This page contains the index to the ASK Newsletters. The newsletters were formerly called the ASK Communicator. The document was renamed to the ASK Newsletter as that seemed to more accurately fit the document.

  December 2004 Newsletter

The plan of God. Purpose of the ages. Annual Receipts. Bequests.
  November 2004 Newsletter

Introducing the Time Periods of Salvation. Comments from our readers.
  October 2004 Newsletter

Where are Israelites today? Are they just the Jews living in the nation of Israel today? What have you assumed to be the identity of Israel? Are you an Israelite?
  September 2004 Newsletter

Much of the Book of Hebrews deals with the meaning behind the symbols of the Old Testament rituals, structures, and objects as they apply to the future. Unless you have a proper perspective of the provenance of the Book of Hebrews most of the spiritual explanations will not make sense. New online order process now active.
  August 2004 Newsletter

What do you know about the House of David? Is it the lineage or is there more? The ASK Bookstore and "Restoring the Bible" chapters now online.
  July 2004 Newsletter

Do you believe in signs and wonders? Does your faith depend on seeing signs and wonders?
  June 2004 Newsletter

What is true fellowship and do you need to belong to an organization? What are ekklesias? How are you called and what kinds of people does God call?
  May 2004 Newsletter

Understanding the major events in the Bible are to be more understood that at any other time in history. There will come a restitution of all things. ASK restocks the Essentials book - along with a new cover. The Restoring the Original Bible to be online soon.
  April 2004 Newsletter

What does God have to say about homosexuality and same-sex marriages? Should we observe the dietary laws of the Bible? How about the Sabbath and other laws? Are these ritualistic and are they applicable for a Christian today?
  March 2004 Newsletter

God begins with simple language in Genesis. From the Eden narratives in Genesis 2 He uses the same symbols throughout the Bible to Revelation chapter 21, when God Himself will dwell on the New Earth as His new headquarters of the New Heavens.
  February 2004 Newsletter

What are the real meaning of Biblical Words? Are you able to discern the real meanings of the scripture? What allows us to understand scripture? ASK public meeting announced. ASK's influence via the Internet.
  January 2004 Newsletter

What is your destiny? What wonders await us in the universe? Will the entire universe be reconciled to God? Who or what awaits us in the depth of space? Read about these and other issues in the January Newsletter.

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