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This book is designed to be read in order so that vital information can be progressively understood.

Reading this book in its proper order will greatly enhance your understanding of the full message of your Bible and your place in God's plan.


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Chapter 1: The Law of God

Chapter 2: The Law Was Given By Angels

Chapter 3: Progressive Revelation

Chapter 4: The Conclusion of the Mosaic System

Chapter 5: Gentiles Must Become Israelites

Chapter 6: Our Sins Are Imputed to Christ

Chapter 7: Christ Was Punished for Us

Chapter 8: The Imputation of Christ's Righteousness to His People

Chapter 9: Dealing with Recurrent Sin

Chapter 10: A New (old) Way of Viewing Sin and Sinful Acts

Chapter 11: What Is Grace?

Chapter 12: The Legal Aspect of Christ's Atonement

Chapter 13: Just What Are Human Beings?

Chapter 14: The Theology of God's Grace

Chapter 15: Can Sinning Angels Be Saved?

Chapter 16: Resurrections from the Dead

Chapter 17: The Rapture Theory - Its Surprising Origin

Chapter 18: The Deceptive Role Of Satan

Chapter 19: Scripture Says: Flee From Idolatry

Chapter 20: Remember The Sabbath Day

Chapter 21: The Antichrist Will Establish the Mosaic Law

Chapter 22: The Curse of Church Authority

Chapter 23: Chaos in the Churches

Chapter 24: “Our Destiny” The Final Revelation of God

Chapter 25: How Were We Chosen?

Chapter 26: God’s Manifesto of Human Rights and Privileges

Chapter 27: “Our Inheritance”: The Family of God

Chapter 28: Who Are the Sons of God?

Chapter 29: Marriage and the Family in the Resurrection

Chapter 30: Just What Is God?

Chapter 31: God's Divine Headquarters

Chapter 32: The Absurdity of the Trinity

Chapter 33: Just Who Are You?

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