christian people today do not understand that the Bible itself talks about various ages both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. Most people do not even realize that such a teaching exists in the Bible. Part 3 in the "ages" series.
Does God Have Feelings? - June 2010

The best place to start is Genesis chapter 1 because there, at the beginning, God explains who we humans are. We are made, according to the Word of God, in the very image of and likeness of God. We are in His image. We are in His likeness. We resemble what God looks like. Conversely, God resembles us. Genesis chapter 1 sets the scene for this matter of "Does God Have Feelings?" We are all children of our parents and most are parents. The purpose of these experiences is so we can understand God as a parent and His feelings as a parent. Through Jesus Christ's fleshly life God also experiences an obedient child.
Does Man Have a Free Will - August 2011

There is one subject that has intrigued mankind over the centuries. How much does man express his own will and how much does God express His? Of course, I am assuming that people believe that there is a God. And there is indeed a God. There is a God family. The Bible certainly reveals who God is and who His Son is. Accepting that as fact, how much do God and Christ interfere in our lives in matters that are important to us and to all humanity? It seems like we are able to express a certain amount of free will on our own. How much do we have? Or do we have any free will at all?
Elohim and the Son of God Part 1 - October 2007

This article is Part 1 of the written form of the lecture I presented June 9, 2007 at the One God Conference in Albany, New York. I was invited to present a position contrary to that held to by most everyone at the conference. Organizer Ken Westby and host Sean Finnegan were exceedingly gracious with their facilities, time, and fellowship. I am thankful to them for the opportunity. Most of the teaching I presented will be familiar to readers of the ASK website (but not repetitive), largely reflecting the biblical and historical research of Dr. Ernest Martin.
Elohim and the Son of God Part 2 - October 2007

This article is Part 2 of the written form of the lecture I presented June 9, 2007 at the One God Conference in Albany, New York. I was invited to present a position contrary to that held to by most everyone at the conference. Organizer Ken Westby and host Sean Finnegan were exceedingly gracious with their facilities, time, and fellowship. I am thankful to them for the opportunity. Most of the teaching I presented will be familiar to readers of the ASK website (but not repetitive), largely reflecting the biblical and historical research of Dr. Ernest Martin.
Elohim and the Son of God Part 3 - October 2007

In this portion I emphasize that Jesus was unique in all ways. He was a unique Son of God among other sons of God (just as we who believe, are sons and daughters of God, John 1:12). He was also the unique Son of Man among other sons of men. Jesus states that He "saw" God the Father but that could only have taken place before His incarnation.
The Essentials of Prayer - June 2019

Prayer is direct communication with God. It is your personal communication with God your Father with Christ as the only and loving mediator between our Father and you (1 Timothy 2:5). Use prayer. Do not neglect praying. Perhaps the first thing to ask God is for Him to help you pray constantly, not in formal ways, but casually, privately, so you are "instant in prayer" (Romans 12:12) as the King James Version puts it. That phrase in Greek actually means, "persevering in prayer" or "constantly in prayer." Dr. Martin's excellent article "The Essentials of Prayer" will help you understand what prayer is, and most importantly, how you can pray according to God's will.
The Exact Time of Christ's Return - July 2014

With many Christian preachers today making all sorts of strange predictions regarding Christ's return to this earth, why would I dare to say I know the exact time when Christ will return? The answer is simple and it is in the Scriptures, and always has been. I say this in spite of what Christ said in Matthew 24:36, 42, 44, 25:13; Mark 13:32; Acts 1:6-7, and other verses. Christ was correct, of course, but nonetheless I can tell you the precise moment when Christ will return for you and for each human being, throughout all history to the present time and the future.
Fasting - It's Use and Abuse - August 2001

The subject of fasting is often more misunderstood than most topics, but the recognition of a few biblical principles can make it comprehensible. It has been mentioned (and sometimes commanded) in the teachings of the Holy Scriptures, and this is the reason that it becomes a topic that all Christians should be concerned with.
Fear in Scripture - November 2018

We live in a time of increasing fear. This article deals with different aspects of fear and how Scripture addresses fear in our lives. It is constructed from two messages by Dr. Martin. Part 1 is from an audiotape titled, "Fear Nothing but Fear Itself." Part 2 is from a short 1975 written article, "Victory Over Fear."
Female Sex Signs in Churches - November 1998

As I mentioned in my former Doctrinal Report titled: "The Anatomy of a Church," this subject is not an easy one to write about. This is because the subject is one that can cause offense even when the matter is discussed academically and in a non-personal manner
Figures of Speech and the Holy Scriptures - May 2008

How many of you have ever studied a foreign language? If you have you will be acquainted with many idiomatic phrases that if translated into English would be absurd. Indeed, they would be downright laughable. Some of our figures of speech in English, the ones we use all the time in everyday conversation, are utterly ridiculous when understood literally. If you take them down into their elements and look at them exactly for what is said, you would find that many expressions we use in everyday speech are nothing more than complete absurdity if taken literally.
The Folly of Modern Preaching - August 2007

There are many sincere and dedicated preachers actively engaged in preaching the Gospel to the world - or, at least, what they consider to be the message of Christ. But often their approach is the very opposite of what the Bible says should be done. This article explains.
The Folly of Tradition - May 2002

Nothing is more counterproductive to the discovery of truth (any truth) than the use of tradition in research. Traditional beliefs and their application have been responsible for making the teachings of the Bible take on meanings opposite from those intended. Even the main doctrine of Christianity regarding the substitutionary function of Christ in redemption has been subverted by traditional beliefs. This article shows the role of Christ in salvation and how religious leaders in the past have clouded over His responsibility by the addition of traditional concepts onto biblical themes. Judaism replaced the Law of Moses with tradition. Christianity has done the same.
Forgiving God - October 2003

Forgive God? How absurd! The very idea may seem ridiculous, even offensive to some people. However, Jeremiah and other prophets can be cited as examples of powerful spiritual personalities who have held a temporary resentment toward God for the judgments He brought down because of the sins and evils committed by His chosen people, Israel and Judah. The punishments often seemed worse than the crime, in their eyes.
Free Will and Predestination - August 2006

There is no subject more confusing, and more debated amongst theologians than the question of free will and predestination. Some people even contrast the two terms and say "free will versus predestination." But let us forget the word "predestination" for a moment, and center ourselves on the matter of free will itself. The essential question is this: does mankind - that means each of us personally - have free will? That is, do we have the capability of expressing ourselves with a will that is independent of all external influences, including the influences of God and His divine will?
Further Decline of the Churches - January 2019

This article updates my April 2002 Commentary, "The Decline of the Churches." Churches around the world are increasingly in trouble. Fewer people are attending, financial support has declined, and facilities are closing at an increasing rate. This is occurring in churches of all sizes, from congregations with dozens of worshippers to huge organizations with tens of thousands attending. In a long-term trend, churches are declining more and more each year
Genesis: Twelve Eyewitness Reports and Genealogies - December 2020

The Book of Genesis is a collection of eyewitness historical accounts of select individuals and follows their descendants up to the people of Israel. The writings of the authors of the documents were compiled by Moses, who edited them to teach the Israelite people their history in a single written work beginning with creation. The text tells us whose histories are inside. Evidence of the reliability of Genesis is found in the text, no matter the translation. Once this information is understood, the Book of Genesis becomes more interesting than ever.
The Geography of Heaven - May 1999

We have all heard of the New Jerusalem that comes down out of heaven (Revelation 21:2). That city which comes to earth after the Millennium is arriving to take the place of the earthly City of Jerusalem that was established in the time of King David about a thousand years before the birth of Christ.
God and Demographics - August 2015

"Demographics" is a plural noun dealing with statistical data of human populations. God controls every aspect of His children from Adam - individuals, families, clans, tribes, kingdoms, and nations, throughout history. God decreased the human population to just 8 people who survived the flood. All others died (Genesis 7:22). At Christ's return most people on earth will be killed in a series of worldwide judgments from God. This article discusses demographic trends of history, of the present, and of the future just before God's judgments begin.
God: Contradictions and Harmony - September 2008

There is no more important subject than the comprehension of the nature of God. How many of us can say we really know God? Some who espouse the biblical revelation often ask others, "Do you know God?" They mean, do you know Him in a salvation way and they mean it with good will. If they know God then they should know His nature, His ways, and His manner of life. Do they really know Him? Or, to bring it home to us, do we know Him? Do we know Him the way the biblical revelation shows Him to be?
God's Inspiration Made Clear - November 2017

The word inspiration means to be motivated by or influenced by the spirit. In the case of the Holy Scriptures, it means the words that God uses to instruct His people in things He desires them to know, or things that He wants them to do. The spirit that inspires in this case is God? Holy Spirit. Inspiration is defined by the apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 3:16-17. It deals with the Scriptures themselves and will be discussed in this lecture. Paul writes beginning in verse 16: "All scripture is given by inspiration of God ..."
God's Manifesto of Human Rights and Privileges - May 2022  ** UPDATED **

This "manifesto" is an explicit and formal announcement of God's promise, His intention, and His desire for the human race. It does not originate with man. It is God's personal declaration to humanity. It represents the legal and emotional pronouncement of God the Father's absolute and unchangeable will to each and every member of the human race who ever lived in the past, is living now, or ever will live in the future.
God's Reconciliation With Man - October 2003

The important virtue that rings with a clear sound throughout the entirety of the Bible is love. There are two commandments which are the most important in relation to human responsibility. They are to, "love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind," and to love "your neighbor as yourself" (Matthew 22:37-39). These commands about love are of continual relevance, and their truth is eternal as to time and universal in space. Nothing can surpass true love.
Graduation to Second Corinthians - February 2023

This article examines the mistakes that were made by the Christian ekklesia at Corinth some months after the apostle Paul left Corinth to continue his missionary work. News came to Paul from Corinth that troubled him greatly and he wrote the powerful epistle of First Corinthians to Corinth and severely criticized each of their serious mistakes. By the time he wrote Second Corinthians, the ekklesia had corrected those mistakes.
Greatest Revolution in Human History - September 2018

Organized religion, whether based on Christian principles and/or Jewish concepts, has been a dismal failure in making the world a peaceful and prosperous place over the past 1600 years, and since Islam started 1300 years ago, we can include organized Islam in the same category, along with organized Buddhism and organized Hinduism, and organized "whatever religions are left." In fact, as history abundantly attests, religious beliefs in the hands of human beings, and the wish to sustain or enhance them, have caused some of the most disastrous wars imaginable. All people know this. Something is wrong somewhere.
Healing and Christian Atonement - September 2005

This subject of healing is one that all of us need to understand, but it is woefully misunderstood today even by some of the top religious authorities in the world. This is especially true of many Pentecostal groups who do not comprehend what the Christian Atonement entails nor how it is to be properly applied today. We will look at the question of sickness, healing, medicine, physicians, and in the light of biblical teachings concerning Christ's Atonement for us.
Healing and New Testament Teaching - August 2005

The Bible makes it clear that God has the power to heal any affliction. He sometimes exercises that prerogative in answer to prayer. But are the "healing services" so common today the proper method to obtain cures from God? Must one go to a "healer" in order for Christ to perform His power? Is healing found in the Atonement that Christ secured for the world? These are important questions this article attempts to answer.
The History and Prophecy of Miracles (and their Failure) - February 2005

Many people in Christian denominations today feel that miracles should occur frequently in the lives of Christians. The Bible has a very different story to tell in regard to the performance of miracles. The information in this article may be eye opening to some.
The History of the Revelation of the Mystery - January 2004

The history of the development of doctrine within the 1st century ekklesia (often mistranslated "church") is one of the most important aspects of the New Testament to understand; yet it is sadly neglected (or even abandoned) by most leaders in the Christian denominations today. They fail to realize that a brand new revelation called "the Mystery" ("the Secret") was revealed to the apostle Paul and others about the Sabbatical Year 62/63 C.E., reckoned from the Hebrew month Tishri in 62 to the same month in 63. "The Mystery" profoundly altered the way the first teachings of Christ and the apostles were to be interpreted.
The Holy Spirit - A Person or Power? - February 1991

This Doctrinal Report concerns the Spirit of God. Biblical teaching about the Holy Spirit is clear enough, but the opinions of men (prompted primarily by new theological speculations originating within the fourth century) have clouded the whole issue of a just what the Holy Spirit is, or what its role was in the relationship of God with mankind.
Homosexuality and the Bible - April 2004

The Bible is consistent from Genesis to Revelation. The matter of the Temple and its symbolism is an example of this. In this Exposition we show the beginning and ending of God's plan for the redemption of mankind. It is a glorious plan from which God has never varied - in the typical sense.
How to Be Happy - September 2011

Everyone wants to be happy. To be happy means that your experience of life is generally contented, and occasionally joyful and cheerful. No one can be happy all the time, but you can have a life that is happy even when life's great evils occur one after another. As a Christian you should be happy, and for good reason. You have God's assurance of ultimate happiness for you and every human being. That will include people you do not like; it even will include your enemies. That happiness will come through the work of God who gives salvation to all through Christ.
How Did Jesus Become God? - March 1999

We are all familiar with a manner commonly used tell a story to a child. It is normal to say: "Once upon a time?." After that introductory phrase is given, we then begin the account we wish to relate to the child. Interestingly, the Holy Scriptures begin in a similar fashion. They start with the common phrase: "In the beginning." This phraseology is attested both in the initial narrative in Genesis, and also in the Gospel of John when the apostle reaches back to remote time to begin his rendition of the reason for Christ Jesus to come into the world.
How God Uses Angels to Govern the Universe - February 2001

The properties and motions energizing the heavenly bodies in our universe have been properly compared to the simple mechanisms that propel and regulate a normal wind-up watch (a timepiece with a spring that displays the older analog dial to determine the time of day). Of course, the watch is inferior in accuracy to the actual motions of the celestial bodies that comprise our universe (no matter if it is the finest specimen that mankind can manufacture). Yet the watch that you can hold in (or put on) your hand resembles a microcosm example of the larger and vast universe.
How to Interpret Biblical Signs - February 1998

The Holy Scriptures is a document that informs us about God and His ways. It is nothing less than an instruction book from God to mankind on how to conduct their lives, to show why they were put on earth, what they are destined to become, and who was and is responsible for everything that happens to us on earth or in the universe.
How Should the Names of Deity be Properly Rendered? - March 1991

It is difficult to render words in one language into an exact agreement of meaning with words in a foreign one. This is a well known fact. But it is important, especially in the biblical revelation, that we get as close to the meaning of the prophets and apostles as we can in conveying their teachings to the English world.
How to Give to God - May 2011

Another title of this article could be "The Chief Principle in Giving to God." Philosophically it might be argued that humans can give nothing to God since He owns everything there is in the universe, and that includes you and me. Yes, He owns us and everything, and we know that He does. But that is not the way that God looks at it. God chose, as shown in the Holy Bible, a very different way of looking at things in regard to giving to Him. He gives various principles and one chief principle indeed. What He does is to look on you and me as equal members of His divine family. He is the Father, Christ is the firstborn, and all of us are "in Christ," so that makes us His children also. That is why we call each other brothers and sisters. We are reckoned as one family that, among other things, gives to one another.
How to Worship God - December 2012

Some of us may have seen an oil painting of a man and woman standing beside a wheelbarrow in the middle of a plowed field. The man is holding his hat in hand while he bowed his head to God in prayer. The woman is clasping her hands with her head bowed. The field had produced a bountiful crop of potatoes. Although no one knows what they were saying in prayer, the man's face is evidence he is expressing a gratefulness to God for the plentiful harvest.
How You Can Influence God - June 1998

It is the easiest thing in the world for a human being to influence in a positive manner the divine Father of the universe whom we call "God the Father." All we humans have to know is how to do it? That's right! It is essential that you possess the proper knowledge on how to accomplish the task.
Human Sacrifice in Scripture - September 2020

Human sacrifice is a theme in Scripture beginning in Genesis through to the Book of Revelation. Human sacrifice is mentioned often in the Old Testament as a tremendous evil. The birth, ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ changed the symbolism of human sacrifice in a way that only God can accomplish. Working through God's grace, good suddenly came from the worst evil, and righteousness resulted from sinful acts against God Himself. This was done by Christ, the Messiah, who was Himself a human sacrifice, to the glory of God and for the salvation of the world.
Husband and Wife Found Guilty - March 2002

A jury found a husband and wife guilty of 2nd degree murder and manslaughter yesterday in a case that has direct antecedents in Old Testament Law. The case involved two 120-pound dogs who attacked and killed a 31 year-old San Francisco woman on January 26, 2001 in the hallway of her apartment building.
Idolatry - The Curse of Religion - January 2007

Let me start by asking a question. How should a Christian today view the matter of idolatry? The question of idolatry is seldom heard about in sermons or in literature put out by various religious denominations. It is as if the matter of idolatry is an ancient and archaic practice that only troubled earlier people one step out of barbarism. It does not seem relevant in our modern, sophisticated world. Why, the one thing a Christian could never be accused of - as some people think - is that they practice that old heathenism called idolatry. Yet the last thing the apostle John warned Christians about in his first epistle was this matter of idolatry.
Idolatry and God's Punishment - March 2007

The Sons of God in Genesis 6:1-4 were worshipped by the Gentile peoples of the world as their "gods" with God the Father's permission. This was explained in a prior article. Angelic beings, with less power than the Sons of God, were also worshipped as gods. Even human beings who were thought to have become divine such as Pharaohs, kings, heroes, etc., were worshipped, as were the sun, moon and stars. Other gods than YHWH existed in the past, and they exist today, but they are as nothing compared to God the Father.
Idolatry and the Sons of God - February 2007

Idolatry is the worship of anything other than the true God of the Bible. The Sons of God, who first appear briefly in Genesis 6:1-4, were worshipped by the gentile peoples of the world as their "gods" with God the Father's permission both before and after the flood of Noah. The Sons of God were designated or allotted to rule gentile nations in religious matters by YHWH Himself. Information about the Sons of God is important in the development of idolatry in the world. In the past gods other than YHWH existed (and they exist today), but they were as nothing compared to God the Father
The Importance of First Century History - July 2009

One of the major weaknesses that people have today in trying to understand the New Testament revela tion is the lack of awareness of the historical environment in which events took place. The fact is the New Testament was written to people who lived in an historical environment and it simply was not necessary to report every historical event that caused people to act and react the way that they did. This was because they were living at that time and they knew very well what was going on in their own land.
The Intertestamental Period - June 2002

To many people, the teachings of the New Testament seem so foreign to those found in the Old Testament. In fact, it seems on the surface that the authors of the New Testament books almost lived in a different world than the prophets, kings and priests who composed the Old Testament writings. And in one way of looking at it, this is true. The types of writings which make up the New Testament are of a fundamentally different kind than those of the earlier Testament. However, all the writings of Scripture originate from the same source and both sections were inspired by the Spirit of YHWH.
Is Being Poor a Curse from God? - August 1999

Let me start this article with a true and non-contradictory statement. Once you (or anyone) comprehends the statement then the matter of "riches" verses "poverty" can be understood in the Holy Scriptures. The statement is this: "It is absolutely a curse for any Christian to be anything but rich, even if the Christian is the poorest of persons on earth." In another way of putting it: "It is NOT a curse for a Christian to be poor, but it is a curse for a Christian not to be rich." These statements may sound contradictory, but they are not. Let me explain.
Is David's Throne in Existence Today? - August 2002

Nathan the prophet gave David his first promise that God would establish "the throne of his kingdom forever." This promise was guaranteed despite the sins he and his descendants would commit (2 Samuel 7:13). "Thy throne shall be established forever" (verse 16). These verses clearly promise a continued and perpetual existence to the throne of David.
The Jewish Calendar and Biblical Authority - October 1991

The calculated Jewish Calendar that most Jewish organizations (and some Christian groups) adhere to today is ingenious, sophisticated and awe-inspiring to all who study it. Its scope is so vast in its various functions that it provides a workable calendar for the Jewish people with such precision that it can operate effectively and harmoniously for several thousand years into the future no matter where Jewish people live in the world.
Jonah and the New Testament - June 2013

The prophecy of Jonah was given some 780 to 750 years before the birth of Christ Jesus. To comprehend implications of this prophecy we need to go to the New Testament and look at what Christ Jesus said about the prophet Jonah and his prophetic message, then we shall examine what others said about Jonah. You will learn about themes which are most remarkable, all developed within the environment of New Testament doctrine.
Judgment On Man and God - November 2006

This may appear to be strange title. While we can read in both the Old and New Testaments about God's various judgments upon mankind, and even about the grand judgment at the end of the age that all must undergo after their deaths, it appears odd to think that God Himself could be judged, as the title of this lecture suggests.
Just What is God? - February 1994

The connotation behind the title of this article is of utmost importance in understanding the biblical meaning of "God." Note that the title is not "Who Is God?" Instead of " Who," I am substituting the word "What." In reality, it is the world trying with their intellect to discover the "Who Is God" that causes people in our western world the most problems in comprehending the meaning of "God" in the Holy Scriptures. But let us for a moment forget the "Who" and concentrate on the "What Is God?"
Just Who Are You? - April 2002

There is no more significant question for you to ask, and receive a proper answer to, than that of the title of this chapter. If there is one thing in this world you should find out with all the vigor you can muster, it is the matter of "Just Who Are You?" Once you find out, you will then know far more of what human life is all about and why God selected you to be on earth in the first place. And believe me, you have a wonderful purpose for being here. You are most important to God.
A Key to Racial Harmony - September 2019

The creator of all the races on earth is Jesus Christ according to the apostle Paul in Colossians 1:15?7. He made the various ethnic groups to be the way they are in outward color and with their learned cultural and psychological differences. And what a variety of people Christ has created! He has done it for a very good and honorable purpose. Remarkably, when the first writing of the creation narrative was given in Genesis chapter one, the outcome of God's creation (accomplished by Christ) was the fact that all His creation was "very good" (Genesis 1:31).
The Law of Moses, The Passover and the Lord's Supper - January 1992

There is one New Testament teaching that each of us must comprehend if we ever hope to understand what is required of believers in Christ today. It is the fact that all of the Mosaic legislation (no matter how holy, right and good it was or is) is to be reckoned as a mere shadow of the reality that we have in Christ himself.
Losing Your Salvation - December 2019

Yes, you can lose your salvation. Your loss will be temporary because it is God's will to save all humanity (1 Timothy 2:3-6) as He "works all things after the counsel of his own will" (Ephesians 1:11). You will be saved even if you lose your salvation in this life. When Christ returns you will remain dead and not receive immortality, be glorified, or co-rule in Christ's 1,000-year reign on earth. Nor will you help educate others about God and Christ, or help people be reconciled with God in the great white throne judgment. You will go through that judgment yourself after a physical resurrection to life (Colossians 1:19-20). It all comes from "Losing Your Salvation."
Magic in the Bible - February 2020

Magic is real, it works, and has influence in our world. The Holy Scriptures are totally against any practice of magic from whatever source. Magic is effective only when spirits in the supernatural realm cause things to happen in the physical realm. In fact, that is the definition of magic. The Scriptural prohibitions against the use of magic are made for a serious reason. Dealing or trafficking with spirits in any way is idolatry, which is forbidden and foolish for people to do. Man should communicate only with God directly through one mediator only, the man Jesus Christ.
Maimonides - Saint and Heretic - March 2001

The title of this Doctrinal Report may at first seem strange to some individuals. This is because the word "and" signifies that the great Jewish philosopher Maimonides (who died at the beginning of the thirteenth century) was both a saint AND a heretic. That's right! That is precisely what I am intending to state in the title. And, the statement is entirely true in the manner in which I intend it. It all depends on what one means by the words "saint" and "heretic."
A Major Proof of the Bible - January 1974

Is the Holy Bible the Word of God? All of us need to know. A person's very salvation can depend upon it. Numerous books have been written supposedly to prove its validity. Some try to demonstrate it through prophecy, others through doctrine, and still others resort to pure emotionalism. Emotionalism is weak evidence. But while the other factors can help demonstrate the Bible's credibility, there is one major proof that predominates over all others. It is the witness of Christ himself. If Christ can be proved, that is, if proof can be shown that he was who he said he was, that will go a long way in proving the Bible itself. Let us look at this important proof.
Mankind's Most Useful Invention - February 2015

"Mankind's Most Useful Invention" may seem a strange title concerning a biblical matter, but it has a great deal of bearing on a most important aspect of biblical studies. One discovery must rank as one of the most outstanding accomplishments of mankind, and I will tell you that discovery. First, comments must be made on other important discoveries that caused our modern civilizations to develop. They tell us something about mankind's psychological makeup, and how at one time mankind thought in one way and later psychologically thought differently than before.
Marriage, Divorce, Living Together and the Bible - March 1987

There has never been any custom or legal concept more important in maintaining a proper civilized society than the marriage covenant between a man and a woman. This has been recognized throughout history especially by those who adhere to the normal traditions associated with Christianity. In point of fact, it can be said without equivocation that the institution of marriage and the preservation of the family unit which results from the marriage union represent the essential principles that govern the very foundations of a proper Christian society.
Memory in Luke - January 2019

God's memory is perfect and our memories will be perfect after our resurrection. Our human memory now is the measure by which we are accountable to God and how He brings His Word to our mind. (In the Old Testament memory of God's commandments was to lead people to act according to His will.) Our memory recalls the commandments of Jesus: to love God with all your soul and might, and to love your neighbor as yourself (Luke 10:27). In Luke's Gospel memory is significant because the physician himself relied on the memories of those who experienced Jesus. People close to Him remembered events declared from their testimony to Luke.
Misuse of Scriptural Interpretation - July 2023

Gross and glaring malpractices are used to interpret the Bible. No wonder critics scoff at what Scripture supposedly teaches. Many major misinterpretations are simple to correct, yet vast numbers of preachers and laity refuse to give up their erroneous ways. They persist and the result is mass confusion. However, most teachings of the Bible are so straightforward and uncomplicated, a child can understand them. This article may change your approach to studying the Bible.
The Modern Jewish Calendar - September 1976

The present calendar which governs the religious holydays of the Jewish people (and some Christian denominations) is NOT the calendar of the Bible. Though the features which govern it are wonderfully devised and represent a masterpiece of mathematical calculation, it is still different from the calendar which we find in the Bible. Indeed, it was not constructed until about 300 years after the time of Christ and it is certainly not the biblical calendar.
Modern Recognition of Universal Salvation - August 2010

Substantial elements within scholarship and orthodox Christianity are dealing with the issue of universal salvation of all mankind through Christ (and Christ alone) because more and more people are accepting this biblical teaching. That issue is increasingly being recognized as true by more and more theologians, some as a true doctrine, and others as a threat to orthodoxy. I want to bring you up to date on some of the current discussions in scholarly circles on these matters.
The Mystery and the New Covenant - May 1992

The majority of people believe that the New Testament teaches that all Christians today are under what God calls "The New Covenant." Nothing could be farther from the truth, If one views Christians today in the manner that God the Father and our Elder Brother Jesus Christ views Christians, no Christian is under either the "Old Covenant" or the "New Covenant.' Now wait a moment. Before anyone begins to call me a heretic, one should look at the plain and simple New Testament teaching called by the apostle Paul "The Mystery."
Near Death Experiences - January 1994

There have been a mass of new books on the market about angels, life after death, out-of-body occurrences, and people supposedly returning to an earthly life alter having a near-death experience. I have read many of the accounts and I have also surveyed a variety of reports about numerous encounters with spiritual powers. There is one thing the majority have in common.
The New Apostle John - June 2007

In a former lecture on the apostle John's Gospel we showed that a profound change took place in the thinking of John in his religious philosophy once the final teachings of God were revealed primarily through the apostle Paul but also through John himself. No longer were physical rituals or ceremonies necessary in the worship of God.
The New Testament Calendar - January 1996

The calendar used by the writers of the New Testament is important for all biblical students to know and to utilize. The reason for this is clear. If one does not understand the fundamental astronomical and social factors associated with the calendar used by Christ and the apostles, much of the historical teaching they provide within the text of the New Testament will not make sense.
Oz Internet Radio Show, Part 1 - January 2014

This article is a transcript of a radio show I did on October 4, 2013. The host was Paul Jamieson who has his own Australian internet radio show, with cohost James Weston. Paul learned about ASK from GeorgeAnn Hughes and The Byte Show. Paul and I arranged to do a live broadcast. Paul gave permission for me to transcribe the show and link the MP3 (above). In this way, you can listen while you read the article. The topic originally was to be about the nature of God, but the conversation became wide-ranging and educational. In the article I add notes, words in brackets for clarification, and Bible verses to reinforce my arguments.
Oz Internet Radio Show, Part 2 - February 2014

This article is Part 2 of a transcript of an October 4, 2013 live internet radio broadcast hosted by Paul Jamieson (PJ) originating from Australia. His co-host was James Russell Weston (JW) from California. Paul gave permission to transcribe and publish the show, link an MP3 copy online. You can listen while you read Part 2. The topics generated are erratic, beginning with the nature of death, who is Christ, and could Christ be on earth today. The dialogue continues from there. The first four paragraphs are repeated from Part 1. The footnotes are mine, of course.
The Pagan Images of Christians Today - February 1992

The images of Jesus that Christians have in their churches, homes, Bibles, Sunday School or Sabbath School books are those which have the outward features of the chief pagan gods of the heathen world, That's right! The "Jesus" of the Christian churches today in their depictions is not the real Jesus of the New Testament.
The Passover Contradiction - April 2005

There is a profound chronological contradiction between what the apostle John records and what the other three Gospels show regarding events associated with the Passover and the crucifixion. We have tried to solve this difficulty over the years. Up to now we have failed. The interpretation we wish to give here to solve the problem shows that there really is no contradiction at all.
The Passover/Easter Controversy - April 2005

At this season of the year many people begin to think about some important religious ceremonies of the Old and New Testaments. There is Passover, Easter and the Lord's Supper. Should Christians celebrate any of these observances today?
The Philosophy of Christianity - May 2001

The Philosophy of Christianity is a way of life. It involves the reason for human life, why human life was created and sustained by God and nourished by His Spirit, and lastly, to where our human life is destined to lead us in the future. The word "life" by which Christianity is denominated is interpreted by its profound and expansive usage as promoted and detailed by the apostle John in his Gospel.
Pope John Paul II Is in Hell - June 2005

Not where you thought he'd be was it? Pope John Paul II is in hell. No doubt about it. Scripture is quite straightforward about it. This statement of truth bears no reflection on John Paul II as a man. He is no more a sinner than you or me (so far as I know), and certainly not more of a sinner than the apostle Paul, who by his own admission was the greatest of sinners (1 Timothy 1:15).
The Positive Good that Angels Perform - January 2001

The universe in which God the Father has placed all his children to live (which includes us humans who reside on earth) has a thorough and complete communications system that provides God with immediate and precise knowledge of what is happening anywhere in the cosmos. It is His divine communications service. If you will, that service could be adequately and legitimately compared with our "Post Office" that we have on earth.
The Principal Theology of the Book of Romans - August 2003

It seems incredible to some Christians that anyone would proclaim the Law as no longer relevant. Since the Bible makes it clear that "sin" is defined as disobedience to Law, they cannot imagine that the Law (especially the Ten Commandments) is abolished. The truth is, however, the Ten Commandments are revoked. Just how the Law has been replaced is the principal subject of the book of Romans.
The Priorities of God - January 2010

It is normally believed that God is fastidious about detail in religious and social matters. Indeed, this appears to be true when one surveys the intricacies involved in the administration of things in the Old Testa ment, particularly things dealing with the priesthood or the ancient Temple in Jerusalem. Anyone reading the Old Testament can see just how intricate and how detailed matters are. The ritualistic complexities and precise functions associated with animal sacrifices, the purification rites, and things like that, all seem to show how interested God is in the perpetuation of very close details
Proof of the Resurrection - November 2007

I want to present something that really will prove the Bible to be the inspired word of the Almighty God without any doubt whatsoever. The Passover commemorates the death of Jesus Christ and dying for our sins. That happened over there some 1900+ years ago in Jerusalem but it has very much importance for us today. His death is important.
Questions and Answers - December 2012

Over time I have answered questions for clarification of ASK teachings on biblical understanding. Below are a few of those questions, answers, and occasional expansions of my answers. No names or identifications are indicated. I have altered the questions and answers for clarity and have kept changes to a minimum. Feel free to agree or disagree with me or with any ASK material. I strive to give biblical and historical answers. My opinions (or yours) matter little. They usually parrot information learned when young. I try to use biblical evidence as much as possible.
The Real Meaning of Lazarus and the Rich Man - June 2003

This section of Scripture has been more misunderstood by students of the Bible than many other parts of the divine revelation. There is a definite reason for it! It is the assumption that Christ is relating a story of literal occurrences, rather than an account rehearsed in parable form. The truth is, however, the narrative is a parable from beginning to end. Once this important point is understood, the meaning becomes clear and significant.
The Real Meaning of Biblical Words - July 2021

The Holy Bible is a huge book. It contains thousands of sentences made up of words. Those words give meaning to inform us about God's intentions so we can know His will, His way, and His plan. You could not know God's plan for the salvation of humanity without the words of the Bible, or without knowing the meaning of those words. In this lecture I give you the essentials to understand the principles governing the real meaning of biblical words.
The Recognition of Universal Reconciliation - Part 1 - August 2002

There is a legitimate question that many people ask concerning the reliability of any biblical doctrine - and this especially applies to that concerning a salvation of all humanity to Christ. It is this: If the doctrine is clear in the Bible, did later Christians believe it - particularly those in the first few centuries after Christ?
The Recognition of Universal Reconciliation - Part 2 - August 2002

The truth that a salvation in Christ awaits all was the prime message of Christianity as revealed in the New Testament. But what about the people who followed on after the deaths of the apostles? Did they maintain this fundamental doctrinal belief? The answer is a decided YES. Among several important Christian scholars and theologians over the following four hundred years, universal salvation was publicly advocated and taught.
The Recognition of Universal Reconciliation - Part 3 - August 2002

Belief in Universal Reconciliation was widespread in the early centuries of the Christian church. While it is impossible to provide statistics as to the extent of the belief, interesting information can be obtained from those writers who discussed the topic in various ways.
Religion is Slavery, Christianity is Freedom - September 2003

Religion has been one of the greatest curses ever to afflict mankind. But true Christianity has been and can be the greatest blessing ever bestowed upon man. That is just how different one is from the other. Wars of major proportions have been fought in the name of religion. Need we rehearse them? Those wars are well known throughout history between Christendom and Islam, between Catholics and Protestants in the Protestant Reformation, and even Protestants against Protestants. Even at the present time in Northern Ireland we have conflict going on in the name of religion with one group on one side and another group on the opposing side.
The Repentance of God and the Influencing of God - September 2017

God repents when He sees fit to do so. Moreover, God can be influenced by us. Only YHWH, God the Father, alone has the free will to fully repent and change His mind when influenced. These are the related topics put together in this article. Dr. Martin wrote two separate articles, but I put them together so you can learn their relationship to each other. These two articles demonstrate Dr. Martin's growth in grace and in knowledge of Scripture. Some may wish their Bible teachers to know everything all at once, but scholarship and spiritual growth do not operate that way.
Review of: The Holy Bible in the Original Order - January 2009

One great desire Dr. Ernest L. Martin had during his last 20 years of life was to see the eventual publication of a Bible in the correct original manuscript order. He made his ambition clear in several articles and particularly in the last edition of his book Restoring the Original Bible which deals with the "Design and Development of the Holy Scriptures" (the title of Dr. Martin's Ph.D. dissertation).
The Sacrificial System of Israel - May 1995

There's hardly a subject more misunderstood than that concerning the sacrificial services that were conducted, first in the tabernacle in the wilderness, and at Shiloh, and then at the Temple in Jerusalem. In our modern Western World, the very idea of offering animal sacrifices is considered unnecessary, and even barbaric. But for the first 4,000 years of human history, such activities were performed by the most sophisticated and intelligent societies. Among them was the society of Israel. Such activities continued until the destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem by the Romans in AD 70.
Salvation and the Kingdom of God - July 2017

One of the most misunderstood doctrines found in the New Testament revelation has confused the vast majority of Christian theologians and even Christian laity from the 2nd century AD, and even back into the 1st century on some occasions. It represents the major misunderstanding by those who want to be governed by the Word of God. Even those who love the Holy Scriptures and try to abide by their principles are often as confused as modern theologians concerning this matter.
Salvation and the Biblical Doctrine of Deification - February 2004

The normal human life span seldom exceeds a hundred years. It seems so short in comparison to other life forms on earth such as trees that can live for hundreds and even thousands of years. And though most humans find times of happiness, there are also periods of anguish and trial, and finally there is the inevitable death that awaits us all. The whole cycle of birth, life and death may seem fruitless to the person who is trying to find out if there is a reason for it all, especially if one tries to discover it by his own ingenuity. But still, humans want to know the principal design (if there is one) behind our existence. We want to know the purpose of life.
The Secret of Ancient Religion Revealed! - Part 1 - February 2003

There have always been people opposing the principal teachings of the Holy Bible. Much of the Bible was written to combat this antagonism. This especially applied to the opposition of pagan religions and their beliefs. What is not usually known is that some teachings of civilized paganism appear as close counterfeits to biblical truth. This was a real danger to the preservation of proper scriptural doctrine ? and particularly to the basis of Christianity. This article explains that prime danger.
The Secret of Ancient Religion Revealed! - Part 2 - March 2003

Most people today know very little about the origin of the world's religions. There has been a cloak of secrecy obscuring this subject over the centuries. Last month the central teaching of ancient paganism (the belief that most deities were once humans who lived on earth and were deified by the belief in the Immortality of the Soul) was revealed by biblical and historical proofs. In this article the matter is taken a step further by disclosing the source of pagan idolatry and the error of its teaching. The information in this article could be an eye-opening revelation to those who wish to understand the Bible and its teachings!
The Seven Miracles of John - September 2002

You will find many things mentioned in the Gospel of John which are not found in the first three. Some people scratch their heads over that. Why John mentions so many profound things that the others seemingly do not even care to mention. There are reasons for that.
The Significance of the Song of Solomon - August 2007

Many of you have read the Song of Solomon, many, many times no doubt, in the overall reading of the Bible, but have you known what to do with it? Have you really understood it? Why is it in the Bible in the first place? You see, even the commentators, the theologians and scholars today who look into the biblical revelation and study it, and comment on it are well aware that over the years, over the centuries as a matter of fact, this book called the Song of Songs has been the most controversial book in the entirety of the Bible. That is a fact; there is no question about it.
Social Customs Versus Biblical Law - November 2012

At the very beginning let us understand one essential fact that all who take the teachings of the Bible seriously will recognize. It is the principle that any biblical law, given by God to govern a person's conduct in religious or social affairs, is much more important than customs devised by mankind, even if those customs are based upon what people call "biblical principles." This is because biblical law is strictly definitive for those to whom the laws apply. Any social custom or system must be in strict accordance with those biblical laws.
Special Historical Report on Islam - May 2003

Because of the recent signing of a peace accord between Israel and the PLO, I thought it would be worthwhile to the readers of A.S.K. if I gave you a Special Report on some factors about Islam, the development of the Islamic religion, and what the prospects of this peace accord might hold for the world. We who hold to the teachings of the Gospel of Christ Jesus should be aware of some of the historical, psychological, philosophical and prophetical factors of Islam that may impinge upon our understanding of prophetical events in the Middle East and the world in the next few years ahead of us. In this report I quote noted authorities (both past and present) on many of these subjects and I have taken liberty to give comments of my own often within the texts of what others have stated. My comments will always be separated from the scholars by brackets. Some of these historical indications may help us in understanding the coming alliance between Israel and the Muslim peoples of the Middle East. An interesting historical scene is about to emerge. We of the Western World should be aware of its consequences.
Spirits Can Die - July 2020

To say "Spirits Can Die" is controversial and a seemingly foolish idea. That is due to a false idea that like "immortal" souls, good and evil spirits cannot die because they are not flesh and their spirits are "immortal." To the contrary, created beings composed of spirit without human flesh can die. This article will show that some spirits will die for their sins (at God's specific command), and other spirits might die. As you read this article remember, God "only has immortality" (1 Timothy 6:16). The fact that spirits can die also shows they also are not immortal.
Star of Bethlehem: Jeff Rense Interviews Ernest Martin - March 2017

This article is another portion of the 3-hour interview of Dr. Ernest L. Martin by radio host Jeff Rense in October 2001 just months before Dr. Martin's death in January 2002. This part of the interview is a preview of Dr. Martin's book "The Star That Astonished the World: The Star of Bethlehem." The full interview has been online at the "ASK Audio Presentations" page for more than a decade. Again, I transcribed the text so people can read while listening to Dr. Martin's explanation about the people and events surrounding the Star of Bethlehem.
Sudden Mass Murder - February 2016

"Sudden mass murder" does not refer to genocidal actions over years, acts of war, nor does it refer to one or a few murderers killing several people. Note the terms "sudden" and "mass." I would consider the 9/11/2001 attacks in the United States to be an instance of "sudden mass murder." I refer to a sudden, rapid, unexpected attack and murder of a large number of people to foment a political or revolutionary result. It has happened in history, it is discussed in Scripture, and it may happen in the near future. While such an occurrence is certainly designed to create terror, it is much more than that.
Suicide and the Bible - November 2018

Dr. Martin wrote this Exposition in 1981 on suicide which has recently become an important issue in America and around the world. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2018, suicide is "the act or an instance of taking one's own life voluntarily and intentionally, especially by a person of years of discretion and of sound mind." The word "suicide" is derived from the Latin sui, one's self, and caedere, to kill. For the person committing suicide emotions override the characteristic of a sound mind.
The Symbolism of Biblical Holy Days - May 1995

The festival periods given to ancient Israel at Mount Sinai and at other crucial times in their history are some of the most informative symbols in providing a prophetic scenario for Israel and the world in the years just ahead of us. With the majority of these festivals and holy times, God mirrors and elaborates the plain and simple teachings of the prophets and the apostles regarding future events.
Synagogues and Ekklesias - April 2021  ** UPDATED **

The emergence of the ekklesia in the the world is an important subject for all people who love the Bible and Christianity. I am talking about the origin of the ekklesia as a place of assembly, not the ekklesia which represents Christ's body, which is one phase of the ekklesia as you all know. I am not talking about a "church" building. I am talking about the ekklesia as a place of assembly.
The Teachings of Pentecost - May 2005

Pentecost is one of the most important festivals of the biblical year. Other than Passover, which shows the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, Pentecost happens to be an important biblical festival, simply because it is the birthday of the ekklesia, or shall we say, the time when God's Holy Spirit came into the lives of the first disciples. To have God's Holy Spirit means that you become a Christian, for without the Spirit of God no one can be a Christian. But on that Pentecost day some 1,900 years ago Christianity had its beginning.
The Temple Symbolism in Genesis - March 2004

The Bible is consistent from Genesis to Revelation. The matter of the Temple and its symbolism is an example of this. In this Exposition we show the beginning and ending of God's plan for the redemption of mankind. It is a glorious plan from which God has never varied - in the typical sense.The Temple Symbolism in Genesis
The Ten Commandments - January 2008

The complete title of this lecture is rather strange. The full title is "The Fullness and the Deficiency of the Ten Commandments." Before I begin I would like to say one thing about the Ten Commandments. They are, without doubt, the most beautiful body of laws that God or anybody could give to mankind. They are what we would call "the basics" of the Old Covenant, and form in many ways the basis to the New Covenant, and in many ways they form the basis of our understanding of what we call the Mystery, the final teachings of God.
The Biblical Teaching of Hell - February 2023  ** UPDATED **

The majority of Christians normally believe that the consequence of sins (if people are not covered by the blood of Christ) is to burn in hell for all eternity, while others think sinners will be annihilated in flames of judgment. It may surprise you to learn the Bible nowhere teaches that every unrepentant sinner will burn in hell.
The Case for a Thursday Crucifixion - July 2022  ** UPDATED **

The common opinion is that Christ was crucified on a Friday and resurrected near dawn on Sunday morning. A minority insist Wednesday was the true crucifixion day. A few have opted for a Thursday. This article examines the evidence.
The Deceptions of Satan the Devil - February 1995

To put the matter in a single phrase, the greatest deception of Satan is to prompt you, me and everyone in the world to believe that he is not Satan. He manipulates us to accept something quite opposite. Satan wants people to believe that he is a righteous spirit being who has nothing but your interest (and the interest of all human beings on earth) as his chief desire and that his ultimate goal is to promote your welfare and prosperity.
The Gospel of Messiah - June 2023  ** UPDATED **

There have been several legitimate "messiahs" throughout biblical history. However, the Gospel taught consistently in the New Testament is about "THE Messiah," Jesus Christ. Using the term "Christ" with "Messiah" is redundant because "Christ" means "Messiah." The message preached by the New Testament apostles and evangelists was about Jesus fulfilling the promises and prophecies of the Old Testament about the Messiah. "The Gospel of Messiah" was preached immediately after the ascension of Jesus, throughout the New Covenant period, and by the apostle Paul as part of the Mystery of God.
The Laws of the Bible - April 2020

The Laws of God given to Moses and others throughout the Old Testament is the constitution for the people of Israel. Some laws were given in Genesis before Moses but most were given during the time of Moses in the Books of Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers. Some laws were modified in the Book of Deuteronomy for use after the people of Israel entered the land YHWH promised them. Israel changed from a pastoral to an agricultural culture, with the beginnings of an urban society. Laws changed with the culture.
The Pagan Immortal Soul and Double Doctrine - October 2023

The concept of the immortality of the soul is based on a lie. Modern believers in the immortality of the soul would be laughed to scorn by the philosophers of antiquity for believing that lie. Yet most theologians who claim to believe in the biblical revelation unknowingly derive many of their doctrinal beliefs from pagan philosophers of old (who purposely lied in the name of religion) who were not teaching from the Holy Scriptures. Those same lies continue to be taught in Christianity today.
The Symbolism of Biblical Holydays - September 2019

The festival periods given to ancient Israel at Mount Sinai and at other crucial times in their history are some of the most informative symbols to provide a prophetic scenario for Israel and the world in the years just ahead of us. With the majority of these festivals and holy times, God mirrors and elaborates the plain and simple teachings of the prophets and the apostles regarding future events. They also highlight the prophetic doctrines presented by Christ Jesus to the Israelites and the world.
The Ten Commandments - May 2020

The complete title of this lecture is rather strange. The full title is "The Fullness and the Deficiency of the Ten Commandments." Before I begin, I would like to say one thing about the Ten Commandments. They are, without doubt, the most beautiful body of laws that God or anybody could give to humankind. They are what we would call "the basics" of the Old Covenant, and form in many ways the basis to the New Covenant as well. In addition, the Ten Commandments help our understanding of what we call the Mystery, the final teachings of God.
The Two Apostle Johns - December 2021  ** UPDATED **

This article concerns the background of the apostle John. It gives the historical circumstances surrounding John's long life. His life before he was converted does not concern us. Our interest is toward John after his conversion. The New Testament clearly shows there were two apostle Johns, though only one man was the apostle, and only one man is under discussion.
The Use and Abuse of the Holy Scriptures - April 2023

Those who honor the teachings of the Bible can use them to liberate individuals from religious oppression and tyranny in today's world. Or the Bible can be used to make humans slaves of religious leaders. God wants Christians to have absolute FREEDOM from all human control as far as religious doctrines, customs or ceremonial rites are concerned. He also wants Christians to be free from their own wrongdoing which make captives of many people today.
Thoughts About Death - September 2023

This article consists of short writings about death over past years. Most are written by me, with one short article by Dr. Ernest Martin. These writings are about approaching death, what death is (and is not), and how God conquers death through Christ for your sake. Death will be the experience of every one of us alive today. With Ramona Martin's death on August 22, 2023, a review of such biblical information about death is timely for everyone.
The Time Periods for the Resurrections - October 1997

The vast majority of Christians believe that death is not the end of life. This is true. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament teach in the clearest of terms that there will be life after death. Yet, strange as it may seem, almost 90 per cent of Christian believers do not believe what the Holy Scriptures teach when they show how this return to life will be accomplished. Most have their own beliefs that are independent of what the Bible says. And they are wrong.
The Time Periods for Salvation - Part 1 - November 2004

There can be no doubt that our period is a time for salvation. People were also saved in the time of the Apostles. And many people have since become Christians. Yet in spite of what appears to be a great number of people presently responding to the call of God, Christians today only represent a tiny minority of the earth's population. Throughout history, and even in our own time, it is obvious that the vast majority of peoples who have lived on earth have not heard the message of Christ. To be a Christian one must express the faith of Christ, appropriate the efficacy of His cross for the forgiveness of sins, and actively trust in Christ's mediatorial role in one's life. The fact is, however, millions of people - even billions - have expressed no faith at all in Christ. If this is the only time for salvation, these people must, of necessity, be lost forever. This would be an inescapable conclusion. Thankfully, the Bible shows this not to be the case. There are actually time periods which God uses to grant salvation to men. God will not be a respecter of persons in the ultimate sense.
The Time Periods for Salvation - Part 2 - December 2004

The ages (olam in Hebrew and aion in Greek) have no relationship to "eternity," in spite of what theologians may wish to believe. It is impossible for the ages to mean eternity as you shall see. Olam is almost always translated in the Greek version Old Testament, the Septuagint, by aion, which gives us a great resource for understanding all the uses of the near-synonymous terms in the ancient versions of the Old and New Testament.
To Preach Your Own Funeral - January 2003

When you think of a title like that, it does sound a little silly, does it not, because it would be impossible for you to preach your own funeral unless you would have tape recorded it beforehand, either on a cassette tape or some kind of a videotape. If that were available and you wanted to participate in your own funeral, then obviously that would be possible from that point of view
The Tomb of Rachel - March 2010

What may appear to be a simple and unimportant subject can give excellent principles of teaching to show how some traditions may be essential factors in biblical understanding. Two different sections of Scripture give two different locations for Rachel's Tomb. This articles clarifies this issue.
The Tribe of Benjamin - August 2008

Benjamin was a patriarch of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. I want to pick out this one tribe of Israel, as a personality and talk about him as a whole tribe. I will personify the whole tribe from its very beginning to its end, what it has done in the past for God and for New Testament theology, and perhaps look into the future about what this tribe might even do for the future. One of the most interesting peoples of the Old Testament is the biblical tribe of Benjamin.
Types of People God is Calling - June 2004

What kind of ekklesia or people does God want in these times of trouble on the horizon in front of us? I know one thing for certain. Those people in a hierarchical form of government, who depend on a hierarchy for knowledge, for understanding, for their own salvation as a corporate group, those people are in serious trouble when it comes to the future if they rely too much on the ministry?
UFOs in Antiquity - June 2021

The U.S. Government announced they would release a mass of UFO information to the public in June 2021. Therefore, the historical data for this article comes from a 2007 paper by Richard Stothers, Ph.D., ?nidentified Flying Objects in Classical Antiquity.?It shows that that aerial phenomena arenot recent, but they go back to antiquity and into biblical times.
Unknown Parts of the Bible - February 2015

The Bible provides the world with some of its most cherished philosophical concepts. Shakespeare referred to it; Thomas Jefferson eulogized it. Even Joseph Stalin, who trained as a young man to be a priest, was well acquainted with it. Indeed, one could not be considered an educated person today, even in an atheistic environment, without possessing some fundamental understanding of the Holy Scripture. This article shows four parts of the Bible unknown to many people. These unknown parts represent some of the most profound thoughts you find anywhere in the Holy Scripture.
Updated Information on the Crucifixion of Jesus - April 1992

There has been a steady flow of new information which shows that the crucifixion of Jesus took place on the Mount of Olives. What is emerging is real evidence that the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Garden Tomb located in Jerusalem are nowhere near the proper spot where the actual crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus took place. This fact has revolutionary consequences associated with it.
Was Jesus Ever Sick - July 1999

The title of this Doctrinal Report is plain enough and it is vitally important that we understand the answer. So essential is the proper answer to this question. It was one of the first queries in my initial theological quest that I began to ask myself. I also asked ministers of the Gospel for their answers. All of us should want to know (and we need to know) if Jesus was ever ill? Was he ever violently sick or perhaps mildly infirm for even a day in his life?
The Way to Salvation in the Christian Gospel - January 1989

In this research study we wish to present the essential fundamentals of what the Gospel of Christ is all about. Surprisingly, the simplicity of the subject is forcefully shown by the apostles in the New Testament, but the understanding of it has become one of the most complicated and even contradictory topics in the whole of the Bible.
What is God's Viewpoint Regarding Sex? - October 1998

This Doctrinal Report is not an easy one to write. This is because the subject is one that can cause offense even when the matter is discussed academically and in a non-personal manner. This is because each of us as a human being (whether male or female) is so sensitive to these private issues that involve the parts of ourselves that we consider sequestered portions of our persons (which we humans accept as the most precious of our possessions and rights to control).
What Is Important - August 2012

What is important in this world? We can know what is important to individuals. We can also know what is important to groups and institutions. We can also know what is important to nations. But what each of these consider to be important is probably different than you have realized. This article will discuss what is important to organizations, nations, individuals, and what should be important to you as a believer in Christ.
What Is Truth - July 2011

This article is comprised of two short lectures by Dr. Martin, one presented in 1977, the other in 1979. I combined them into a single narrative, eliminating duplicated material. Both deal with the subject of truth and error, and how to determine what is true and what is not true. The Oxford Dictionary definition is: truth "is that which is true as opposed to false." Truth, therefore, is the opposite of error. We have not been accustomed to state things dogmatically as it relates to biblical topics. However, I want to depart from that position completely. I am going to make a dogmatic statement that I believe to be absolute fact. I can state most dogmatically that a person can know absolute truth: doctrinal truth, biblical truth, philosophical truth. Philosophic truth, biblical truth can be known.
What is Justification? - August 1996

The word justification sounds like an ecclesiastical tern, and so it is. And that is just the problem. The word today is so encased within a religious surrounding that ordinary people, who are not particularly theological in their outlook (or in their use of terms), often pass over the meaning of this word even when they read the Bible in the King James Version.
What is the Proper Name for the Father of Jesus? - April 1991

This is the second part of a trilogy of research studies on the use of the names of Deity in the Old and New Testaments and how we ought to render them in English. Perhaps the most important of all the names is YHWH (Yahweh) whom orthodox Jews refer to as "Ha-Shem" (Hebrew for "the Name").
What is the Sin Against the Holy Spirit? - September 1999

The matter of "sin" and its consequences is one of the most misunderstood doctrines in the whole of the Scriptures. The theology used to explain what "sin" happens to be is some of the most complex that has been devised by mankind. Many people have simply given up on trying to understand the issue and (in exasperation) "let the Church authorities define what it is and let them tell us how to avoid it."
What is True Fellowship? - July 1997

There is a difference between corporate fellowship among Christians who band together to teach the Gospel and individual fellowshipping with other Christians. We need to know the difference. Let us note a scripture of the apostle Paul that explains this.
When The Eons Began - January 2021

Time began when the eons were "made" by the Son of God. What are eons? Eons are periods of time of varying lengths, but usually an eon is a long period of time. The instant the eons began, were made, or were created, the "clock" began ticking for God's plan regarding mankind. You WERE included in God's plan of the eons before Adam was created. You ARE living within that plan at this moment. You WILL be present at the end of the eons when God's plan is complete.
Who Was Melchizedek? - January 2011

The question of the identity of the individual named Melchizedek has been asked by most every reader of the Bible. Beginning with the first mention of Melchizedek in the Book of Genesis, until the final references and explanations in the Book of Hebrews regarding Christ's role as a priest "after the order of Melchizedek," it is natural to wonder, "Who Was Melchizedek?" This article will focus on the biblical evidence to answer that question.
Who Wrote What In The Bible - September 2021

This article presents brief information about those who put "pen to paper" to create documents that are Holy Scriptures. The evidence is extracted from Dr. Ernest Martin's book, "Restoring the Original Bible: The Design and Development of the Holy Scriptures" (1994, free online edition 2004). The examination of "Who Wrote What In The Bible" begins in Genesis and ends with Revelation, but between these first and last books of Scripture I review the writers in order as presented in "Restoring" to highlight the progressive message of Scripture.
Who's Who In the New Testament - March 2018

Understanding the character and personality of individuals God picked to lead His people is a useful key to comprehending the Scriptures. This particularly applies to the writings those individuals wrote and the offices that God gave them. The personalities of those called by God to serve Him are also instructive when it comes to the theme of God's messages presented to groups through those people. The people God selected also help us under?tand the intent of God's plan for the human family.
Why Churches Fall Apart - December 2008

We live in a world in which divisions among people are characteristic within our societies. This is not only in our Western world, in which the Christian faith is predominant, but also in all areas of the world, no matter what religious and political beliefs are in evidence. It seems that to be a member of the human race is to be baptized into a world of division.
Why Did God Create Angels? - November 2000

There is a question that we must first ask that will help clear the air in regard to the study of angels - to realize what are their responsibilities and characteristics. That question is: Why did God CREATE all the things on earth and in the universe? What is the purpose of creation in the first place? Specifically, why are human beings on earth in the fashion that we are?
Why Does God Allow War? - May 2017

The title of this lecture for May 1994 is "Why Does God Allow War?" If I were going to be accurate from a biblical point of view, the title would have to be changed to "Why Does God Cause War?" or more appropriately, "Why Does God Order War?" The reason I chose the rather benign title with the word "allow" in it, was to not shock people too much. It is best for people who do not understand the basic teachings of the Holy Scriptures to be dealt with in a more gentle way because they do not know what the Bible actually teaches.
Why Does God Need an Army? - June 2002

A good friend recently asked me this question. Why does God need an army of angels? I thought the question was silly at first, then I began to consider. It was a good question, why does God need an army? Does God need protection? Does Christ? Do they need defenses to protect their life, limb and the heavenly Temple? The answer is simple.
Why Practice the Old Covenant in the Millennium? - June 2002

At the beginning of the Millennium a number of things will be brought back into existence - and required by God. The Holy Days will be brought back in for those in Jerusalem. They will also affect Gentiles living there. The Sabbath will also be brought back in. Animal sacrifices will be performed again at the beginning of the Millennium.
The World Needs the Original Bible - August 1994

The advent of the modern era in producing English versions of the Bible began in 1881 with the publishing of the Revised Version in the United Kingdom. This was followed in the United States in 1901 with the American Standard Version (a much heralded version for its up-to-date language style with a supposed adherence to the Hebrew and Greek texts in its translation).
The Writings of Joseph in Egypt - May 2004

When people look at the biblical records that have come down to us, they are often amazed that we only have the writings of about 30 different persons spanning a period of 1,600 years. Some of the divine authors have only given us one book (often quite small). This has caused people to ask what happened to all the other writings of the patriarchs, prophets, priests, apostles, and evangelists?
Your Resurrection - March 2023  ** UPDATED **

YOU are the object of God's creation. All creation was made for YOU. Christ died for YOU. Every son and daughter of Adam ?every human being ?will become a mature child of God, completing God's declaration to make man in His image. You live because God wills you to live, moment to moment, heartbeat by heartbeat, breath upon breath. Days or years from now your heart will stop, your breathing will cease, you will lose consciousness. You will die. Your cells quickly decay. Your soul ceases to exist, your spirit returns to God, until you are resurrected from the dead.
Your Role in the Creation of God - October 2019

This article presents biblical information about your role in God's creation. The creator God has a personal name, which is YHWH. He created everything through His first creation, His Son Christ Jesus (Revelation 3:14; Colossians 1:15; Philippians 2:10?1). He was YHWH's first and primary agent for creation, He also created time (Hebrews 1:2). All creation was done for a purpose ?to reveal "the sons (children) of God" (Romans 8:19, read verses 19?4 for the context).

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