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Tell me about Ernest Martin? - any page that describes Dr. Martin
How do I order a book? - finds where ordering a book might be done
Why don't we have to tithe? - finds any material dealing with tithing
Where is the Lake of Fire? - returns pages that cover the lake of fire
When will Christ return? - returns pages that deal with the return of Christ
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Psalms AND 51 - find anywhere Psalms and the number 51 occur
Law of God - find web pages that contains the phrase Law of God
"Psalms 51" - find where Psalms chapter 51 is referenced
Prop* - find prophecy, prophets, prophetic, property, etc
"Temples that Jerusalem Forgot" - example of an exact phrase to find
Isaiah OR Jeremiah OR Ezekiel - find web pages that contains any of these prophets
Isaiah AND Jeremiah AND Ezekiel - find web pages that contains all three of these prophets
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