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Isaiah for Modern Times - April 2009 

Isaiah, son of Amoz, was an esteemed citizen of Jerusalem, and a trusted advisor of the kings of Judah throughout the mid to late 700s BC, from the death of King Uzziah to the reign of King Manasseh, in whose persecution he was probably martyred. His time saw the destruction of the northern kingdom of Israel by the Assyrian empire, which then threatened the southern kingdom of Judah. He was a trusted advisor of King Hezekiah of Judah. As the first of the Major Prophets, Isaiah is a core prophecy to which many other prophecies refer, regarding Israel, Judah, and particularly regarding the coming Messiah, the Christ. Dr. Martin shows that major portions of Isaiah's prophecies are yet to be fulfilled.

This album of 7 audio CDs "opens up" the Book of Isaiah and its structure, explains the prophet's teachings, and shows how they were used by Jesus and the apostles. Click here to Order this study of Isaiah.