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Further Decline of the Churches - January 2019

This article updates my April 2002 Commentary, "The Decline of the Churches." Churches around the world are increasingly in trouble. Fewer people are attending, financial support has declined, and facilities are closing at an increasing rate. This is occurring in churches of all sizes, from congregations with dozens of worshippers to huge organizations with tens of thousands attending. In a long-term trend, churches are declining more and more each year

Memory in Luke - January 2019

God's memory is perfect and our memories will be perfect after our resurrection. Our human memory now is the measure by which we are accountable to God and how He brings His Word to our mind. (In the Old Testament memory of God's commandments was to lead people to act according to His will.) Our memory recalls the commandments of Jesus: to love God with all your soul and might, and to love your neighbor as yourself (Luke 10:27). In Luke's Gospel memory is significant because the physician himself relied on the memories of those who experienced Jesus. People close to Him remembered events declared from their testimony to Luke.

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