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Subtlety, Conspiracy, and War - March 1, 2015

Eric Hoffer once said, “It is always safe to assume that people are more subtle and less sensitive than they seem” (The Passionate State of Mind, 1954). I have presented this quote before. The “March 2015 Newsletter” introduces this month’s article “Israel and Judah: 7. Conspiracy and War.” Hoffer's observation fits two situations in the article. The first segment of the article tells how King David dealt with a potential rival to his throne. The second tells of an insult to King David’s power and royal dignity that led to war.
Trinity Revisited - February 16, 2015

I was recently involved in an internet discussion about the trinity. While I rarely indulge in such debates because of their limited usefulness, this discussion helped me to be concise in my presentation. The topic was, “Do You Believe in Holy Trinity?” Here is what I wrote, after much back and forth within a group of people, all believers in universal salvation.
Reconsidered and Unknown Bible Facts - February 1, 2015

Taking a break this month from the historical-prophetic articles about Israel and Judah, I am publishing two Doctrinal articles by Dr. Ernest Martin. Read the “February 2015 Newsletter.” The first article is titled “Mankind’s Most Useful Invention” and the second is “Unknown Parts of the Bible.”
News about King David - January 17, 2015

As I covered in the January 1, 2015 article, “Israel and Judah: 6. David’s Foreign Wars,” King David defeated Hadadezer, King of Zobah. A ruler of a neighboring realm in Syria named Toi (also spelled Tou in the King James Version), King of Hamath, had been at war with Hadadezer. A December 15, 2014 press release reported on recent research published by Professor Gershon Galil, Professor of Biblical Studies and Ancient History at the University of Haifa. Prof. Galil says new research mentions King Toi of Hamath.
Changing Borders, Changing Relations - January 1, 2015

God is constantly changing borders of peoples and nations (Acts 17:26). He does so in our present day. Changing borders destabilize everything within a region. Such destabilization occurred in the 11th century BC when the power and influence of King David’s Israel was expanding. Chaos reigned and kingdoms formed new alliances to resist Israel’s growing dominance. This Commentary provides background for the article for January 2015, “Israel and Judah: 6. David’s Foreign Wars,” introduced by the “January 2015 Newsletter.”

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