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Israel and Judah: 26. God? Miracles Through Elisha the Prophet - October 2017

This entire article involves Elisha the Prophet, his work, and exploits. God used Elisha as His agent to perform twice as many miracles as Elijah did. Several are presented in this article. Elisha also preached to the people of the Kingdom of Israel, and taught ?he sons of the prophets?about the Law of Moses. Elisha succeeded Elijah and took his position to became a teacher of teachers. There are no biblical writings by Elisha, only narratives about him performing God? deeds as His agent.

Israel and Judah: 25. Jehoshaphat and Other Kings - August 2017

Ahab, King of Israel, has died, succeeded by his son Ahaziah who reigns for a short time. Ahaziah is followed by his brother Jehoram. All performed evil and idolatry in the eyes of God. Jehoshaphat continues his reign as a good King of Judah reverent toward YHWH. During this time, the prophet Elijah leaves the scene and Elisha, his successor, begins his prophetic ministry. Some miraculous events of Elisha's are reported. Of course, wars are continually brewing.

Israel and Judah: 24. Jehoshaphat and Ahab's Death - June 2017

Ahab is still King of Israel, proceeding with his evil pagan religious agenda in spite of many prophets giving warnings of judgment to him, his family, and the people of Israel, while YHWH continues to show His power and love for His people. Jehoshaphat was one of the "good" Kings of Judah who instituted great religious reforms, and had the Word of God taught to the people by high court officials. We should contrast the two rulers: the end of an evil ruler and the reign of a good one. This month's article takes us through the death of Ahab and beyond.

Israel and Judah: 23. King Ahab's Decline - April 2017

The prophet Elijah challenged hundreds of false prophets to prove whether Baal and Asherah, or YHWH, was the true God. The false gods Baal and Asherah did not respond. YHWH responded, honoring Elijah's challenge. Fire came down from heaven to consume the sacrifice on the altar. Elijah ordered the people to kill the false prophets. They obeyed because YHWH showed Himself to be the true God of Israel (1 Kings 18:20-40). Elijah prayed for the drought to end, YHWH answered Elijah's prayers with rain (1 Kings 17:1-7 and 18:41-46).

Israel and Judah: 22. Evil Kings of Israel - February 2017

Following the order of texts in the books of Kings and Chronicles, in this article the focus is on four kings of the northern Kingdom of Israel only during the long 40+ year reign of their contemporary "good" King Asa of Judah. Great disruptions takes place during a period of 12+ years, with usurpers rising one after another. The kingdom of Israel began with Jeroboam I, founder of the first dynasty, followed by his son Nadab who ruled for two years. He was assassinated by Baasha who ruled for 12 years. Baasha's son Elah reigned ? but not for long.

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