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Elijah, Elisha, and Ahab? Descendants - February 1, 2018

A long-running prophecy first presented by Elijah the prophet to King Ahab of Israel predicting the downfall of the house of Ahab comes to fulfillment in this month? article, ?srael and Judah: 28. The Reign of King Jehu of Israel.?Please read the ?ebruary 2018 Newsletter.?The information is complex, but I hope I can make it clear.
Post Resurrection Acts of Christ - January 16, 2018

Most are familiar with Christ's death, resurrection, His appearing to His disciples after His resurrection, and His ascension to heaven from the various accounts in the four Gospels. I explore some details of those events, specifically those after Christ's resurrection.
Who, What, Where - January 1, 2018

The people, the events, and where the events will happen are vitally important to a proper understanding of Bible prophecy. This is the subject of the first article for 2018, a transcribed tape of Dr. Ernest Martin? that I titled ?eography, a Prime Prophetic Truth.?As always I recommend you read first the ?anuary 2018 Newsletter?that contains additional background information on prophetic geography.

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