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Welcome to the ShortName Books page. We have published a number of books dealing with various theological topics. Our books can be ordered directly from us and may be found in better book stores. Please review our selection of books below. Click on the Order this book link next to the book title to order. 

 101 Bible Secrets That Christians Do Not Know     Order this book

This is a popular book with those who are interested in a one page Q & A. You may read a new one each week by clicking on the chapters on the online 101 Bible Secrets books page.



 Restoring The Original Bible     Order this book

Explains the design and development of the Bible and why the need to return it to the original order. A basic to understanding the Bible.


 Secrets of Golgotha     Order this book

That Jesus was crucified and buried on the Mount of Olives...the relationship of his trial and crucifixion site with the temple rituals and the Sanhedrin. This book is now accepted by many as the best book out on this subject.


 The Essentials of New Testament Doctrine (New Edition)     Order this book

Want to know who you are? Where you came from? Why you are here? What will happen to you when you die? Read this book which is a primer of what real Christianity really is all about.


 The People That History Forgot     Order this book

A history of the little known truths of how paganism infiltrated early Christianity.


 The Star of Bethlehem     Order this book

Shows that Jesus was born during the early evening of September 11, 3 B.C. Over 600 planetariums in the USA and Europe base their Christmas show on this research. It has also been featured on the 700 Club, Prophecy in the News, and other TV and radio programs.


 The Temples That Jerusalem Forgot     Order this book

Determines that all the Temples were actually located directly over the Gihon Spring. That the Dome of the Rock was built on the remains of a Roman Fort.


 The Tithing Dilemma     Order this book

Is Tithing proper? Should you Tithe on Unemployment checks? Welfare checks? Pensions? Social Security checks? Gardens? Yardwork? Inheritance? Tax Refund? Gambling? Chores? Before or After Taxes? So why don't Jews tithe?

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