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Diagram: the Symmetry of the Bible

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The Geographical Design of the Holy Scriptures  NEW



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Chapter 1: Restoring the Original Bible

Chapter 2: The Biblical Keys to Canonization

Chapter 3: The Original Number of Old Testament Books

Chapter 4: The Tripartite Divisions

Chapter 5: The Proper Numbering of the Books

Chapter 6: The Design of the Old Testament

Chapter 7: The Temple and the Old Testament Canon

Chapter 8: The Law - The First Five Books

Chapter 9: The Prophets Division

Chapter 10: The Writings Division

Chapter 11: The Final Three Books of the Third Division

Chapter 12: The Old Testament Periods of Canonization

Chapter 13: The Need for a New Testament

Chapter 14: The Prophetic Environment of the First Century

Chapter 15: The Book of Acts and New Testament History

Chapter 16: The Jewish/Roman War and Canonization

Chapter 17: The Canonization by Peter

Chapter 18: The Authority to Canonize The New Testament

Chapter 19: The Apostle John and Canonization

Chapter 20: When Was the Book of Revelation Written?

Chapter 21: The New Testament Pentateuch

Chapter 22: The Seven General Epistles

Chapter 23: The Epistles of Paul

Chapter 24: The Canonization of Paul's Epistles

Chapter 25: The Completion of the Canon

Chapter 26: The Rejection of the Apostle John

Chapter 27: The Meaning of Canonization

Chapter 28: Where Was the New Testament Canonized?

Chapter 29: The Autographs of the New Testament Books

Appendix One: Preliminary Suggestions For the Structure of the Psalms

Appendix Two: The Book of Proverbs: Its Structure, Design and Teaching

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