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God's Inspiration Made Clear - November 2017

The word inspiration means to be motivated by or influenced by the spirit. In the case of the Holy Scriptures, it means the words that God uses to instruct His people in things He desires them to know, or things that He wants them to do. The spirit that inspires in this case is God? Holy Spirit. Inspiration is defined by the apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 3:16-17. It deals with the Scriptures themselves and will be discussed in this lecture. Paul writes beginning in verse 16: "All scripture is given by inspiration of God ..."

The Repentance of God and the Influencing of God - September 2017

God repents when He sees fit to do so. Moreover, God can be influenced by us. Only YHWH, God the Father, alone has the free will to fully repent and change His mind when influenced. These are the related topics put together in this article. Dr. Martin wrote two separate articles, but I put them together so you can learn their relationship to each other. These two articles demonstrate Dr. Martin's growth in grace and in knowledge of Scripture. Some may wish their Bible teachers to know everything all at once, but scholarship and spiritual growth do not operate that way.

Salvation and the Kingdom of God - July 2017

One of the most misunderstood doctrines found in the New Testament revelation has confused the vast majority of Christian theologians and even Christian laity from the 2nd century AD, and even back into the 1st century on some occasions. It represents the major misunderstanding by those who want to be governed by the Word of God. Even those who love the Holy Scriptures and try to abide by their principles are often as confused as modern theologians concerning this matter.

Why Does God Allow War? - May 2017

The title of this lecture for May 1994 is "Why Does God Allow War?" If I were going to be accurate from a biblical point of view, the title would have to be changed to "Why Does God Cause War?" or more appropriately, "Why Does God Order War?" The reason I chose the rather benign title with the word "allow" in it, was to not shock people too much. It is best for people who do not understand the basic teachings of the Holy Scriptures to be dealt with in a more gentle way because they do not know what the Bible actually teaches.

Star of Bethlehem: Jeff Rense Interviews Ernest Martin - March 2017

This article is another portion of the 3-hour interview of Dr. Ernest L. Martin by radio host Jeff Rense in October 2001 just months before Dr. Martin's death in January 2002. This part of the interview is a preview of Dr. Martin's book "The Star That Astonished the World: The Star of Bethlehem." The full interview has been online at the "ASK Audio Presentations" page for more than a decade. Again, I transcribed the text so people can read while listening to Dr. Martin's explanation about the people and events surrounding the Star of Bethlehem.

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