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ABC's of the Gospel 

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This booklet ABC's of the Gospel explains simply and briefly the issues of salvation, the family of God, our destiny, the Kingdom of God, Jesus' sacrifice, good and evil, your calling, and hell fire as revealed by Christ and the gospel. These short expositions are not intended to be comprehensive. This small (4.25" x 6.75") 124 page booklet is an excellent introduction and precursor to Dr. Martin's recent full book, Essentials of New Testament Doctrine.

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ASK #: BK09 Published: 1997/2003 ISBN:
124 pages, Softbound No Illustrations  

Table of Contents
Chapter Page
1 How Mankind Got Saved 5
2 What is the Family of God? 12
3 Mankind is Destined to be Deity 16
4 All Mankind Have Been Saved 28
5 The Legal Position of Mankind Today 41
6 Adulterers, Thieves, Liars, Whoremongers, Blasphemers and Murderers WILL NOT BE in the Kingdom of God 52
7 God's Use of Evil and the Allotment 63
8 Jesus Died in Sins 84
9 What About Hell Fire? 91