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Essentials of New Testament Doctrine 

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This book explains the New Testament in its simplicity and in its entirety. Understanding Essentials of New Testament Doctrine will unlock the entire message of the Word of God. As the New Testament is made clear as never before, you will be energized to read the entire Bible as God intended --- as a revelation from the mind of God direct to you.

The progressive revelation of God begins with the Law as schoolmaster and peaks with the New Testament message of the central and total role of Christ as Savior and center of history. It is completed in the revelation of the Mystery of God given to the apostles Paul, John, and others.

  • You will learn Who and What God is. You will learn Jesus Christ's present position as God's Firstborn Son and Captain of your salvation.
  • You will learn your present status and future destiny in the family of God in the resurrection.
  • You will be in awe of your full inheritance and destiny as a child of God --- a future shared by all mankind.
Dr. Ernest L. Martin wrote the Essentials of New Testament Doctrine to reveal what Christianity is all about. It is a primer that puts into your hands all the fundamental teachings of true Christianity.

[This book is designed to take the place of Dr. Martin's former publication called "The Biblical Manual" and "The Home Bible Course" (now out of print). These prior works were intended for an interested group of denominational Christians who centered most of their beliefs on the retention of various Old Testament customs in their New Testament theology.]

As Dr. Martin wrote:

"It is with much pleasure and thankfulness to God and Christ Jesus that they allowed me the opportunity to record these principal truths of the Holy Scriptures. I hope and pray that all who read this book will rejoice in the revealed teachings of the Holy Scriptures. The pristine message of God as shown in the Scriptures is glorious beyond compare. This book is designed to be read from beginning to end (in a progressive manner). I have provided no index so that you will read it in this progressive fashion. I feel this method presents the Gospel of Christ in the best possible light. This book (when you finish reading it) will show you who you are. And once you know who you are, you can then direct your life in accord with your knowledge of your royal heritage and your awesome potential."

Ernest L. Martin, Ph. D.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Number and Title Book Page
Foreword by David Sielaff vii
Preface by Ernest L. Martin ix
  1 The Law of God 1
  2 The Law Was Given by Angels 25
  3 Progressive Revelation 47
  4 The Conclusion of the Mosaic System 62
  5 Gentiles Must Become Israelites 79
  6 Our Sins Are Imputed to Christ 90
  7 Christ Was Punished for Us 104
  8 The Imputation of Christ's Righteousness 112
  9 Dealing With Recurrent Sins 122
10 A New (Old) Way of Viewing Sin 130
11 What is Grace? 147
12 The Legal Aspect of Christ's Atonement 161
13 Just What Are Human Beings? 175
14 The Theology of God's Grace 192
15 Can Sinning Angels Be Saved? 204
16 Resurrections From the Dead 212
17 The Rapture Theory - Its Surprising Origin 247
18 The Deceptive Role of Satan the Devil 255
19 Scripture Says: "Flee Idolatry" 287
20 Remember the Sabbath Day 311
21 The Antichrist Establishes Mosaic Law 331
22 The Curse of Church Authority 349
23 Chaos in the Churches 364
24 "Our Destiny": The Final Revelation of God 386
25 How Were We Chosen? 414
26 God's Manifesto of Human Rights and Privileges 427
27 "Our Inheritance": The Family of God 447
28 Who Are the Sons of God? 459
29 Marriage and Family in the Resurrection 471
30 Just What is God? 487
31 God's Divine Headquarters 500
32 The Absurdity of the Trinity 517
33 Just Who Are You? 543

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